Note from the author.

So, I started writing McNozzo drabbles a few weeks ago and I have a nice collection right now so I decided to share them with you! Every drabble is based on a different picture, which I can't post here, but I think you will get the idea without the picture. Every drabble has his own rating, they usually are NC7 (rated K) but some are higher rated, I will let you know if the rating is higher.

There are tons of spoilers, I will only mark season 7 spoiler, so beware!

Having said that: Have fun.


The book of love.

Looks were deceiving. Tony knew that and he liked that. He played with people's imagination. In fact, he was doing it right now. Posing like this, with Ziva leaning in to him made people think that they had this thing for each other. That was just fine by Tony, because there was no way that he could tell people people that he liked to cuddle up to Tim at night, holding him close and make him feel safe.

Tim knew how Tony felt and what he thought and he didn't feel offended when he suggested that Tim should take his picture with Abby. He still loved Abby, because it was impossible to not love her, but it was Tony that made his heart beat faster. He didn't mind that Tony was flirting so obvious with Ziva because he knew that tonight Tony would sneak in to his bedroom when he was done watching movies and attach himself to him.

Ziva might have Tony as far as other people were concerned, but McGee knew that he had Tony in his life and in his bedroom. So when they were about to take the picture McGee stood close to Abby, holding on the coffee Tony had got him and when he saw the flash he knew that Tony's eyes were burning holes in his back. Heart-shaped holes.