Angela and I were trying to dodge the flying snowballs as we ran to my truck since I had driven us to school today. Winter in Forks still caught me off guard after spending so many years in sunny Phoenix; the snow always surprised me.

Edward and Alice were going on a hunting trip today so I am free to go down to La Push and spend a few days with Jacob before me wedding. I shiver at the word still; even though Edward says that I'm going to be happy once we're married I have some serious doubts.

As we got closer to my truck through the surrounding blizzard I realized that there was a pale figure standing against the door of my baby and Angela slowed as she too noticed this. Edward was waiting for me even though he was supposed to have left after lunch and in the back of my mind I knew that he wasn't going to leave if I kept thinking about La Push.

"Bella, I don't want you going down there. Promise me you won't leave Forks while I'm gone or I won't leave. I can't protect you if you keep putting yourself into danger like this." Edward whispered in my ear so low that it scared me. I was backed up into my truck and for the first time I felt really afraid of my fiancée as his grip continued to tighten around my arm.

Suddenly Alice was yelling for Edward from beside his Volvo and Angela was coming around my truck to stand beside of me, she was giving Edward a look of fear as well.

"I'll see you later Bella." Edward said to me but the way it was said sent fear into my heart because I knew that he would be waiting for me at home. Alice yelled again and Edward disappeared.

Angela came to stand where Edward had been and I realized that she was staring at my arm so I looked down as well. It was already starting to bruise and it looked swollen so I put my jacket on over it,

"Oh my god Bella, you need to go to the E.R.! Come on, I'm driving!" She shouted

"No, it's okay Ang. I just need to call Jacob, I'll drop you off then get it checked at La Push, just give me a second." I said as I handed off my keys. Pulling out my cell phone I walked a little ways and dialed the number that I knew by heart. Silently I watched as Edward's Volvo went wheeling out of the parking lot and I was so afraid that I didn't notice someone had picked up.

"Hello... Hello, who's this?" Billy asked in a frustrated tone that broke my trance.

"Billy, its Bella. Listen I need to talk to Jacob now, it's an emergency." I told him and even though I tried not to let it my voice cracked with rising tears from fear and the pain in my arm.

"Bella? Is everything okay, are you hurt? Tell me what happened sweetie, Jacob's not here but you can tell me and I'll help." Billy told me and it was almost a sigh of relief that he hadn't hung up.

"Billy, I'm scared. I don't know what happened, but he's going to be waiting for me and my arm, its hurt and I don't know what to do. Angela was with me and he just snapped because I was going to come there and..." I cried into the phone, becoming hysterical almost immediately.

"Calm down Bella, you take Angela home; some boys will be there to get you by the time you let her go. They'll get you here safely, just stay calm Bells, everything is going to be okay." Billy told me and then hung up quickly.

I hung up to and told Angela that I could drive but she wouldn't let me, "No Bella, come on, you still need to go to the E.R." Angela said.

"It's okay Ang, some of the La Push boys are going to come and get me once I drop you off. I promise I'm going to get checked. You can drive to your house if you want, they'll come and get me, everything's okay." She looked to be doubtful but got in and started driving.

We were at her house in a matter of five minutes and I tried to concentrate on anything but the pain in my arm.

"Angela, are you guys okay?" Quil ask as my friend got out and I moved over to the driver's seat. "What do you think you're doing? Back to the passenger seat!" he ordered what sounded playful but I saw the order in his eyes.

"I've got her from here Angela; don't worry I'll make sure she gets checked out." Quil told her as he climbed into my truck and closed the door before she could say anything. He sped out of her drive way as my truck reached a speed I didn't even think it could go.

"Slow down you maniac, you're gonna blow my engine and then I'll have to kill you!" I shouted but the look I received was one of amusement.

Quil slowed down but looked over at me again, "What happened Bella? Security has been doubled around the immediate boarder by the elders and almost half of us were sent to get you. Billy Black said that you were injured!"

I took a deep breath, "Half of you? I only see you!" I said trying to change the subject for the moment.

"The others are in puppy form, now don't change the subject!" he instructed loudly.

I cowered out of sheer habit and he seemed to notice, "I'm sorry Bella, we're all just really worried. Common, tell your old pal what happened."

