Summary: We've all wondered – what does Louisa see in Martin?

Louisa knew it was shallow to care about size but she couldn't help it. Yes, she loved Martin for his intelligence, his gentleness and compassion but what really turned her on was jutting proudly out from his body.

Danny had been well formed but average. She'd never felt this overwhelming urge to touch him all the time.

With Martin she found herself constantly seeking him out so she could kiss him until he would let her do whatever she wanted. She would explore for hours using her fingers and tongue until eventually he would make her stop, unable to bear the torment a moment longer.

He had told her the medical term for her obsession but she didn't care as long as he let her touch him and he was happy as long as she was naked.

He was sat on her sofa now and she smiled as sat down beside him, turning so she could pull his lips down to hers.

They kissed for a few minutes before her feelings overwhelmed her and she could no longer resist temptation; keeping to their bargain, she quickly stripped and straddled his lap, before she reached up and started playing with his wonderful, enormous ears.