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I thought that these two never quite got enough credit. And though it's not the most...fun or delighting story line, it was one that bit and wouldn't let go until i got this out. So here's my TechnaxTimmy story as part of my Storm and Reconcilliation storyline. And it does fit into Reconcilliation later in the story; i might add more to this later, but for NOW it's a oneshot.

I hope you like it.

She wasn't unhappy. It wasn't anything like that; it couldn't be, could it? Logically, there was no reason for her to be. She had a wonderful job doing exactly what she loved to do and she was in charge, she had a beautiful home to return to each day. Her family was mended from its chaotic state that had nearly torn her apart during her last year at Alfea. Even her best friends who she saw often enough were doing wonderfully—Flora and Helia were even getting married within the next few months.


That was why she was so unhappy.

No, Techna was unhappy. She had to admit at least that to herself. She was jealous and the mere fact in and of itself irked her more than anything she thought ever could. Jealousy was a wasted emotion especially when she had such a great life going for herself. Besides, it wasn't even her place to be jealous. She wasn't a spiteful ex or grieving older relative whose dreams of getting married before her younger kin had been cruelly squashed.

She wasn't jealous of Flora—Helia did nothing for her. No, that wasn't why Techna was so put out over the whole situation.

It was just the simple fact that Helia had proposed. They were getting married. And she wasn't.

Didn't Timmy see how miserable this was making her?

No, he didn't. Timmy hardly ever noticed when anything was wrong. It was as if he expected that since her mother was an android and favored logic and reasoning over the highs and lows of emotions in the world that the same should be said for her. And sure, for most of her life Techna had admittedly taken after her mother in the emotions front, not wanting to speak of them as anything other than an inconvenience, but as she grew into herself…she realized that that was not true, damnit! And still, Timmy wouldn't see it.

Techna wasn't subtle in the least about it, either. After long days working from the office, the pair would grab a taxi together and talk about their day. However, since the both of them worked for the same company—as co-owners, no less—there was not much new to learn. And still, Timmy wouldn't stop gushing over the production rates and sales goals for the next quarter. So every day, Techna would sigh too loudly to be ignored, and Timmy would just give her that odd look then say, "I thought you loved your job, Tech?"

He always used his 'pet name' for her. Always, except at work. And Techna would roll her eyes and say, "I do love my job, Timmy. But that's why I go to work—to do my job there and then come home and not do my job. Otherwise we could run this company from our living room."

That was simple enough, wasn't it? To have a home life separate from her work life? Not for Timmy. Techna swore sometimes that the man was so thick you could peel away layers upon layers for years at a time and still find yourself up past your ears in misunderstandings and the things that Timmy would never understand.

"Give it time," her father had told her. "Give it time," her brother insisted. They both said that things would work themselves out over time, she just had to let it run its natural course. Her mother, however, insisted, "It's ridiculous that you'd get worked up over something as small as this. At least that boy has his head in the right place." She'd almost wanted to strangle her mother when she'd said that—because she would never understand.

But Techna wasn't happy. Not at all. And still, she couldn't find the words to tell him.


Techna woke up early. The sun was shining through the glass-paned wall of her spacious bedroom. She stretched her arms over her head in the oversized bed and just laid there a moment, soaking in the pure light from the sky. From the raised platform where her bed rested, she could easily see down into the heart of the city just by leaning forward, yet this morning she couldn't find the energy to. If she lived in her own selfish world of confinement for just a few moments longer, she wouldn't feel quite so left out when she opened her eyes and saw all the lives of the happy people down below.

It was Friday morning already and she was supposed to meet Flora and the other girls in Magix that evening. Not Bloom, however. The thought saddened Techna; she was hoping for a real night out, like they'd had while in Alfea. A real night out with all of them together where they could talk and complain about the men in their lives until the sky turned pink with dawn. All the girls had grown over the summer before their final year and Techna had to admit that she missed Bloom's advice, especially now. Bloom wouldn't hesitate to tell her what she needed to say to pull her relationship with Timmy out of the depths where it'd gotten lodged eons ago. Bloom had her flaws, but Techna would admit that her relationship advice was sound. At least when it came to the two computer fanatics.

They never kissed. They didn't even sleep together anymore!

It was that thought that pushed Techna from her bed. She didn't even care that she was leaving the warm comfort of the blankets for the cold tile floor. No, she was an android, right? She didn't feel the cold, right? She didn't need to feel anything.

Techna praised the inventor of sarcasm. Then cursed him for bringing such an awful creation to exist. If it wasn't for sarcasm, she figured she wouldn't have such a problem saying what she wanted to.

Techna pulled her robe from the back of the door and pressed the button on the control panel that opened the door with a hiss. She rubbed at her tired eyes and headed towards the kitchen, disregard for the bespectacled specialist evident to anyone who might have seen the exchange.

