This fic was written because of mah Ville muse, who is now very over the rainbow, O_O. Yesh, I know, OVER THE RAINBOW. Mah supposedly-angsty Ville muse. -_- I'm using Dani and Matt as an angst muses right now. But they all found love. BAD.

Dani: love. It can turn a man crazy.

Oh, this is for KitKat, Hardly Here, who owns mah Ville muse's other half, John Morrison. YESH. I am pairing Ville Valo with JOHN MORRISON, XD. And it's gonna be Phantom of the Opera-sy…this is gonna be awesome. The song is "Sweet Pandemonium" by HIM BTW. XD!

Sweet Pandemonium
Rated: +18 – disturbance; horror
Summary: When you were little, you loved butterfly wings. Ville Valo/John Morrison.
Genre: Romance/Drama

"Bambi, if you value your brain, don't do anything stupid."

Dani Filth turned his back onto Bam's as Matt snickered at him. "Bam, don't get on Dani's nerves in the morning. He'll eat us all."

Dani stuck out his tongue. "I'm not in the mood for anyone's shit."

"You never are." Jeff chipped in.

Dani stared at Jeff, trying not to bash his head in. Jeff, with his purple dress and his hot pink heels, walking around with this crew. Dani was in black clothing and Matt was in his black pants and a navy hockey shirt. Bam was in black pants and a maroon sweater with a motorcycle jacket over it. In other words, Jeff stuck out in the group. "Yes, yes, I never am." Dani said, sighing.

Matt smirked as he kissed onto Dani's forehead. "You're still adorable."

"I think I'm gonna puke." Bam said, running his hand through his hair. "Dude, I have Math first period. That's horrible enough and now, you two are making out in front of me? That's not right."

"…you got a lot of courage saying that." Dani stared.

"Oh no…"

Bam ran off, Dani following him as Matt leaned his back towards the locker and Jeff let out a chorus of giggles. "…Matty, I'm gonna meet up with Phil, okay?" Jeff scanned the hallways for his best friend practically since birth.

Matt nodded. "I'm gonna go look for Adam."

Both of them split.

While Bam ran from Dani, he bumped into Ville, the last member of their "crew" and every book and paper in his arms were on the floor, as Ville fell down. Dani stopped by then, crossing his arms. "Great, Valo. At least you're useful for something."

Ville grabbed onto the papers of the script of the play he hoped he'd get a chance to do. Bam grabbed onto one of the papers. "Seriously, Ville, Phantom of the Opera? What you gonna audition for? Christine?"

Ville glared at him and grabbed the paper, standing up from his position.

Dani smirked, taking off the pink bow off his hair and turning towards Ville, wrapping his hair around the pinkish object. "There. Ready for the part."

Ville glared at Dani who simply glared back.

"Oh, is this a game?" Bam cut in. "I wanna be a part of it!"

"No game." Dani slapped a hand onto Ville's back. "…if you want a dress, I got that, too. I can steal it from Jeff's locker. The chick changes his clothing at least five times a day. I won't believe it."

"…Dani…" Matt walked up to Dani, along with Adam, while Dani sighed.

"I just don't like Jeffy, baby!"

"…Jeffy?" Bam snickered. "He calls him Jeffy…"

Dani grabbed onto Bam's collar and pushed him towards the lockers. "You are an unwise man…"

"Dani's in one of his moods, Bambi. You're gonna get slaughtered." Ville grinned, bowing down, "and thank you."


Dani reached into his pocket for the instrument that he was looking for, grinning when he found the black object and he opened it, the lid falling onto the floor.

Dani grinned.

"OH MY GOD!!!!"

Matt burst out laughing at the sight of Bam walking towards their table and who had 'Dani Filth' smeared all over his face with hot pink lipstick. Bam sat down, sighing. "Look at what your boyfriend did to me?!"

"…he fixed your face. I get that you're thankful." Matt said, chuckling under his breath.

Bam looked down at his food, picking it with a spoon. God, he wasn't eating anything that indigestible. Dani walked over towards them, grinning and pulling out the lipstick from his pocket. "It kills, doesn't it?"

"Yes." Bam sighed.

