Jenny Shepard sat on the edge of the bath in a hotel room in Paris, she had felt ill today and Jethro had insisted that she stay in the hotel room while he wrapped up the case alone. It was two in the afternoon, and Jethro still was not back, so she was sat on the bathtub with a pregnancy test in her trembling, pale hands, simply staring at it. She could not believe it. She was pregnant. Then again the way they had been during this mission, it was bound to happen at some point. She sighed and ran her hand through her long red waves, "What am going to do" she muttered to herself

The sound of a door opening and shutting echoed around the hotel room, and Jen dropped the test, grabbing her gun she moved to the door.

Jethro walked in, and was looking down the barrel of a gun, he smiled at the fact that she was prepared if anyone came in uninvited and he gently took the gun from her and pulled her close, "You feeling much better?" he asked genuinely concerned about her, as he checked her temperature with the back of his calloused hand and then looked into her eyes, which were tear stained, "What's wrong?" he asked worried

Jen looked away, "I....I'm pregnant Jethro" she whispered, with fear in her voice

Jethro grinned happily and kissed her deeply, "That's great news Jen, why are you upset?" he asked holding her small frame against his larger one

Jen sighed, "We have to go back tomorrow, and I don't want this to end Jethro, I love you"

Jethro smiled and kissed her lips, "I love you too" he said softly, "This won't end, we will just be on a different continent" he said with a smirk. The smirk that she had come to love, and without truly realising it she also now mimicked.

Jen wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, and he held her close, tugging her down to lay on the bed, being careful of her stomach, but more importantly of their unborn child.