So I read this cute little book called Confessions of a Small Town Girl and thought it would be cool to make a Jasper and Alice story out of it. This fic is loosely based on COASTG. Enjoy!

This story is dedicated to all those who (harmlessly) stalked, obsessed, or pined over someone in high school.

Disclaimer: I am not making any money off this story. I'm just taking the plot of one story and the characters of another and throwing them together for fun.

Summary: What if you kept a diary during your sex crazed teenage years? No big deal right? Most had a diary at one point or another. But what about if this book contained all of your most intimate sexual fantasies? Fantasies that starred only one man, that leading man being, Jasper Hale. Jasper Hale, homecoming king. Jasper Hale, captain of the baseball team. Super sexy, celebrity, senior Jasper Hale. Jasper Hale, who just moved into the very house that the diary starring him was hidden. Will Alice Brandon retrieve it back, before he finds it?

7/9/10- This story is currently being revised and re-edited.

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Chapter 1- Back in Town

Jasper Hale was back in town.

I used to have the biggest crush on him when I was at high school. Hell, I realized I still had a lingering crush on him after hearing about his arrival. Didn't you just hate that? When you thought you had gotten over someone, but then you realized you weren't?

He was the only reason I had perfect attendance during freshman and sophomore year. It was worth going to school every day, just for the chance to see his gorgeous face.

Of course, he never noticed me. Why would he? He was Jasper Hale.

Super sexy, celebrity, senior Jasper Hale.

Not so much a senior anymore, but I'm sure he's still super sexy.

He was totally and always had been completelyout of my league.

He was the captain of the baseball team, and I was in the drama club.

Jasper was crowned homecoming king while I was on the prom committee.

He's a staggering six foot three of lean muscles, and I am a pitiful five foot two.

And let's not forget that he graduated two years before me and moved to Los Angeles. Or was it San Francisco? I was never sure.

I heard he's a cop now. That certainly got my mind rolling. You have no idea how many fantasies I had where he was a sexy cop who needs to strip search me?

But a cop wasn't the only thing he was in my fantasies. He was also a sexy firefighter. a doctor, and my personal favorite…cowboy.

The cowboy was always my favorite.

"Alice, are those pancakes ready yet?" My mom, Denise, asked through the service window of her diner. She was writing in her order pad which was in her hand and apparently didn't notice me staring off into space.

I was scrambling eggs and flipping pancakes before my mind began to wander due to the news of Jasper Hale being back in town. Luckily, I didn't burn anything.

"Yeah, Mom," I called back. I scooped the order onto a plate and passed it through the window. Preparing two more plates of home fries, pancakes, bacon and eggs, I slid them along the ledge, trying to hear the conversation on the other side.

My mom put a huge window in front of the grills so when she's back here cooking, she could still hear everything that was going on over on the other side.

Today it didn't disappoint because there was the Chief of Police, Charlie Swan, and his best friend Harry Clearwater chatting away, sitting at the counter directly in front of the window. I was trying to snoop and get information about Jasper's whereabouts and reasoning for being back in town.

Without looking suspicious of course.

"…hear he's fixing up the old place for his sister or something," Chief Swan said, taking a bite out of his wheat toast.

"Who's fixing what place now?" Mom asked. She saw that his coffee mug was empty and refilled it.

Harry answered, "Jasper Hale. You remember him? He used to work at Newton's back when he was in high school."

Newton's Sporting Goods was the place for everything outdoorsy. Camping, fishing, hunting and the likes. Of course they would know; Chief Swan, Harry and another local, Billy Black, have been doing bi-monthly fishing trips ever since I could remember.

Realization dawned on my mother's face. "Oh yeah, sweet kid. Used to run around with that Cullen boy. I remember he would come in here all the time with his teammates after a game. Didn't he move to California or something like that?"

"L.A., then he moved to Vegas. He's a detective or something, like on Law and Order," Harry said cutting up his French toast.