I shook my head and wrapped my arms around myself. Seeing that I wasn't going to talk anymore Quil went quiet. I couldn't believe that Edward had done this, my arm was swelling; I could feel it as my jacket tightened around my arm. I wanted Jacob here, not Quil; not that I didn't love him but Jacob was my everything.

We pulled up in front of Jacob's house and Billy was sitting on the porch waiting for us. Quil trying to play picked me up but ended up hitting my arm.

"Oww, bad dog! Very bad dog!" I yelled playfully but he'd already seen the tears in my eyes and was starting to stare at my arm.

"Not now son, both of you get inside!" Billy shouted as he headed inside himself and we followed. By the time we got into the living room, the rest of the pack, including Jacob was heading inside, all shirtless like usual.

"Alright someone better tell me what in the seventh circle of hell is going on around here!" Sam shouted and everyone started looking between me and Billy.

Jacob, who stared at me frozen and wide eyed for a moment, came around the sofa and hugged me, now with the widest smile lighting up his face I'd ever seen. Unfortunately my arm in the middle of us and I squealed. Now everyone was staring at my arm and it was making me uncomfortable.

"Common Bella, we need to see the damage, just let us get a look. Embry go and get Emily while Bella gets comfortable." Billy instructed.

I watched as Embry took off towards Sam's house and slowly started to take my jacket off even though it hurt. I was a lot worse now then it was when I first put on the jacket; all black and blue and swollen to boot. To make things all the worse, Jake started to shake before me like he was going to phase right there.

"Calm down Jake, we don't have any reason to attack just yet." Sam told me even as he started to come up behind me. He wasn't very open with his emotions but I knew he looked at me like a little sister and was afraid Jake would hurt me.

"Sit down and tell us what happened Bella." Billy instructed as everyone started to find seats; all the boys were wide eyed.

Emily arrived just as everyone sat down and got in between Jake and myself on the sofa.

"Oh my God Bella, what did you do! That is bruised beyond belief! This is going to hurt but try to hold still, oh I can't believe this isn't broken!..." She kept talking but it all started to mesh together in repetition.

After a moment she was done and went silent, my arm was bandaged. She was trying to get me to take something for pain but Sam told her to wait until they found out exactly what had happened before getting me high.

Most of the boys found it funny but Jake was not in any kind of mood to play around.

"Em, don't take this the wrong way, but you're in my seat." he told her as he picked her up and literally threw her over to Sam who just shook his head as he sat her down. Jake quickly moved back into his seat and put his arm around me even though he was a bit more apprehensive of my arm.

"Bella let's try this again, what happened?" Sam asked me from the lounge chair a few feet away.

I took a deep breath and snuggled a bit closer to Jake before starting the story, "They were suppose to leave after lunch at school today so I was going to come down here. I guess Alice stopped seeing my future because when I came out to take Angela Webber home he was standing by my car."

I had to stop and breath; I was shaking almost as badly as Jake, albeit for a very different reason.

"He was mad and told me not to come and then told me that he'd me later. He was holding my arm really tight but let go when his sister started to call him. I got really scared and called Billy because I was afraid to go home."

I had started crying and at some point Jacob had wrapped his arms around me so tightly that it was almost painful. I was burying my head into his shoulder and he had wrapped his protective arms even tighter around me, if that was possible.

Leah who was like a sister to me was lying with her head on my back and was trying to hush my sobbing. Emily came over and bent over behind the sofa to wrap her arms around me even though I couldn't see her she was wearing the same scent as always.

Sam sighed and cleared his throat, "We need to make contact..." he tried to say but Jake cut him off.

"We need to rip out his throat! He has crossed the line and the treaty!" Jake shouted but I looked up in time to see Leah smack him through watery eyes.

"I think I should take Bella back to our house." Emily said as she looked over at Sam who nodded but when she tried to take my hand Jake growled at her and she stopped, jumping back slightly.

"Jake!" I said at him roughly and he looked down blushing.

"Sorry Emily." he muttered and everyone else laughed at him because he wasn't known to be the listening type. "Oh shut up all of you!" he yelled at them.

Emily rolled her eyes and came to take me a little bit more apprehensive this time; not letting herself grab me until Jake had let go.

