Disclaimer: The only Supernatural I own are the DVD's I got for my birthday and the fanfiction story lines in my head.

Author Note: I was thinking that when Castiel pulled Dean out of hell and Dean had no scares and was pretty much born a new, what about his tattoo on his chest to prevent demon possession? I mean if it was a whole swanky new body then wouldn't his tattoo be gone?

Dean sat shirtless in the tattooist chair waiting while he readied his utensils. Sam was standing in the corner watching as Dean pretended to be brave about getting a new tattoo on his chest but Sam knew Dean had a thing with needles that he wouldn't tell anyone.

"Are you alright Dean?" Sam asked as he noticed Deans fingers constant movement.

"Yeah Sammy, you think I'm afraid of a little needle? Besides, this is the second time I've done this" Dean replied with a bravado smile.

The tattooist looked at the pictured of a sort of pentagram and sun image cross that the man wanted on his chest and got to work.