"Oi! Don't do that in the house!" Nnoitra yelled, starling a six year old Yayoi and making her drop the small bottle of bubbles she had been holding in her small hands.

"I wanna see bubbles." she pouted, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth and looking up and Nnoitra with large, pale blue eyes framed by a ink black fringe of bangs.

Nnoitra made a face and straightened his spine. He would win this one. He shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest, sneering little.

"That shit ain't gonna work on me, Yo-yo. I said no bubbles in tha house an' I mean it."

Yayoi smiled suddenly and bent, grabbing the bottle of bubbles up in her hands again before looking back up at Nnoitra. She blinked slowly and Nnoitra felt his stomach drop. Shit, how had he screwed this up so quickly?

"You said a bad word." Yayoi said in a sing song voice.

Nnoitra's shoulders sagged and he sighed dramatically. He wasn't supposed to be cursing around Yayoi, the little brat knew that and used it against him to get what she wanted when the two of them were alone. She could show all sorts of cute faces to everyone else but Nnoitra knew the real Yayoi. She was like a quieter, female version of Shinji only more deadly because she was so tiny and innocent looking. Every time he cursed she'd used it on him later to get something she wanted. And it worked every time. Nnoitra didn't get it. How did this six year old little monster out-smart him every damn time?

"Fine. A few bubbles, but that's it, Yo-yo."

Two hours later Yayoi was sprawled with her back against Nnoitra's chest, looking up as the man blew stream after stream of rainbow colored bubbles at the ceiling. They were quiet save for Yayoi's tiny giggles when Nnoitra cursed because he spilled the bubble mix on his shirt for the umpteenth time. Yayoi yawned and closed her eyes, sleep taking her quickly. Nnoitra didn't notice at first, and continued to blow bubbles, one long stream at a time. That was how Shinji found them, Yayoi face up on Nnoitra's chest and fast asleep while Nnoitra played with the bubble stick. Shinji lifted his phone and snapped a quick shot off before anyone noticed he was home. Looked like he was getting a new wallpaper tonight. Shinji dropped his keys in the glass bowl set by the door and Yayoi's eyes popped open. She sat up, digging her elbow in Nnoitra's ribcage and earning a loud grunt from the man followed by another curse as more bubble mix spilled.

"Oto-chan!" she yelled as she sprinted across the living room and jumped into her fathers' arms.

"Why are ya blowin' bubbles in the house?" Shinji asked after kissing her cheek loudly.

Yayoi grinned and whispered, "'cos Nnoi-chan said a bad word."

Shinji chuckled. "Did he now?" Yayoi nodded.

Nnoitra stood up off the couch and pulled his soiled shirt over his head, looking up at Shinji and scowling at the face he was being given.

"Don't f… don't start. I don't wanna hear it."

"I know why yer gay." Shinji started and Nnoitra rolled his eyes, walking out of the room.

"'cos if ya were straight ya would end up as some cute girls' doormat!" Shinji called after him.

"Fuck off Blondie." Nnoitra called back and Shinji giggled.

"Don't say fuck, Yo-chan." Shinji said, carrying Yayoi to the kitchen and setting her on the counter.

"How 'bout I just not ever repeat Nnoi-chan." Yayoi said with a small shake of her head, long black braids swinging gently, and a prim purse to her lips.

Nnoitra came out into the living room again in a fresh shirt and grabbed the near empty bottle of bubbles, capped it and walked to the kitchen to put them away again, this time above the refrigerator. He'd like to see the little sneak get them all the way up there. Nnoitra bent to kiss Shinji, Yayoi covering her face with both hands and giggling, before standing and looking down at the blond with a frown.

"Ain't we goin' ta Grimm's tanight?" he asked in an eager tone and Shinji nodded.

"I just walked in tha door Nnoi. Chill. You'll get to play with Grimm soon enough."

Nnoitra snorted and pinched Shinji's ass. "Wanna get this one worn out so I can play with you all night tanight." Nnoitra muttered in Shinji's ear and Shinji slapped his arm.

"Nnoi! Not in fron'a Yo-chan." Shinji whispered.

Nnoitra smirked and looked at Yayoi. "You didn't hear nothin', right?"

"Did to. You said you were gonna get me worn out so you could…."

"Okay! Time to get dressed fancy Yo-chan. We can't go lookin' like this to tha party, now can we."

Yayoi grinned, mirroring her fathers', and shook her head. "Nope." she said, hopping off the counter and running to her room to change.

Shinji turned and slapped Nnoitra's arm again. "Ya know, soon 'nough she's gonna know what yer talkin' 'bout. Ya need ta knock it off."

Nnoitra pulled Shinji's close and wrapped his arms around the blond's shoulders.

"Thought ya wanted ta be open like yer mama was with you?" Nnoitra teased.

"Yeah well that was easier ta deal with when she wasn't gettin' laid in the room next door."

"I ain't gonna stop touchin' ya 're talkin' like that and ya know it." Nnoitra pointed out and Shinji sighed.

