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Chapter 12

Screw Words

Hoping that he wasn't spotted by any faculty members, Andre sprinted down the hallways towards Mr. Sychowitz's classroom, refusing to be late for the second day in a row. His entire body was well rested, too well rested, as he had hit the snooze button one time too many. As he turned the final corner, Andre noticed that the door was open and saw his teacher making his way into his classroom. Crap, it was the second day his teacher had beaten him to class. Managing to reach the door before it closed, Andre slid in between through the closing door and hoped to go unnoticed. His plan to failed as Mr. Sychowitz turned around towards the sound Andre made.

Giving him a somewhat stern look, Mr. Sychowitz squinted his eyes slightly at Andre. "This thing known as tardiness…isn't becoming a habit…is it?"

Andre shook his head. "No…I'm sorry…just…been a rough couple of days…"

The stern look quickly fell off the kind teachers face as he nodded. Leaning in a little towards Andre, the older of the two males whispered, "Things always get better…"

Without further explanation, Mr. Sychowitz turned back around to the class and looked over his young students as he made his way towards the front of the class. Noticing that the student body seemed to be slightly lighter than usual this day, Mr. Sychowitz stopped in the middle of the row for a second, saying, "It appears you aren't the only one running a little late today Andre." before continuing to the stage.

Andre recognized who wasn't there even quicker than his teacher had, hoping that Tori's usually spotless attendance record wasn't becoming blemished because she was trying to avoid him. Trying not to worry to much, Andre took his seat as he looked over to Cat and Robbie. Mouthing, "Have you seen Tori?" to his two friends, they both shook their heads. Turning his head back towards his teacher, Andre let out a sigh as he went over how he should start apologizing and throwing himself at Tori's feet. Looking back over at his two friends, Cat and Robbie knew what he was going through and looked at him with long faces. Not realizing it, the new couple gave him some level of happiness just by being together. Andre managed a small smirk for a second at how Robbie had his arm wrapped around the back of Cat's chair and touching her shoulders.

Andre grew more nervous as he looked up at the clock every few minutes. First period was almost over and they had already had two drive-by acting sessions. Today's topics were "Angry Astronauts" and "Hungry Talking Monkeys". Honestly, Andre would have found them both rather enjoyable and fun if he wasn't so worried about where Tori was. It was now 10:53 and there was only seven minutes left until the bell for lunch rang.

Most of class he had been thinking of different ways to approach Tori when he finally saw her, Andre coming no closer to a final decision on how he would. Just as Andre was getting tired from running circles in his own head, his heart skipped a few beats when he heard the door to the classroom open. All at once, everyone turned their bodies and their attention towards the back of the classroom. A young woman in a uniform similar to a pizza delivery girl entered the room holding a bouquet of roses and looking down at a small piece of paper. Showing a confused expression on her face for a split second, the girl said, "And…Andrea? Andrea Harris?" obviously assuming there was spelling error when it came to the person's name that they were for.

"Andre Harris?" Andre said from his seat after hesitating for a moment.

The girl gave Andre a baffled look, but the young man's correction confirmed that it wasn't a spelling error. Still holding a confused look on her face, the flower girl nodded, "Yeah, Andre Harris." After most of the class looked at Andre and the young pianist continue staring at the girl, she finally got the hint. "Ohhh….Andre Harris." Walking up from the back of the classroom, the girl paused for a second…still obviously puzzled before giving Andre the roses, six white and six red. Without another word, the girl that looked to be in her early twenties turned around and exited the classroom.

Having a feeling the remainder of class was about to get rather interesting, Mr. Sychowitz stepped down from the stage. Grabbing the closest chair, the teacher turned it around to face Andre's direction and sat in it as he perched one of his legs over the other. Andre hands shook as he ripped open the small letter attached to it. Looking up from his lap in which the roses were resting on, Andre nodded his head at the rest of the class as if to agree before they even asked him to read the letter. "Yeah…I will…"

The class grew extremely quiet as everyone focused their attention on Andre as he cleared his throat.

Seeing you brightens my day.

Andre let out a huge smile at how the letter started the exact same way his had.

I don't know how I made it through the darkness before I met you. I love your smile, I love your kindness, I love your friendship, I love your imperfections and they only make you more amazing… but most importantly…I love you.

A few gasps and "awws" could be heard from the class as they knew exactly who the flowers were from. Not expecting anything would be on the back, not that a name had to be, Andre turned the card over out of pure reflex. His eyes grew as he read one more small statement to himself.

Turn around

Snapping his head back towards the door, Andre's heart seemed to stop as he saw Tori through the glass. Slowly, Tori opened the door and stepped into the classroom. Standing up, Andre turned to face Tori as she closed the distance between them. Tori stopped when she was a few feet away from Andre. Smiling, Tori bit her bottom lip as her heart fluttered as she thought of what to say. Andre's entire body shuttered and his feet started to feel weak as he thought to himself about all the things he wanted to say to the beautiful girl that stood before him. "Hi," The young man said weakly, cursing at himself internally for saying something so stupid.

"Hi," Tori replied with an equally unsure tone.