Jeff bounced over towards their table with Phil on their hand. Phil sat down beside Bam and stared at him. "I'm not kissing that face."

Jeff let out a soft laugh. "That shade doesn't even work on him."

Dani stared at Jeff, glaring at him.

"Dani…" Matt started, sighing. "Resist."

Jeff giggled before embracing Dani. "See? Like this…"

Dani's eyes snapped open and wide. "Let go of me!"

Bam laughed. "Let go of him, Jeff, before he melts. The little…" he shook his head, 'Ville doing the audition thing?"

"Yeah. He said he'd head over—"

Dani let out a smirk before he grabbed onto Bam's collar and pulled him over, smearing the cold soup onto Bam's shirt as he whispered his master plan to him. "Uh huh…oh…yeah…yes…" Dani pulled away with that playful smirk on his face. Bam shook his head. "That plan is brilliant…I swear, if you weren't so scary and if Matt wouldn't have slain me…I would've kissed you right then."

Dani shook his head. "I can do better than you. And I have."


Matt laughed before he gave Dani a quick kiss, causing Bam to shriek and Jeff to laugh at Bam's facial expression.

Ville was backstage, trying to calm down his nerves when Bam came from the back and embraced him, causing him to shriek.

Dani laughed. "We just came to wish you good luck." Dani smiled.

Jeff and Matt were behind Dani, as Ville raised his eyebrow. "You don't give a shit about anyone…what's the deal?"

"No deal." Dani said, shrugging his shoulders.

Ville stared at him. "I'm keeping an eye on you, Filth."

Dani gave the fakest pout as he embraced Matt, Matt's hands going around Dani's short silhouette. "Whatever do you mean?"

Dani looked over at Ville's dresser. "What's this?"

"Wow." Ville replied dryly. "Dani, that's a bottle of orange juice. You know that very well…"

Dani grabbed onto it to take a sip when Ville shook his head. "You don't wanna do that. That's been there for weeks."

"And you tell him?!" Bam exclaimed, extending his arms so that the bottle was knocked towards Ville's figure, the content splashing onto Ville's body as he jumped up after the splash hit him.

"Oh shit! I smell-!"

Dani laughed. "If you want, Jeff can lend you a dress."


Dani grinned. "What?" Dani pouted his pout again and Ville stared down at his clothing before sighing and nodding his head. As Jeff directed him to his locker, Dani walked towards the stage. "Um…Ville had a bit of an accident so he's gonna go change his clothes."

Bam laughed. "That sounded like he just peed himself."

Dani pushed Bam off as he walked towards the teacher, batting his eyelashes and even doing the innocent gesture, Bam noticed how scary he continued to look. "He's gonna play Christine for you."

Bam burst out laughing at that point while Matt stood beside him, shaking his head and grinning. "Dani. Dani. Dani."

Dani stared up at Matt. "What?" Dani asked innocently.

"That act is so last season." Matt laughed, as Dani ran up to the stage, bouncing on top of Matt from an incredibly height. Matt continued to laugh as he put Dani done, kissing him quickly while Bam cringed and Matt stared back at the skateboarder. "Isn't he adorable?"

"…Oh no! I don't think Matt can see anymore!" Bam exclaimed, as Dani stared at him.

"I got the eyeshadow too."

"Oh no."

Bam ran and Dani ran after him while Matt just shook his head. "He never learns, does he?"

Ville walked towards the stage into one of Jeff's sequined black dresses. At least it was black. Dani contained himself from laughing as he sat down beside Matt and Bam stood up to rub his eyes while Jeff giggled as he walked towards them. "He didn't like anything I have, Matty."

"In other words," Bam snickered. "It's either this or the electric pink corset dress."

Jeff nodded his head. "And he wasn't gonna wear that!"

"So you're filling in for the role of Christine…" the teacher told Ville whose eyes widened as he stared at Dani who waved 'innocently' at him.

Ville shot him a very 'I'm gonna kill you later on' look.

"At least you got the part!"

Jeff, Phil and Ville walked towards Ville's house while Ville just shook his head. "It was humiliating…"

"You're the only one that could sing." Phil giggled. "The rest all sound like they're dying or choking onto—"

"Phil. We know what you were gonna say and we'd like to keep this conversation PG." Jeff stared at him while they both burst out laughing. "Besides, Ville, you like men…so…I'm guessing that your leading male would be awesome for you…who's your leading male, Ville?! TELL US!"