"Ya could at least try." he grumbled and Nnoitra laughed.

"Go get dressed. C'mon let's go."

Today was the seventh birthday of Grimmjow and Ichigo's triplets, Tomoe, Taichi and Sorin, and everyone was meeting at their house for a family gathering. Shinji was looking forward to seeing everyone in one place again. So much had changed in the last six years but Shinji's couldn't say that it hadn't all been worth it. Even the bad stuff.

Shortly after Shinji had recovered enough to go back to work again Yumi and Ikkaku confronted him about them reuniting. Shinji had been excited and toasted them at his Finally Better party. He was happy for them, really, and wished them all the best. A few months after that and Ichigo decided to withdraw from the surgical team and focus on family practice. He said he'd had enough of the fast paced emergency room and was looking for something a little more settled. He planned to work with his father until such time he decided to open his own practice. With Grimmjow now working back at the office the triplets went to school during the day and spent the evenings and weekends with their fathers. It had worked perfectly for them ever since.

Just over a year after Nnoitra had proposed to Shinji they had flown to Las Vegas and had a gaudy ceremony there in one of the disco themed chapels. Nnoitra had felt like an idiot repeating all the things that the man dressed in polyester bell-bottomed pants told him to say but the smile on Shinji's face had been worth every bit of it. Their short honeymoon in Germany had gone smoothly if only because Shinji avoided the town his grandparents lived in and they had come back home grinning like idiots for a week. Of course no one complained, how could they when around such happy people?

Nana was in America with her husband, starting a life there with her new family. Shinji was happy for her and grateful that she had allowed Yayoi to stay with him and Nnoitra. He didn't know what he would have done had Nana taken Yayoi with her. Yayoi was going to be spending her summer breaks with her mother in America starting next year since the both of them felt she would be old enough to handle the flight better. Yayoi missed her mother and they spoke every day on the phone but she too was happy she had gotten to stay with Nnoi-chan and oto-chan.

Etta had surprised everyone and asked Starrk to marry her two years after Shinji had been shot. Isshin had seemed happy enough for them but Ichigo had told Shinji that it had broken the poor man's heart a little. Shinji didn't really understand why he felt pride at that and he'd never cared enough to look too far into it. Starrk may not have been the man he would have chosen for his mother but as long as he kept her happy it would be just fine.

Yuzu and Karin were both married, Yuzu on her third child and Karin not yet started on her family. Yuzu had married her first boyfriend, Jinta Hanakari shortly after Etta and Starrk had announced their engagement and their first child had been born one year after that. Karin had married Toushiro Hitsugaya while the two of them had been in Spain at a soccer match. Neither one of them were in a rush to have children though and the only one to complain was Isshin. He just wanted more grandkids to play with.

Shinji had found out that Tesla had been taken to France with Szayel and the two were living together in a large flat in Paris. At first that had upset Shinji, not just because of who Tesla was with but because he hadn't gotten to say goodbye. Nnoitra blamed Tesla for the entire event but Shinji didn't and he wanted to see his friend and let him know that he was okay now. When, six months later, Szayel brought Tesla back to Japan to visit, Shinji and Tesla had both broken down at the airport and cried in each other's arms. And after Shinji had talked to Tesla he felt a little better about who the blond was with. Szayel may be a little creepy and stuck up, but he wouldn't beat Tesla. From how much Shinji knew about Szayel he figured that Tesla was getting treated just the way Tesla liked it. And from recent news from Tesla himself, Szayel had finally decided to stop sleeping with other people to devote himself to Tesla. Shinji didn't think it would last long, but he also hadn't thought that they two would end up together in the first place.

One year ago Shinji had bought Wank from Z and asked Ichigo to help him restore the place to its former glory. Ichigo had jumped on the idea and within a month they opened the doors once again to the public. Hanataro had come to help out on alternate weekends, mostly serving drinks in cute little Lolita costumes. His children were old enough now that he no longer wanted to dress up at home so working the club again was his only outlet. Shinji asked Ichigo to become his second at Wank and it hadn't taken much persuading to get him to agree. The both of them had such wonderful memories in that place after all.

And now here he was, thirty years old, a wonderful husband, an adorable daughter, owner of two thriving businesses, and he didn't think he could be happier with his life. When the three of them pulled up to Grimmjow and Ichigo's house Yayoi hopped out of the car and ran inside, not bothering to knock and barely taking the time to pull her shoes off. Shinji shook his head as he pulled three large boxes out of the trunk.

"I wonder where she gets her manners." Shinji asked and Nnoitra snorted.


Inside the house was already packed with people, and Shinji dropped the presents off at the ridiculously big pile on a table next to the triplets' cake. He wondered how big the cake had started out at and how long it had taken Ichigo to talk Grimmjow out of ordering one that big. Really, that man spoiled his children so rotten. Shinji heard a shriek that sounded vaguely like Nnoitra's name and he turned just in time to see a streak of orange fly across the living room before launching into Nnoitra's waiting arms.