Another awkward silence fell between them as everyone in the vicinity staring at them only made it more nerve racking. Both of the bright smiles that occurred on Tori and Andre's faces merely from being in each other presence faltered. Glistening eyes and curved lips gave way to glossy eyes and quivering bottom lips on the two teens, as they both found it hard to deal with the happiness of the present moment, their own nervousness, and the hurt that had happened in the last few days. Tori didn't move as she panicked and screamed in her head as she didn't know how to say what she wanted to…and was petrified she would forget everything she wanted to say before she could form it into words. Andre felt the same way…except petrified didn't come close to giving his emotions justice as deep down he feared everything. He feared that Tori was second guessing the letter she had wrote…once she saw the man that she thought she loved… that betrayed her only a few nights before. He feared that somehow the three most important and meaningful words a man and woman could say to each other would never actually get said between them, besides on paper. He feared a million other things as well. Regardless, the worst fear that sunk into his heart was that if he didn't manage to say something, that if the awkwardness won out, they would once again go back to being best friends that loved each other in silence and misery.

Due to the adrenaline, a few seconds of overanalyzing everything felt like a few hours to Andre and Tori. However, an unbearable amount of tension could be felt in the classroom as the few seconds of strained silence between them grew. After it had reached close to a minute, Mr. Sychowitz knew something had to be done. He was young once, he knew the fears they both had. He knew the fears they were both having at the present moment.

"To the stage," Mr. Sychowitz ordered more than stated, "Now."

"What?" Tori said in a weak voice, turning her head towards her teacher for further explanation. Andre didn't say anything, but also looked at the eccentric teacher hoping that he would explain further.

Only nodding his head towards the stage, Mr. Sychowitz repeated, "Now." in a more firm tone.

After looking at one another for a brief second, the two teenagers both made their way towards the stage as Tori followed closely behind Andre. Tori and Andre turned around to face their crowd once they got onto the stage. This made their nervousness increase, but only a little. Everyone in the class had been staring the entire time anyways, this only made it easier for people to get a good view.

Catching Tori and Andre off guard, Mr. Sychowitz said, "Same rules…start with A…has to be the truth."

Tori's mouth fell open as she finally understood what Mr. Sychowitz was trying to do. Coming to her aid, Andre said the question they both had in an upset voice. "Why?"

"I'm just trying to help," Mr. Sychowitz said in a calm tone as he shrugged his shoulders from his seat among his students. At that moment, the bell signifying lunch went off. Not a single person budged or headed towards the door.

Looking at each other, Tori and Andre let out a sigh. How could things get any worse? Truthfully, even though getting dragged into one of Mr. Sychowitz acting exercises at the worst possible time really sucked, they knew it might actually break the ice. Neither one of them had the slightest clue on how to form the million thoughts running around their heads into words. Maybe only being able to say the things that started with an A, B, or C for example would actually help break down the walls that had suddenly formed between the two teenagers in love with each other.

Another silence fell between Andre and Tori. This one only lasted a few seconds as Tori spoke for the second time all morning.

"Andre…I don't even know how to start…"

Giving Tori a chance to say everything she wanted to, since she had already met the "A" requirement, Andre let a few seconds pass before he took his turn.

"Before you start…I have to apologize. I…I hurt you…I said I loved you and I meant it…I do love you but... But I hurt you…I betrayed you…I'm a horrib-"

With a mix of stubbornness and frustration, Tori refused to let Andre beat himself up internally or with words as she cut him off.

"Come on! No one is perfect…we both made" Tori let out a aggravated grunt as a million thoughts continued to run through her mind at once. "We both made mistakes…I've made a lot more than you!" Tori's bottom lip shook as she fought back hard against tears that had once again made themselves present on her face. "And you still love me…and I love-...I don't…" Tori rubbed her hands over her face in frustration as she wanted to scream. "I don't…"

Tori wanted to say the word care…because she didn't. She didn't care that Andre had made a big mistake a few nights before, because he was her best friend and always there for her. She didn't care that she felt guilty because of the things she had put Andre through. She sure as hell didn't care that she knew Andre felt ten times as guilty for putting her through a tenth of what she put him through on a daily basis. She didn't care about Hollywood Arts. She didn't care about Mr. Sychowitz and a stupid alphabet game. She didn't care about words. She cared about Andre.

Screw words…screw alphabetical improvisation.

"Screw it…" Tori blurted out as she took a step towards Andre.

Grabbing his shirt with her right hand, Tori wrapped her left hand around Andre's neck and pulled Andre towards her with all the force in her body. Crashing her lips upon Andre's, Tori movement were direct and rough as she continued pulling Andre closer until the vast majority of their upper bodies were touching. Coming off the balls of her feet to the tips of her toes, Tori did her best to not make her much taller lover didn't have to strain his neck to meet lips with her. Initially, Andre's hands had been at his sides but he quickly wrapped them firmly around the sides of Tori's lower back. At the same time, Andre pulled Tori into himself, pressing her midsection even firmer against his own, as he also pulled her up towards him and almost lifted her off her feet. Tori released her right hands grip on Andre's shirt. Regardless of her right arm being pinned between Andre's chest and her own, Tori still managed to move it up to match her other hands position as she wrapped her fingers gently but firmly against Andre's muscular neck.