Ville just blinked before shaking his head. "Erik or…?"

"Yes. Erik." Jeff bounced, grinning at him.

"…um…that would be Bam."

Jeff squealed. "Oh my God! That's just perfect!"

Ville looked down, 'he's my friend and nothing more, you do realize that, right?" Ville put a hand on his hip.

"…yeah, and I'm the Queen of England." Phil said dryly.

"Why'd Bam audition anyways?"

"It was just as a joke. But he's better than the rest so…he got the part." Ville laughed. "At least I can laugh about that. His face was priceless when they told him that he got the part."

"I can imagine!"

"See ya!"

"See ya!"

The CD hit the wall vigorously.

Shit music that would not let him go to sleep.

Ville rolled onto his stomach, pressing his head onto his pillow and he let out a groan as he stepped out of his bed, looking around for the disk he'd hit on the wall. Shit. If that thing broke

Ville leaned down and grabbed onto the disk, running a hand through his hair.

That was it.

His life was over.

Dani was going to murder him.

Or will come dangerously close to killing him if Matt was there to calm him down. Ville flipped the scratched Iron Maiden CD before returning it back to its cover.

He couldn't go to sleep and he didn't have any music anymore either.

Great. Just fucking great.

Ville rolled and grabbed onto his phone, dialing a number and pressing it against his ear, 'hey."

"It's 2 in the morning. Unless someone's dying…I don't wanna hear it."

"Bam, I know you're awake too."

"But it's so funny pretending to be Dani."

"Dani's gonna murder me anyways…his CD sorta…"

"…you broke it?! OH SHIT!" A howl of laughter could be heard. "God, I'm gonna miss you, Ville."

Ville rolled his eyes and looked at the table, just to have something to look at and played with his hair for a second. "…what were you doing?"


"Highly unlikely."

"Look, how about I go to bed and you drink some nice tea?"

"…nice tea? Who in hell's name are you? Bam Margera does not tell me to drink tea."

Bam burst out laughing. "Just try and go to sleep. Not everyone can't fall asleep. Besides, we do have school tomorrow and I do not wanna fall asleep on my Bio test, fine?"

"…fine." Ville yawned.

"See? You're getting sleepy already."

"That's why I called you. You can put rocks to sleep."


Ville chuckled. "Sorry. My brain's fried." The call ended as so, and Ville laid down onto his bed again, staring at the ceiling. If he called Dani, Dani would probably eat him alive. Jeff was probably asleep. Matt was also asleep. And he didn't want to wake them up. Matt would eat him and Jeff would start talking nonstop. Nobody to talk to…Ville kicked the sheets. He might as well go drink tea or something.

Ville stopped at the second he stepped out. A weird feeling knotted in his stomach but he didn't bother thinking about it.

He walked towards the hallways, a bit slower than usual and when he thought he heard something, a soft gasp escaped his lips as he looked around the room. "Hello?"

No response.

He was going mentally insane.

Maybe it was all those horror movies that Dani took them too…watching The Grudge 50 times may have that affect…

Ville shook the feeling as he took a cup and filled it with coffee instead of tea and then he had a sudden urge to walk outside…

For some reason, he dropped the cup and it crashed down and he didn't care. He just needed to walk outside. Ville walked towards the door, opening it slowly and he met with the cold wind as he wrapped his black scarf around himself even tighter before he walked towards the destination he wanted to get to. The river.

He just felt the need…

He sat down onto one of the canoes, and he looked down at the cold water, reaching a hand in. It was cold alright. Freezing cold. He rested his head onto the base, letting the wind take him away…

Maybe it was after an hour of falling asleep had he snapped his eyes open and looked around his surroundings…the fear burned through him, doubling itself over. Why in fuck's name did he need to go to the river? And why…and where in hell's name was he now?

He shivered and shook before he turned around to see a fog ahead of him. Then in that second, he felt two hands wrap around him, embracing him too tightly and the hooded figure bit down at Ville's earlobe. "Mine."

That was incredibly fun. I swear. XD!

X Sam.