"Uncle Nnoi!" Tomoe yelled and kissed Nnoitra's cheek.

"Hey, knock that off. What'd I tell ya?"

Tomoe frowned and cocked her head. "I ain't gonna listen to ya. It's my birthday I can do whatever I want."

Nnoitra snorted and set Tomoe on the floor. "Where's yer daddy?"

Tomoe pointed towards the back yard before smiling at Shinji and running to hug him as well.

"Happy birthday, Tomo-chan."

"Thank you, Uncle Shin." Tomoe said, sounding like a proper young lady.

"Where are your brothers?" Shinji asked and Tomoe sighed.

"Who knows? Probably playing in garbage somewhere. They're such idiots." She looked up with dark blue eyes and smiled. "Whadja get me?"

Shinji poked her in the nose with a slim finger and didn't say anything as he walked away. He found Ichigo in the backyard, chasing Sorin and a couple other kids around and roaring like a monster. Grimmjow was laughing at him, as was Nnoitra, who was already standing near him and Starrk with a beer in hand on the other side of the yard. Taichi was off in a corner with a brown haired and very round looking boy Shinji vaguely remembered as being their neighbor's son, Daisuke. A wild pack of giggles was heard, drawing Shinji's attention back to the boys and Ichigo, who was now being taken to the ground and jumped upon.

"Okay, okay! The monster gives!" Ichigo laughed and tried to stand up, falling back again when Sorin came out of nowhere and tackled him, giggling like crazy.

Etta was there as well, handing Starrk a fresh beer and smiling like a woman half her age when he thanked her and kissed her cheek softly. Etta said something to Nnoitra that had the man scowling at her and Starrk letting out one of his lazy chuckles. Shinji smiled at the scene before looking down when something pulled at his pants. Wide blue eyes looked up at Shinji and he smiled, pulling Yayoi up in his arms and resting her on a thin, cocked hip.

"What's up beautiful?"

Yayoi shrugged and leaned her head on Shinji's shoulder.

"I love you, oto-chan."

"Aww, I love ya too, Yo-chan. Always and forever." Yayoi giggled.

The party raged on until almost eight that evening before Grimmjow had had enough of everyone and started kicking people out. Ichigo laughed at him for it but then again Ichigo had had a few too many beers over the course of the day. Shinji expected Grimmjow was going to enjoy the hell out of that after everyone left, even more so because the boys were going home with their Jiji. Nnoitra walked up beside Shinji, Tomoe on one hip and Yayoi on the other, and nodded down to him.

"We're ready to go." he said and Shinji nodded. Tomoe was coming home with them that night so her daddies could have some alone time.

"Bag's packed?" All three heads nodded and Shinji giggled. "Alright, go say goodbye to yer daddies, Tomo-chan."

Tomoe pouted. "They don't care. They're in the kitchen kissin' anyway. Gross." Tomoe added the last part with a curl of her lip and Nnoitra smirked.

"One day ya won't think that's gross." Shinji said and Nnoitra frowned.

"Don't rush it, stupid."

Tomoe ran off with Yayoi to find Grimmjow and Ichigo to say goodbye and were back in no time, pushing Shinji and Nnoitra out the door. Nnoitra grabbed up Tomoe's bag and tossed it in the trunk of the car before getting in the drivers' seat and driving back to his home. Three years ago they had bought a house that had originally belonged to Starrk. It had needed some tender loving care but they had been eager to get out of the apartment. The neighborhood was getting worse every week and both Shinji and Nnoitra wanted Yayoi out of there. It was two stories, three bedrooms with modest front and back yards. It wasn't the most attractive on the lot but it didn't matter to them one bit. What mattered was that it belonged to all three of them and they loved it.

After a quick bath for the girls, Shinji asked Nnoitra to get a movie started for them as he wandered off to his office to check a few things before bed. He and Ichigo had just bought the space next to Wank the week before and he wanted to make sure he had everything in order in his files before he went to bed. He'd put it off for two days and now had no choice but to do it. He hadn't thought it would take long but it was an hour before he padded back down the stairs to check on everyone. He saw Nnoitra on the couch, both girls curled up on either side of him, and a deep scowl on his face as he watched the brightly colored anime. Shinji must have made a noise because Nnoitra looked up at him, utter disgust on his face.

"Can I turn this off now, please?"

Shinji smiled and kissed his cheek before grabbing the remote off the table and turning the TV off. He pulled Yayoi up into his arms, her sleeping body limp and uncooperative. Nnoitra sighed and picked up Tomoe before following Shinji up the stairs to put the girls to bed. Once they were in their room they quickly stripped down to their underwear and slipped into bed, the both of them sighing in contentment. Nnoitra wrapped his arm around Shinji's waist and pulled him back against his chest. Shinji kissed Nnoitra's hand and smiled as his eyes closed.

"I love you, ya big softy." Shinji whispered and Nnoitra grunted.

"Love ya too. 'Night."

Nnoitra snuggled in and closed his eyes as well.

"Good night." Shinji responded and together they drifted off to sleep.

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