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Chapter 1

A Dozen Roses

Andre was usually not the type to care that his parents were well off except for the fact that it allowed him to attend Hollywood Arts. However, he was relieved that particular day that he carried more money in his wallet than the average teenager. He couldn't believe one dozen roses, six white and six red, cost seventy dollars. He didn't care about the price to be honest, at least once he finally mustered up the courage to enter the flower shop and make the purchase. Once he remembered he was paying for them to be delivered as well he realized the price was more reasonable.

Exiting the store, Andre couldn't believe his luck and cursed under his breath as he saw one of his best friends. "Hey man, what are you doing?" Trying to change the subject, Andre shot a question of his own at Robbie. "Where's Rex at?" Robbie let out a small chuckle and shook his head.

"Come on…you know I don't bring him anywhere with me outside of school."

Andre nodded his head. "Are you heading home?"

"Yeah," Robbie replied, "I just had to do a few errands for my mom..I actually called you a little bit ago to see if you wanted to come along…"

Robbie shrugged his shoulders. "Didn't bring my phone with me…"

"Ahhh…" Robbie replied as the two young men began to walk down the street to their houses which were actually in the same small neighborhood. Pointing back to the flower shop, Robbie reformed his question from earlier. "Did you just come out of Rebecca's Roses?" Trying to play it off nonchalantly, Andre nodded. Not allowing his intelligent friend to come to the correct conclusion, Andre immediately thought of an excuse.

"It's my grandmother's birthday tomorrow…"

Robbie raised his eyebrows. "Wow that's weird…it is Tori's birthday tomorrow too…"

Andre tried to act surprised, "Oh yeah…I forgot about that."

Robbie continued his line of questioning. "What…are you having them delivered to her…or decided not to get her any?"

"What?" Andre questioned as his voice cracked slightly. Holding his breath, Andre wondered if Robbie actually knew why he was in the flower show.

Robbie gave his friend a confused look as he elaborated. "Your grandma…?"

"Ohhh…No ummm…I decided to get her a card…"

Andre breathed a little easier as the questioning finally stopped and the two friends continued walking back towards their houses.


"Happy birthday Tori!"

Tori nodded and said, "Thank you" to the always cheery Cat. She had already received birthday wishes from many more students than she suspected. Older students that she assumed her sister must have known because she didn't, a lot of boys, all of her friends, and a few of her teachers all had wished Tori a happy birthday and it was only nine in the morning. In fact, as Mr. Sychowitz entered the classroom and all of the students took their seats Cat had been the only person in the room who had not wished Tori a happy birthday. Even Tori's greatest of friends Jade, sarcasm included, was civil and told her happy birthday when she saw her in the hall before homeroom.

As Mr. Sychowitz took his place on the stage and addressed the class, Tori briefly scanned the room. Noticing eyes on her, Tori stopped scanning the room as she saw it was Andre who was staring back at her. Silently, Tori gave him a small wave unnoticed by the rest of the class and mouthed "Hi" before turning her gaze to the weirdest teacher she had ever had in her entire life.


Andre grew more nervous as he looked up at the clock every few minutes. First period was almost over and they had already had two drive-by acting sessions. Today's topics were "Talking Polar Bears" and "Depressed Armed Robbers". Honestly, Andre would have found them both rather enjoyable and fun if he wasn't so worried about where his order was. He specifically told them to deliver the roses at ten. It was now 10:53 and there was only seven minutes left until the bell for lunch rang.

Just as Andre was getting tired from running circles in his own head, Andre's heart skipped a few beats when there was a knock on the door. The classroom grew quiet, and Mr. Sychowitz motioned with his hand for the person to enter as the class turned around in their seats to see who it was. A young man in a uniform similar to a pizza delivery boy entered the room holding a bouquet of roses and looking down at a small piece of paper.


Tori shyly raised her hand. Without saying much more, the young man gave the flowers to the stunned teenage girl and walked out of the room. The room grew silent as Tori squirmed in her seat. Robbie gave Andre a questioning look that Andre avoided by not looking at him. Jade shot Beck a death stare which quickly softened when he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. Cat looked around the entire room with a smile on her face.

"Who is it from?!" Cat exclaimed with excitement.

With shaking hands, Tori opened the small envelope with her name on it. Before she could begin reading, Mr. Sychowitz said, "Why don't you read it out loud to the class Tori?" Andre's eyes bulged even more than Tori's but no one noticed as the newest student at Hollywood Arts tried to get out of reading the likely personal message aloud.

"I don't know if I feel comfortable-"

"Come on Tori…we all are just as curious to you to find out who they are from."

The entire class nodded their head and agreed, except for Andre who came to Tori's defense by saying, "I don't think you should embarrass her like that Mr. Sychowitz. Whoever they are from obviously wrote that and it may be personal…"

Tori nodded and smiled at Andre as if to say thank you as the rest of the class stared at him in disbelief. They knew Andre, and they knew that he would normally be the person to start the "Read it…Read it!" chant. Knowing exactly how to push Tori's button, Jade snidely said, "Guys…guys…leave Tori alone…it's obvious she is self-conscious and doesn't want to-" Jade smiled as she didn't even have to finish her statement as Tori scoffed at her and forcefully unfolded the small letter. The entire room grew quiet as she nervously began to read the letter.

Seeing you brightens my day. I don't know how I made it through the darkness before you came to Hollywood Arts. I love your smile, I love your kindness, I love your friendship, but most importantly…I love you. Happy birthday Tori.

Andre held his breath as everyone else in the room gasped and an audible "Awww" was heard from most of the females in the room.

"Tori…who is it from?" Robbie asked.

Swallowing hard, Tori turned over the small piece of paper and then turned it back over again. Shaking her head, Tori fought back against the blush on her face.

"It doesn't say…"