"No, do it like this. The secret is in the eyes. You have to look like you're wearing sunglasses even when you're not. Try it."

Tifa's ears perked when she heard a voice that was unmistakably Cloud's. What the heck are they doing? Curiously, she tiptoed towards the door of the blond man's room and peeked inside.

In front of the mirror were the blond man and Denzel, wearing identical sleeveless blue zip-up tops and cargo pants, and the exact same smirk, with one corner of the mouth tilted and the chin slightly raised. The little boy's hair was valiantly fighting against gravity, its spikes in perfect imitation of Cloud's signature 'do.

Tifa hastily covered a giggle. Sephiroth might not have succeeded in creating his clones, but Cloud was on his way to having his first carbon copy, with no aid from mako.