"Paul, Jared, and Leah go with them just to make sure that nothing happens. No Jake, you're not going anywhere without supervision for a while." Sam ordered as Emily and I left. Leah walked with us to the house while very tall puppy dogs followed us from the trees' edge.

"That rat son of a bitch! I hope Jake rips his..." Leah was trying to say but Emily slapped the back of her head.

"Enough Leah, let's change the subject. Good God, we need more boys around seeing as it's freezing around here. Bella is that the only clothes you have?" she ask me and I nodded. "Common, you can borrow some of mine. I'm not sure how long you'll be staying but we'll make sure you have good clothes for this weather."

"It's okay, you don't have to do that Emily." I tried to tell her as we got inside but she wouldn't hear it.

We went up to her bedroom and they started to play dress up with me even though it wasn't has rough a dress up as it was with Alice. They let me pick out clothes before shoving her into them to see how they looked.

"Okay, put on the blue top." Leah said as I tried on my fifth top and I was shocked that Emily had this many clothes. We kept trying on clothes until Sam, Jared, and Paul came in to get us and sent me back to the Black house.

"Bella, we really don't want Jake to be alone for to long. He's like a little bit psycho at this point and he seemed a little more sane when you were around so take your 'fun pills' and scat." Sam told me from the bottom of the stairs as Emily finished packing my suitcase.

I started back toward the Black house with the boys chasing from the woods and Leah and Seth walking with me directly.

"Be good Bells, you don't let Jake take advantage of your horrible mental state." Seth said laughing as they approached the house but Jake was sitting right on the edge of his porch. As they got to him, he had heard Seth and took his chance to smack him as he grabbed me up and hugged me tightly.

"Common Bella, the babies need to get to bed," he said as he easily carried both my suitcase and me up the stairs and into the house, using his foot to shut the door.

By the time I was placed on the floor I needed one of the pain pills that Emily had given to me.

Jake followed me into the kitchen, "Anything else I need to know? Did he do anything else that I should know about before I rip off his..."

"Jacob Black! There is no reason to do anything of that sort; can't you guys just leave it alone?" I said as I downed the pill with my favorite orange soda.

"Bella, how many of those pills have you had? What if he came after you? Are you just going to forgive him after he hurt you?" Jake demanded and I knew that I had to give him an answer; I owed it to him.

"Jake I'm scared. I don't want to make him even angrier but I don't wanna get married. I'm afraid of him and I just want to stay here but he'll come after me. I just don't know what to do." I said even as I ended up crying on his shoulder.

"Bella, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. We'll… I'll, protect you. I won't let anything happen you I promise." he said as he lifted me up onto the counter. I stayed with my head onto his shoulder and we stood there for I don't know how long.

We were standing there until I yawned and Jake decided that I was going to bed, "What about Charlie?" I ask him as we headed up the stairs with my legs around his waist.

"My dad took care of Charlie. He knows that you are going to stay here for a few days, at least until Monday and he knows something has happened even though he doesn't know what exactly." Jake told me sitting me down on his bed and went to get my suitcase.

I didn't know what I was going to tell Charlie, he was going to have so many questions about what happened to my arm; especially once I break off my engagement. Don't get me wrong, he'll be thrilled that I am calling the whole thing off; he's been going nuts since he found out but he'll still want to know why.

More than that I really want to stick my tongue down Jacob's throat but I don't want to be known as the whore by anyone in the pack. At this point I could care less what the Cullens or anyone at Forks High School thought.

Jacob came in and sat my bag down beside me, "Are you okay Bells?" he ask me and I just nodded.

He left the room so that I could get dressed and I quickly changed into a pair of Emily's pajamas. He came back in a few minutes later.

"Bella, don't be surprised if Charlie pops up sometime between now and Monday because my dad said that he was really worried about you." He told me as we both settled down into Jake's bed.

I was really concerned about what was going to happen but Jake's arms were really comforting around me and they seemed to erase all of my concerns. We were both starting to fall asleep when a howl went out and startled me from my drowsy state.

Jake sat up and quickly looked from his window to me, "Stay here; I mean it don't leave. Leah is outside, don't leave this room."

Was all he said before running from the room and all my anxiety came flooding back.