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John Morrison felt nothing other than disgust. He'd stared at Phil, whom was sleeping now, in his pants and a bare chest on top of a bare chested John. He didn't know what to say and he knew that he'd break Phil's heart as well as Bam's at the same time. He'd stared up at the roof of the car, wondering what he could do to change the course of what had happened an hour ago. Phil was gorgeous and beautiful yet John felt like he shouldn't have been Phil's first. It wasn't romantic at all. He'd taken a big part of him that he wouldn't be able to give back. With that thought, John's eyes flickered across the roof again, clutching Phil tightly.

At that moment, he'd heard the glass tap. John had sat up, looking into the eyes of Dalen.

John had rolled open the car window, afraid that if he'd move, Phil would wake up. Dalen had smirked, "isn't that sweet? His first time in the back of a car with some guy he hasn't known...see? I told you I knew Phil's character just by looking at him. Phil doesn't care about logic and reason, does he?"

John didn't say anything.

Dalen had stroked Phil's back. "Now, for Ville to find you. Then it's all just set."

"You're a sick bastard," John had spat back at him.

"Oh, darling, I know," Dalen had spat back, walking off into the distance before Ville could dare see him plotting it all out. John's breath was racing and he tried not to think about it all but it was hard to forget and even harder to think that everything would be fine. He felt like he was playing a script, a broken melody and that nobody tried to read between the lines to find out the truth. It was all black and white and grayness was lost.

"He plants the seed of love and then runs off, leaving it to grow...lovelessly."

Peggy had stared back at John as he'd said the last part of the story. John's eyes fixated onto the beautiful little plants that he'd grown for Peggy. "This is a Darwin Hybrid Tulip," he'd said to her. "It's a beautiful little tulip. My Mother had a variety of them in her hair during her wedding. They're very big, beautiful flowers and my favourite is called a Burning Heart tulip."

He'd shown her a cream tulip, that had streaks of reddish pink adorn it. "This is normally about 55 centimetres long when I grow them. They aren't scented and they don't have a specific flowering season. They're very feminine-looking flowers and they're gorgeous."

Peggy stared at the flower as John extended his hand towards it.

"But it's the only one you have!"

John had smiled warmly toward her. "Happy birthday, Peggy."

Peggy stared back at John with a grin and had hugged him sweetly as Dalen had stared at them, unamused. "May I speak to Johnny here, alone?"

Peggy had stared at Dalen with fear into her eyes as she took the flower from him. The lack of fragrance didn't make it any less beautiful than it is as she ran off into the distance. John had stared back up at Dalen.

"I presume that you've grown some flowers for Iliana's wedding."

"She loves roses. I've grown her varieties of roses. I've grown her Hybrid Tea Gemini roses, which are her favourite and her lover, Garrett, loves Christina Lynne Floribunda roses, which I've also grown. They are a little harder to grow but I have a huge load of them."

"How's apricot?"

"The apricot beauty tulips?"

"No, your Finnish tulip."

John had stared at him, stunned. "How did you figure-?"

"You have a collection of apricot beauty tulips that you do tend to look at before bed, you'd look love-struck and you'd say his name in your sleep, almost as if you're fucking him on air or something. I don't like it. You're out of focus. You can't kill when you're out of focus, John. You're already a horrible assassin. Not to mention, it is slightly embarrassing for you to be both a murderer and a gardener."

John had sighed. "Please, let us not fight today of all days. It's Peggy's birthday. She can hear us."

"You're damn weak," Dalen retorted, watching John basically shrink away at him. "You're a mirror of your Mother. She looks alike to you and she was ugly-"

"Don't you dare say that about my own Mother. She was a beautiful lady with a heart of gold and-"

"She's dead."

"No," John shook his head. "No, no, she isn't!"

"Go back to your Father."

"My real Father's dead. And my real Mother's not dead." John had told him. He hated the cycle of being pushed from one family of assassins to another to learn their tricks and to eventually outsmart them. It was the reason that John was forced to know everything about the family and in time, it had become a routine. He couldn't talk to anyone unless he did a full background check about them beforehand and he'd had various 'Mothers' and 'Fathers' but none of them were real. Illiana wasn't even his real sister. She was one of the sisters in an assassin's family that had figured out what John had been up to and decided to tag along and had become a reliable partner. She still acted as his sister and Dalen had stayed them as so.

That night, John had remembered he had rebelled against him so many times and honestly, he ended up killing most of his 'Mothers' and 'Fathers'. John had sighed softly, looking down at the floor of the car. He hated being in this position. He hated having to hold Phil when he knew he shouldn't be around Phil. He remembered lovely memories of giving Ville books. He'd throw onto his desk books about flowers and poetry related to flowers and in the beginning of the book, he'd write a small paragraph dedicated to him. It helped him ease up the process of actually meeting the lovely Ville. He didn't know if Ville figured out that John was the one that was planting the books there or not but he still found relief in it. He'd get ancient love stories and allow them to fall down. His favourite being a Midsummer's Night Dream that he had yet to give Ville.

