"Do you have a picture of Nik, Rachel?" I ask, still playing that I just know Nickolas Amazadi, and not that I am Nickolas.

"Well, yeah and we also an idea of what he would look like if he was, from what I am assuming, still alive today," Rachel replies. She shows me the picture of me back then and then shows me the virtual recreation of what that version would look like today. And then she has an idea. She holds the virtual recreation right beside me and then looks at me. "Are you Nik Amazadi, Kili?"

"I was hoping you would have figured it out sooner. Mia is the only other one to know this. And I told her not to tell anyone in Bayview or Olympic City about it. I didn't want Niki to find out. I only thought it would crush her more. Anyway, where is my cousin at?" I reply.

"She is currently racing at the old airport, but they don't let anyone in there. You have to be one of the top underground racers," Rachel says. "And right now, you are a nobody. You still have to do a lot just to race against her."

"Where should I begin?" I respond.

"By racing Ronnie McCrea."