"Hold on a sec. You actually expect me to race in Bayview. Considering the fact that Olympic City was easy, and Bayview is a little bit more challenging than Olympic City," I, Nickolas 'Kili' Amazadi, ask, waiting for Samantha's friend, Rachel, to answer.

"Well, from what Sam has told me, you're a racer with a lot of potential as well as a real quick learner. Bayview shouldn't be too challenging for you," Rachel replies. "And besides, you're from Rockport aren't you, at least your license is from Rockport. To me you look like you're from Silverton in Palmont or the Gulf Coast in Tri-City. If you are from Rockport, you probably hail from Camden Beach. But getting back to Rockport and having a slim chance all depends on you beating Bayview."

"Wait, who told you that I hailed from Rockport, and how did you know that I was born in Silverton?" I ask.

"Didn't Sam tell you that all of us thirteen watchful eyes keep in touch with each other to make sure you don't have any problems? How do you think I got the licenses for the cars? Oh, and for the questions you asked, Rog did some undercover work and found out. He told Mia who was at the time talking to me." Rachel responds with her own question.

I mumble under my breath, "Dammit Rog. I told you if you blabbed my shit, it would only be a matter of time before it fell into the wrong hands. If Razor or Cross finds out, will I be screwed." I hear sirens as I jump into Rachel's 350Z. "Rachel, there are cops after me. I gotta let you go. Tell Mia to make sure Rog doesn't slip any more info. Later"

I get to the car lot where Rachel is patiently waiting for me so she can get her car back. "The cops can never catch up with me," I jokingly state as I get in my new car, the Nissan 240SX.

"Meet me at the safe house at the intersection of Longview and 7th. You are currently on States and Center. I'll be waiting for you there," Rachel says as she restarts her 350Z. "If you want to, go to Merridew and 1st, then turn right, or stay on Center and turn left at 1st. Haflway between the intersections there is a tune up shop. You'll get a pretty decent discount for being a racer."

I casually drive down Center Avenue and I view a custom yellow Toyota Supra Mk IV. I think at first that my Nissan 240SX will be pretty hard-pressed to catch him, but I've done wilder. But getting a better view at the car, I realize that the Supra belongs to my arch-nemesis, Ronnie McCrea. Damn my luck.