"John! Phil?"

That was definitely Ville's voice.

John looked up and Phil basically jumped up in fear at the voice around him. Phil looked up to stare at Ville's shocked face. John wanted to just wipe out all of the shock out of his face, stroke his shoulders and tell him that he was just seeing things but it was true. Ville's face was scrunched up in anger. "Phil, did he rape you?"

"No!" Phil exclaimed with horrified eyes. "We just...kinda...did..."

Ville looked like he could've torn everything to pieces. "I get some note in the mail saying to come by here. I honestly thought that it was some sort of meet-up with you and me, John. I didn't know I was going to stare at two skanks getting it on at the end of the night. Phil! How could you? What about Bam?"

"I stayed near the hospital every night since he slipped into a coma. Only for him to wake up and call me fat! What in fuck's name do you think? That relationship was nothing. I didn't know. He called me beautiful and I...what's wrong with wanting to feel pretty after all these long fucking months of me just sitting there with Cushing's and possibly liver failure because of me abusing steroids? What did you want me to do? Congratulate him because he insulted me?"

Ville was sell-shocked.

"It really happened," John nodded his head at him.

"Bam was in a coma?"

"He cut himself and he's anemic." Phil had nodded his head, sitting up straight. His eyes looking innocent and pure. "God, Ville, if I could do anything in the world, I would. We all love you. I swear I love you and I don't know what to do or what to say but this is reality. Me and Bam are just...all fallen apart. I don't know why but it's just that way and believe me, I'm sure when Morro was fucking me, he was thinking of you. I have such a low self-esteem that I didn't mind thinking that he'd kill me on the spot. That's the honest truth, Ville. What we were living were juts lies on top of lies and I'm done with that. This is the ugly truth and I don't wanna face it either but..."

Ville stared back at John and Phil. "...who are you people?"

Phil slipped out of John's car, John following after and John tried to touch Ville's shoulder only for him to react but jumping up and pushing him back towards his car. "Don't you dare touch me again."


"Don't you say my name again."

Ville felt John's hand against his cheek as Ville kicked him as harder as he could've against his hip. John crouched for a moment as Ville's hands found its way towards John's skin, scratching against it as their eyes met together and John was gasping. "Ville-"

"Look, don't you-" Phil tried to cut in but Ville turned out to jump onto him, tackling him towards the ground and throwing a series of punches to Phil's stomach.

"He's confused, Phil! Please, just don't react back." John tried to assure Phil as he grabbed onto Ville, pulling Ville apart from Phil and bringing him closer to him. Ville suffocated into the familiar scent of John's sweatshirt. John stroked his cheek. "Please, believe me-"

"Why should I?"

"You're confused."

"I am not!"

"You're confused."

Ville stared back at him before sighing as he cradled his head into his hands. "Fuck it! I am confused! Happy, John? What do you want from me?" John stroked Ville's shoulder as Ville laid his head against John's own chest. Phil stood up and walked towards them before giving them both a soft smile.

"Ville, John's sister is pregnant." Phil blinked.

"She...you did...?" Ville looked rather sickly pale now. "God, just when you think it's getting a bit better, it gets worse! How fucking great! I just love my life."

John had smiled warmly at Ville. "You do not have to suffer in silence, darling. You may not want to look at me again but I will stay be there for you whenever you might need it. I had to...er...get more-so intimate with Philip. Dalen's power is beyond my control. He is the man that holds the fate of my Mother, whom he claims is dead but I do not believe that. I believe that if I continue to act good for him, then he will not kill her. And I do not want to be in this web but we have no other choice. Ville...he threatens you so much. He knows you're my weak point and I may have to leave soon but I will always be there for you, in contact, through letters, through something."

Ville stared at him.

'Tell him you don't want him to go, that you need him'.

"Well, have fun," Ville responded.

"I...will try to," John shrugged. "The child that Illiana is carrying is a part of you, a gift from you to me and I see that as a blessing. I will return when Dalen's reign will end and that is soon enough. The fights are brutal and the Lockdown will be a problem. I will give you your child which I did promise to give to you and as you wish, I will be out of your life. Goodbye, apricot. I love you."

Ville had bit down his lower lip.

'I love you too.'

And he watched John disappear into the darkness, without another word left for them.

Dani had been watching behind the bushes and had called up a number.

"Margera, remember Dalen Ryan?"

So you got to know a little bit about THE MORRO. Apparently, I'm doing a lot more than hinting at Margera/Filth. I must get Matt/Phil together, that's why XD

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