Mom looked at Charlie. "So what, did he get transferred here or something? Why would he want to move back here?" She took a stray of black hair and tucked it in her otherwise neat up do.

My mom had this big fish in a little pond mentality. She figured if you can get out of a small town, stay out. Which is why she worked her ass off all my life so that I would have the opportunity to go to college and move away somewhere like New York or Chicago. To make something of myself. But, here I am to her dismay, a recent college graduate with no job prospects, living back at home.

"He's not back permanently. Just for the summer," Chief Swan corrected."He's renovating a house for his sister and her husband, Emmett Cullen."

"How do you know that?"

"From Becca Crowley. She always tells me who moves in town- or back- you know to keep tabs on who's living in my town." He sipped some of his coffee. "And Tim from the hardware store said he was in yesterday buying nails and the like. Apparently that they chatted for a minute about the project."

"Oh, well that's nice of him, doing that for his sister. But which-" Mom stopped short when she saw someone wave for her and went to take more orders, leaving me to contemplate the information.

What do you know; Rosalie Hale finally tied the knot with Emmett Cullen. I mused, cracking a couple of eggs for an omelet order.

I remember them from school as well. Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen were one of those on and off couples. You know, the type that would break up almost every weekend, because Emmett would look at a hot cheerleader or Rosalie would flirt with a linebacker. They were the most envied couple. The best looking couple in school. The couple crowned prom king and queen respectively. The couple that usually didn't last past graduation.

But they did. Impressive.

Rosalie and Jasper are twins and Emmett was in their graduating class. Last I heard was that they went to some school on the east coast. They graduated two years ago, and then went for their master's or something. Rosalie just graduated. Emmett will be graduating at the end of the summer. Why they would move back to Forks after living on the east coast all those years is anyone's guess.

I really wish Mom had the chance to ask what house they purchased so I would know where Jasper was staying. It would be great to just happen to swing by while he's working.

Jasper sawing a piece of two by four…shirtless. Sweat glistening off his bare chest with a tool belt hanging low on his waist.

No, Alice, stop it. I chided myself. I shouldn't be having such thoughts. I'm not some sex deprived fifteen year old anymore.

No, you're just a sex deprived twenty-two year old.

Hey, just because I lived a very sheltered life growing up, it doesn't make me sex-deprived. The only people who were sex-deprived were those who have had sex in the past but don't anymore.

And I firmly believe if you never had sex, then you cannot be sex-deprived. That's my stand and I'm sticking to it.

But, just because I wasn't well-versed in that area it didn't make me ignorant. After all I did go to college in the city. That experience certainly opened my mind to the ways of the world.

In high school, my best friend Bella Swan, chief Swan's daughter, and I use to eat up trashy romance novels like chocolate. So I know how things work.

But I was mature now and I shouldn't be having these types of thoughts over a guy that I haven't seen in years. But just thinking about him again just brought me right back to high school.

I finished up the cheese omelet and put the plate on the service window. Angela Weber, a long time friend, picked up the order and delivered it.

I've barely been here one week. Graduating from Washington State with a bachelor's degree in Business Management and Theater. Now, I have to look for a job and an apartment. Even though I have the best place to stay right now. Literally a flight of stairs from my current job.

Moonlight Diner.

Mom's pride and joy. I don't remember much about my dad. He died when I was ten. My mom, being the amazing woman that she is, didn't wallow in self pity and depression, but used the life insurance money to transform our entire downstairs into a working diner. Between starting a new business and raising a child, she pretty much had her hands full and never showed the effects of the stress I'm sure it caused her.

That was the best part about me coming back home. Having my old job of being a short order cook/waitress available for me.

I cleaned up my station and motioned to Eric Yorkie, another cook, that my shift was up. I was washing my hands when my mom entered the kitchen.

"Alice, you leaving already?" She was carrying a tray full of plates and cups to the garbage disposal and sink.

"Yeah, Mom it's almost noon. And I'm going to Bella's to help address the wedding invitations that just arrived." I grinned. "So if you need me, my cell is on."

