I was always the silent one. The quiet girl, nobody cared for.

I never said a word to anyone, except for when the teacher asked me something.

I hated to stand up, while everyone's faces were looking directly at mine.


Well, because of some bad experiences. Some experiences I couldn't erase from my mind.

Because I got a bad feeling every time I was thinking about them.

Because they were embarrassing, all of them.

I really hated myself, and so did others.


Because I was annoying? Stupid? Mean?

I didn't know, and I had never known why.

I was always the last one to stand back. Everyone picked anyone else than me.

I was actually jealous of them. They were always around friends and I was always alone.

At first, they tried to bully me. I looked like I didn't care on the outside, but on the inside, it really hurt.

When they realized they couldn't bother me, they started ignoring me.

But even if they were ignoring me, I could still hear them sniggering at me, every time I said something.

It makes me sick.

I am always silent, because I don't want more embarrassing things to happen. I don't want them laughing at me again. Ever.

I hate humans!

My hand was trembling. I was really nervous. I always was, every time I was near my class.

I was standing outside of the door to the classroom. I knew all of their eyes would be focused on me, when I walked in.

I swallowed, took a step forward and opened the door. My heart was beating fucking fast, and my fear for what would happen when I walked in, had begun.

The door creaked slowly, as I quietly walked in. Their eyes were narrowing quickly at me, but not looking directly at mine. The girls were sniggering. The boys were giving each other glances and nodding in agreement, like they were having a conversation without words.
I was completely dry in my mouth, knowing that I hadn't drunk anything that morning. There was no way I could survive another day in this nightmare!

But I tried to avoid looking at them. Instead I looked at my seat, but then my eyes widened. Not because of my seat, but on each side actually. Some strange guys were sitting there. I hadn't seen them before, but they were certainly different from the others in my class.

A dark haired boy –pretty hot actually- with strange clothes on, was sitting on the left side of the table.

On the right side, there was a boy with long blond hair. At first, I thought he was a girl, but on a closer look, I could see he was defiantly not. He was wearing clothes resembling to the dark haired one's. He looked a little weird- his mouth had apparently been sewn, and his eyes were not looking in a certain direction. They were both wearing dark heavy makeup.

I liked they're style actually. I thought it was cool in some creepy weird looking way.

I wondered if they were best friends or something, because you could see they were related to each other in some way.

The teacher had heard my sudden interruption, because he looked up at me, from his table. "Oh, Kurayami-san, glad to see you have come. This is a couple of new students, who have just attended today." His hand was alluding to the new students, who were just looking bored. "No need to be shy" he continued, "you can just sit between them." He smiled, like he always did, and his hand was then pointing at my seat.

I gave a quick glance at the two, before sitting down. From the quick glance, I could see they were both staring at me with an intense look planted on their faces. Well, the black haired one had, the blond looked like he was trying to build a house of rubber from his pencil case.

He quickly narrowed at me, and then continued with his rubber house, which was apparently going to break down soon.

A piece of paper was ahead of me, lying on the table. I glared at it. A new test again. A math test. Oh, for God's sake, couldn't it have been anything else than arithmetic! I knew I wasn't really good at it, but that didn't really help.

I took a pencil case from my school back, opened it and now sat with a pencil in my hand. I really couldn't concentrate, and my mind started thinking all kinds of thoughts. Narrowing at the black haired on my left side, I realized that he was staring at me. He wasn't just staring; his eyes were looking right into mine now. When he noticed I was looking at him, he grinned widely.

I quickly turned my head down on the sheet, blushing a bit. I hoped he didn't see that. I wasn't used to people grinning at me, so I didn't really know how to react. I tried to focus again.

Focus… focus… focus…

If x= b+a : 3b , then what was x? I scratched the back of my head, trying to get the answer.

There was no way I could pass the test.

When I didn't know what to do, I looked at the blond one instead. His rubber house had now gotten a ceiling of pencils.

It didn't look like he had even been looking on the test, but wait… there was something written, but I wouldn't be seen like I was copying his work, so I tried to focus on my own again. Maybe he wasn't so stupid. Maybe he had really made the test, all right and quickly too, and therefore he didn't know what to do now, and had then started building. Maybe he really was a genius. Maybe… though he didn't really look like one…

Okay, I knew what to do; the questions I could quickly answer, I was going to answer now. So if the function was F= x : km/h, then-

Bonk, bonk, bonk, clank.

I looked at where the sound was coming from. The blonde's rubber house had finally met its destiny, and broke down. Now, all the pencils and rubber pieces were lying on the floor under him.

I could hear a giggle from the left side, and some from behind me. Some of the girls were whispering to each other and then giggling. The teacher looked at the commotion, the blond boy had caused and made a "Hrmpf" sound, which meant that they had to be silent. But that didn't go that good, since our class was the most spoiled one at school.

The boy's big blue eyes met mine with an almost impressed look, before he started to pick up all the pencils and rubbers from the floor. I wondered if he was insane or something; why else would his mouth have been sewn? And had he done it himself, or did someone else do it? Ouch…

Looking at the time, I quickly returned to my test. Only ten minutes left. Not good! Fuck, fuck, fuck, shit!