Timmy blinked in disbelief. Sure, he hadn't said anything, but Techna always said 'good morning' to him, even when he had stayed up all night reconfiguring the computer (she loathed when he did that). He watched her pour herself a cup of coffee and lean against the counter cradling it in her palms and still she didn't even spare him a glance. Odd. Timmy frowned.

"Good morning, Techna," he greeted her, his voice slightly lower than it had been during his school days. The words hardly raised a reaction from her, but he saw her lips twitch. A smile? "Are you okay?"

Finally Techna glanced up from the spotless metal countertop. She gave him a quick onceover, her face revealing no emotion, and forced a quick smile which melted as quickly as it had appeared. "Morning. Fine." She wasn't completely feeling up to the charade she'd strung herself into. It was her own fault, anyhow. It's not that hard to just tell him you'd like to actually have a romantic relationship with him, Techna, she chastised herself. She blew on her coffee and Timmy frowned.

Surely he could get more than that out of her. "Did you sleep well?" Timmy asked.

Normally, Techna wouldn't have minded a question like that. But it just irked her the way that he was suddenly so concerned. For one reason or another, he'd chosen today to begin this. Techna set her cup down and climbed up onto one of the high chairs around the kitchen counter.

"I slept fine," she replied solidly. She looked over his messy orange hair and shook her head. "Did you stay up all night again?"

He nodded. Straightening his glasses, Timmy said, "I just wanted to make sure everything was running before you left."

"I told you it was fine; I even rewired it myself." She took an agitated sip of her coffee. "Besides, I'm only going to be gone for six hours at the most. It's not like there's going to be a crisis in that amount of time."

"I know, Tech." There it was again with that bloody nick name. Techna bit her tongue. "I just wanted to double check. You know how much time we can lose if something's not one hundred percent functional."

"Timmy," Techna sighed, "Is working all you ever do?"

His eyebrows drew together, confused. "I don't know what you mean?"

Techna shook. "I'm taking the day off; why don't you? Goodness knows you need it." She wracked her brain for some semblance of reasoning. "You could visit Sky or Brandon," she offered calmly. "You know they'd love to see you."

"That'd be nice, Techna, but if I'm there then I wouldn't be able to be here to watch over things."

She hated his ignorant naivety sometimes. Slamming her hand against the table, Techna shook her head. If only she could remember the charm to summon asprin—or better yet, the one to will away an oncoming migraine larger than the Binary Galaxy's security system. "That's the whole point, Timmy."

"I don't mind working," he insisted, as if that cleared up the whole matter.

I wish you did sometimes. "There's a fine line between working and working overtime all the time." The fairy pushed her cup around the counter, no longer making eye contact with the man who was slowly strangling all her hope.

The silence between them stretched on for what felt to Techna like decades. Her long nails tapped against the surface beneath her hand; a nervous habit she'd picked up from…somewhere over the years. Suddenly the ticking of an old analog clock became too much for her to bear in silence.

"What do you think about the wedding?" Techna asked timidly. Timidity was such an odd thing for her now that she was so rooted in who she was. She was never unsure…except here.

Timmy swiveled around in the chair, his arm laying idly on the armrest. He looked at her in curiosity and yet attentive excitement. "Helia and Flora's? I think it's great!"


"Yeah. I mean, it's awesome that they're getting married after how long they've been together."

She cocked her head to the side, weighing her options. She chose what she thought might be the slipperier slope, the one that might lead to answers. "We've been together longer."

Timmy nodded enthusiastically. "I know; that's why I think it's so great." He beamed a moment and then turned back around in the chair. Techna balked.

"Why's that?" she finally asked. She didn't understand much of what was coming out of his mouth. It was too scattered.

"Hmm?" He'd already lost the trail of thought.

Techna shook her head. "Never mind." She stood up, picking up the half-full cup and she walked to the sink to dump it out. For the first time in the longest time, she took the precious time to wash the cup out thoroughly, scrubbing every centimeter of the glass until it was too shiny to hold to the light. She couldn't help it, though. Her mind was stuck between that blissful state of emptiness and chaotic thought. She placed the cup back on its shelf and leant against the counter, staring at the man she'd called her boyfriend for nearly seven years.


He turned his head slightly, glasses glinting in the morning sun. "Yeah?"

Techna licked her lip and glanced down at her pale legs nervously. She looked back up at him, her head tilting to the side and her expression tensing with insecurity. "Do you…I don't know….ever think about…" –she swallowed back the lump in her throat—"us? Getting married?"

It was out there. No one could say that she didn't give it a try.

Timmy's eyebrows rose and he pouted in consideration, looking around the room with a shrug. "Not really, no." He lifted up a gangly finger and pushed his thick-framed glasses higher on his nose, staring at the pink-haired fairy. "Why?"

Techna, defeated, pushed away from the counter and headed towards their bedroom—her bedroom. "Oh, no reason." She waved a hand behind her and turned her head so he couldn't see the single tear that dripped down her cheek. After all, she was an android. And they were above emotion.

Yeah, she was very happy.

Well, i hope you at least thought it was interesting? Feedback?

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