Bella is marrying Edward Cullen. The younger brother to Emmett Cullen and a major hottie. They are tying the knot in the beginning of August, and of course yours truly is playing the important role of maid of honor.

"Well, tell Bella I said hi, dear." She kissed my cheek and started to leave. "Don't forget to write down tomorrow's menu tonight and to refill the sugar containers on each table." She reminded me and then left, carrying the empty tray with her.

I don't know why she bothers. She always rewrites the 'meals of the day' anyway. My mom had a kind of OCD when it comes to her diner. Nothing is right until it's absolutely perfect.

I went upstairs to get my jacket and purse. After retrieving my things, I waved goodbye to Eric and headed out the back door and into the cool spring air.

I walked from my home to Bella's place. She was still home for the time being. She and Edward just put down a security deposit for a condo in Port Angeles. Barely out of school, she already received a teaching position, starting in the fall. Edward, whom been out of school for a year, works at an accounting firm in Port Angeles.

They are so lucky to know what they want, and to have a plan for their future. Whereas I, on the other hand, have no boyfriend, no job prospects, and a student loan that needs to be paid off.

Fuck my life.

And fuck my life indeed, when I collided in a hard body not looking where I was going. I fell to the concrete, sending my purse and the victims groceries scattered on the ground.

"Oh, my, God. I am so sorry," I apologized, scrambling to my knees to put the items back in the bags. I picked up a carton of eggs, cracked and ruined. The yolk was oozing through the box. I gaped at the mess. "I'm so sorry. I will replace these."

A man chuckled and my heart stopped. I knew for sure who that chuckle belonged to.

I looked up into blue eyes… ocean blue eyes and gasped.

Super sexy, celebrity, senior Jasper Hale.

"It's okay really. They're just eggs, no need to worry about 'em," he said. He was smiling at me. He had a nice smile, reserved. Kind of sexy.

I stared at him, crouched down with broken eggs in my hand.

He was still gorgeous. His eyes still ocean blue and his honey blond hair still curly.

"Are you okay though? You took quite a spill there."

"I, uh…well-" I forgot to speak. I forgot the entire English language. I forgot my name.

His hand was on my shoulder. Big hands I might add that seemed to swallow my tiny frame. That little bit of contact was like a flow of electricity running through my veins.

He removed his hand abruptly, like he had been burned.

Did he feel it too? I wondered, still trying to formulate basic words.

I cleared my throat, closed my eyes and looked away, and finally my entire English education came flooding back to me. "I'm fine." I stood up; careful not to touch him for fear of electric shock. "I'm truly sorry about the eggs." I still held the carton in my hands.

He shrugged his shoulders and picked up the plastic bags and my purse. "They're just eggs, easily replaceable." He handed my purse to me. "It's not like I need them right this minute. I'll get another dozen later."

I only nodded, still avoiding direct eye contact.

I was stunned that I was in the presence of Jasper Hale. Not just here, but talking to him, actually having somekind of a conversation.

Quick Alice, say something before he walks away.

"I hear your sister got married. Congratulations!" Lame.

"You know Rose?" he asked, raising one sexy eyebrow.

"Well, kind of. I remember her from school. We were in drama club together. Besides," I laughed nervously, "Small town gossip. I heard she was moving back in the area and that she recently married Emmett Cullen." I bit my lip and watched Jasper nod his head.

"Oh, well, thanks." He eyed the ruined eggs in my hand and reached over to grab them. "But, I better go before my ice cream melts." He raised the bags with one hand.

He flashed me one last smile and left me standing rooted to the spot. My heart was racing. I raked my hand through my dark, long hair and tried to calm my nerves.

Jasper Hale talked to me…and touched me…and smiled at me. I couldn't help the goofy grin that spread across my face. I did a pirouette and bounced up and down, stopping when a boy on a bike halted across the street and stared at me.

Straightening out my clothes and my hair, I continued my walk to Bella's, my hand on the shoulder he had just touched.

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