The black haired one was still giggling from my left side, at the fall of his friend's rubber house, so it was damn hard to concentrate. I really tried my best to write down the right answers, but really, I was so horrible at math. I wrote and wrote until the time was up. They were probably all wrong, but I had to stop worrying, or else I would go crazy or something, though.

Finally, I wrote my name down on the sheet and gave it to the teacher. He sure didn't look excited or expectant, because he knew how bad I was at it. Now I could finally have a lunch break, and I was damn hungry.

I looked back at the blonde and he looked at me. Then a big grin was spread across his face, clearly revealing all of his stitches.

I turned around, blushing, very badly this time. While fidgeting with my hair, I quickly walked out of the door, down to the lunch room.

Did this day never have an ending?

Handing over the test to the teacher, he gave me a glare, looking like he was disgusted by my style.

But I didn't give a damn; my life, my style.

My brother, who had already handed his test over, was waiting for me at the door. He gave me one of his big smiles, I just couldn't resist, so I grinned back. This school actually wasn't so boring. It was fun to mess with the teacher and probably also the students, but we hadn't tried yet.

The lesson, we had just had, had been so much fun! The girl besides me had suddenly looked at me. I don't know why, but I had also been staring at her in quite some time. She looked confused in a funny way, so I grinned at her and then she started blushing. That had surprised me a little. Well, I just don't really get human beings. Not only are they weak, but they're always getting touched by the slightest things. I just don't get it. Oh, but well, I'm not even a normal human, so I probably wouldn't understand it.
But, anyway; she didn't look like all the others. Her dark brown curly hair and grey-blue eyes were different. None of the others from the class had curls. It was not like puffy curls but rather Tyki- curls. She didn't really look like an Asian girl, rather European or something, well I didn't care. Her clothes were different too. It looked a little emo, but she wasn't even wearing makeup, so that kind of ruined it.

She looked very shy and her long curly hair was hiding a lot of her face, like she didn't want others to see it. Well, she was pretty, though… ugh, what the hell am I thinking!

In class I had gotten pretty bored and I didn't really want to do the test, so I just wrote a lot of 5 numbers in all the answer squares beside the questions. It looked like my brother had done the same, because he was having fun with the rubber and pencils. It had been so damn funny, when it had all been breaking down! He had looked startled and confused at the same time, when all of it was laying on the floor.

I was actually glad that Millennium Earl had sent us to this place. Then we could do a lot of pranks and have some fun. At first, I thought it sounded boring, because he had said something about finding the new exorcists and blah, blah, blah… I hadn't really been listening, but I knew it would be fun to mess with the humans here.

Jasdero and I were walking down the long hallway on our way to the lunch room. He had taken the light ball and the piece of cord off of his head, because' the Earl had told him to. He said it would ruin his concentration in classes. Maybe he was right.

"Oi, Jasdero." I spoke, "Wanna have some fun in the lunch room?" I grinned and he grinned back.

"What kind of fun, hii?"

"You know, we could try to talk to Miss Curly".

With "Miss Curly", I had of course been alluring to the girl, who had been sitting between us in the class. It was her new nickname, I had decided.

"You mean the girl named Kurayami, hii?"

Once again, he had surprised me with the memory of his.

"Um, yeah… her."

"Okay, sounds fun. She's pretty and her hair is pretty." What was with him and his love for hair?

"Yeah, this is gonna be much funnier from now on."

I grinned, showing my teeth and Jasdero giggled again.

As we walked into the lunch room, people took a lot of glances on us, thinking that we didn't notice. All of them were sitting in groups at every table you could see. Nerds were sitting at one table, talking about the newest games and stuff. Girls wearing makeup and being popular at another table. Sport guys, Goth girls; all kinds of people split up in groups. And almost over at the wall, furthest out, a girl with long brown curly hair was sitting, all alone by herself.

"Come on, Jasdero." I said, pulling him along with me, in the direction of the table.

Kurayami, who had been busy with her food, instantly froze, when she saw us. "No way." She muttered to herself, with a faint little voice. I thought it was a long time ago, she had last spoken.

"Yo." I said, sitting down on her right side, while Jasdero did it at the left side.

She was not looking very well; she was very pale in her skin, like she hadn't been out in the sun for a long time. But that didn't bother me. We very also very pale in our human forms. When I looked at where Jasdero should have been sitting, he was nowhere in sight. I turned my head in all directions, trying to find him.

There! He was at the canteen, getting some food on a plate. I could feel my stomach growling quietly. I instantly stood up and walked over to join my brother, who was putting on a lot of cakes and muffins on his plate. Glancing down at Kurayami again, I could see that she hadn't moved. She was sticking at her food with a fork, apparently bored.
After coming back, we then sat down on each side of her, eating our food hungrily. Jasdero was cheerfully staring at her hair, with a concerned look, while eating slowly. She hadn't spoken a word, or smiled either, in all the time we had seen her today. She didn't even look like she thought it was fun, when the rubber-house-thing had happened. Was she depressed? Or tired maybe?

I then broke the awkward silence between us. "Your name is Kurayami, right?" I said, trying to look interested, which was hard, because I wasn't really interested in humans.