When their lungs begging for air finally overpowered their own desire for each other, Tori and Andre finally broke their embrace. Moving only a fraction of an inch away from each other, Tori and Andre kept their eyes closed as their foreheads and noses still rested on the other's face.

"I love you so much," Andre whispered in a raspy voice, still trying to catch his breath. "But I've got so much I need to say…so much I need to apo-"

"Shhhh," Tori whispered back, immediately silencing Andre. "I love you too." Tori said, in the most loving tone Andre had ever heard. Even with her eyes closed, Tori knew Andre had a huge smile on his face, as his lips curling upwards threatened to tickle her face. A split second later, Andre knew the same expression was on Tori's face as her upper lip brushed against his as it spread out to its fullest along her face. "Just make it up to me every moment from this second forward…I'll do the same…I lov-"

Tori didn't get a chance to reiterate her love for Andre as he brought his lips against hers again. This time it was softer, but held the same passion as their touch and actions become more subtle and delicate, as their bodies seemed to melt together.

Mr. Sychowitz stood up from his front row seat and turned to face the class. "Okay…it's lunchtime."

None of the students acknowledged their teacher. Cat was too busy smiling, blushing, and being extremely happy for Andre and Tori as she leaned into Robbie and rested her head on her chest. Robbie did the same, except he tilted his head and gently rested it on top of Cat's. Beck had his attention focused on Jade, holding a smirk on his face that he hoped would be contagious to her girlfriend. Regardless, Jade already had a small smirk on her face. Looking over at her boyfriend, Jade pecked Beck on the lips for a brief second before returning her attention to the stage. Her smile remained…and even slightly surprising Jade…it wasn't because she no longer had to worry about Tori trying to interfere with Beck and her.

"OKAY…IT'S LUNCHTIME." Mr. Sychowitz said in a much louder voice as he motioned for the class to get up and start moving towards the door…and maybe trying to be polite and allow Andre and Tori to have one of their first and probably most memorable moments as a couple in relative peace. Regardless, someone started a slow clap and within a few seconds the entire class stood up and joined in. Spontaneously, Cat quit clapping for a moment as she reached across Robbie's body, grabbed his miniature doll by the face, and kissed Rex on the lip. Letting go of Rex, Cat stood straight up and giggled as she wrapped her arm around Robbie's back and leaned into his body.

Andre and Tori finally released one another from their embrace and allowed oxygen to get to their lungs. Blushing slightly, the new couple turned towards the class and sheepishly smiled as their eyes darted between their teacher, friends, and one another. In unison, Tori and Andre turned their bodies and reached for each other one last time, giving each other a shorter kiss on the lips before returning their hands to their sides. Finally, the general direction of movement was towards the exit as most of the class started to grab their belongings and file into the row in the middle of the classroom.

Robbie and Cat didn't follow along, waiting patiently near their seats for their two best friends as they intertwined their fingers and stepped off the stage together.

"Oh snap!" Rex said, turning his face to look up at Robbie and over at Cat.

"What?" Cat said in a mostly playful manner as she put her free hand on her hip and didn't move from her position of still wrapping Robbie into a half hug. A million different snide or smart comments he could say about Cat kissing him ran through Rex's…and therefore Robbie's mind. However, the doll given life by Robbie fell silent for a few seconds.

Finally, Rex tilted his head up to look at Robbie. In a somewhat serious, somewhat playful voice, Rex stated, "I love her too…I'll fight you for her."

"Awww" Cat said with a huge smile, the blush returning to her face. Moving her body from beside Robbie to directly in front of him, Cat wrapped Robbie in a full hug, suffocating Rex between them as she closed the distance between them and engaged Robbie in a deep kiss. Normally Rex would have screamed in a muffled voice, both of them slightly making out something along the lines of "Get this crazy girl off of me…I can't breathe!" but Robbie's mouth, vocal cords, and mind were completely preoccupied.

"I know you Tori" Andre said as they waited near Robbie and Cat who were still engaged in a kiss that was heated enough to be school inappropriate, but still quite tame compared to their public display of affection only a minute before. "You blame yourself for anything more than you blame me…and we've both made mistakes…so…please don't beat yourself up, okay?"

Tori would have argued with Andre only seconds before, claiming and using examples to clearly show that she had made more mistakes and had done more things to inadvertently and unintentionally hurt Andre, even if she didn't realize it at the time. However, Tori realized something simple as she looked up at her boyfriend.

"Not anymore…and you're the same way… so you better realize this too." Tori said looking up into Andre's eyes with a mock serious tone that Andre could easily decipher. "None of that matters anymore…what matters is I love you…and you love me too…" Tori placed her eyes towards the ground for a brief second as a small blush crossed her face. Looking back up at Andre, Tori's smile grew as she saw the happiness on Andre's face.

"I realize this…" Andre replied simply, wrapping Tori into a hug as she threw her arms over his shoulders. Letting their minds drift off, Tori and Andre brought their lips together as they let the few worries they still had in their brains disappear forever. They let their minds drift off to their own little world...together…finally.

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