She didn't even look at me, but her eyes were almost looking scared behind her fence of hair. Was she afraid of me? No way in hell, that's stupid, too weak. But she then nodded slowly, without a word. Maybe she couldn't speak. Thoughts like that were flowing around in my head now.

"That's not your full name, hii." Jasdero pointed out, after he had finished his muffin.

"A-Ayumi Kurayami…th-that's my name."

That surprised me. She had finally spoken. Well, I kind of knew she could talk anyway, but…

But she was still not looking at us. Was she afraid of eye contact? Or maybe, people? No, that's ridiculous, even for her.

Why were these two interested in me? Why? I didn't know, and now they were sitting beside me.

I wanted to say something, but didn't know what.

The others from my class had been talking about them. Even the students from the other classes. But it wasn't bad things they were saying about them, like with me. The girls were talking about how hot that black haired boy was, and they were talking about how funny the blonde one was.

"I'm Debitto, though."

"And I'm Jasdero, and together we're Jasdevi, hii."

Okay, that was weird. Most friends didn't consider each other as one person, and I was still guessing they were friends.

Suddenly, I got a little of self confidence back and spoke. "Are you…best friends or something?" I was almost shocked by my own words. I hadn't been inspecting that coming.

Debitto was the first one to answer. "Well, yeah, kinda. We're twin brothers."

"You-you're twin brothers? But you down even look like each other." Again, my words surprised me. They just kept coming.

They looked at each other, glancing up and down. Then shrugged, not knowing what to say.

Without even noticing, I was now having eye contact with them. Again, I felt embarrassed, like it was forbidden to have eye contact. I then looked down on my food again, it was almost untouched.

"You're not hungry?" Jasdero asked.

I shrugged. I hadn't been eating breakfast lately, but I wasn't hungry. Even though I had been hungry in the class, it was completely gone now.

"Hmmm…" Debitto said in a thinking way.

"What?" I said, slightly nervous.

"Ayumi Kurayami… your name is too long. You need a nickname."

"A nickname?"

"What about Yumi-chan, hii?"

Yumi-chan… what's with the -chan? We've just met each other.

"Great idea, Jasdero! But drop the –chan thing. So we'll just call you Yumi from now on, okay?"

No one has ever given me a nickname…

Jasdero was having problems with his cake, and was getting it all over his hands. He made a whining sound.

A thought came through my mind.


No way! He could not be cute! That was impossible. But when I looked at his childish appearance and his big blue wide eyes, I just couldn't help it.

But he's mouth is stitched!

"Jasdero, you dummy. Can't you try not to get smeared in with all that cake?" Debitto sounded annoyed by his brother's way of eating.

He gave him a towel, to wipe it off of his hands. Jasdero cheerfully took it and began the cleaning process.

Then a thought came. They were brothers. You could see the caring look in Debitto's eyes, which showed how much he liked he's brother. Even if they didn't have anything in common on the outside, you could still see they were twin brothers. Were they always together like that?

I didn't even realize I was suddenly smiling. I quickly stopped, before they looked at me again.

"Yumi, I was just wondering something…"

I still hadn't got used to the nickname, although it was pretty.


Jasdero was finished wiping all the cake away, and looked at his brother.

"Why are you so silent? I haven't heard you say a word before we came here. Why, are you shy or something?"

A long time I had feared, that they would ask me about this sometime. My mood was totally down again. I hated thinking about this again, but I would have to answer. Or I could just leave them, maybe? No, then they would ask even more…

"I… don't like talking to other people…"

I was looking down in the table. Now I certainly didn't want any eye contact.

"Why?" he asked again, more clearly and directly.

"Because they don't like me…"

"Why not? It's not like your annoying or anything."

"I really don't know why, but they always ignore me, or talk about me behind my back… I just don't like…socializing with people, when they are like that to me."

Debitto didn't look entirely convinced yet, and Jasdero looked at me with a confused look.

"You don't have any friends, do you?" he closed his eyes and waited for an answer.

"No." I said, immediately and quiet.

The awkward silence had come back, until Jasdero broke it.

"Then we can be your friends, hii."

I looked up at them, Jasdero beaming at me. Debitto grinned.


"Really really."

The school bell suddenly rang. Time for the rest of the classes.

Wow, this is gonna be easy. If we get this girl to trust us, then we can easily get some information out of her. Maybe she has a relation to an exorcist.

The earl said, there should at least be one exorcist in this town, and at least one on the school.

And if she's the exorcist, it will be easy to kill her, without anyone noticing.

This girl has no friends, so no one will miss her. Not even her class will miss her.

If we just keep acting like humans, she will not have any suspicion against us. And if she hasn't learned how to control her Innocence, it will be easy to destroy.

And if she manages to escape, we will just send some Akuma out to get her.

That will do it, but Jasdero and I have to keep the lust to kill humans in. Cause if we don't do that, maybe this school and all its students will die, and the Earl doesn't want any exorcists to notify any kills, cause then we will have to fight them again. It's best with no one knowing.

Then it will be easy to kill more exorcists. Then it will be easy to kill Ayumi Kurayami...