First fic, after years of art (profile has DA site). There's a long way to go in terms of writing, critique is always welcome. Be honest, but tactful! Also, prompts are loved.
The colour sets Pale Gold and Pale Gold, Red are dedicated to these DA users: FoundlingFootsteps and BeefCakePye, who do the most awesome TuffCup stuff.

Disclaimer: This person does not own How To Train Your Dragon, and if she did, she'd make the movie 2.5 hours long with loads more flying scenes.

Stoick staggered through the ashy battlefield, searching for his son. The son he nearly disowned in his foolishness.

To Astrid, green is a very special colour. The spring that shows itself a for a month each year, between snowstorms and hail. A sign of life. The boy she fell for has the deepest emerald eyes, and his dragon's irises resemble newly budding leaves. Eyes she can get lost in. Green in, green out, huh? What a pair.

"H-e-l-l-o, Earth to Astrid! Couldn't resist my raw Viking-ness, could y-OWW!" A punch on the arm, and Astrid was snapped out of her reverie. She blushed a mad red, "That's for the teasing!" A peck. "That's for everything else."

Astrid's eyes reminded Hiccup of home. Like ice and sky, the essence of Berk.

Red used to be associated with his dad's anger at Hiccup's non-Vikingness, but now it is a fond reminder of his father's massive red beard and Toothless' tailfin.

Toothless was nonplussed by Hiccup's recent fascination with his scales. His rider has been tailing him all week with a bag. Why collect the shed scales when the magnificent dragon is right in front of him?

Humans are weird. But this one's MY weird human.

It turns out that Green Death's volcanic nest was chocked full of the black glass. Hiccup harvested the most, using it to make his bed, his leg, and most importantly, Toothless' tail fin. All the metals parts placed on his dragon are now replaced with obsidian due to its fireproofing qualities and camouflaging.

"Hiccup, this blind coal* of yours takes too long to light up! It will be daybreak by the time we're done! " Stoick grumbled for the 3rd time that night. "Spoils of the war, Dad. Might as well use it. Less soot, so our roof might actually last longer this time." His son lazily returned, lying in front of the finally lit fire.

Hiccup would never tell, but the only reason he used the shiny black coal mined from the Nest was that it produced blue flames. Like a certain reptile now purring beside him.

Before Toothless, there was only Hiccup and his trusty leatherbound book. After Toothless, he changed his sketchbook to sheepskin because the dragon would whine whenever he smelt the leathery cover. Hiccup never cared where his father got the book from, but now he had a pretty good idea.

There were 3 favorite 'hit spots' marked for 3 very special people in Hiccup's life. A shoulder for Stoick's 'fatherly hits', an arm for Astrid's punches, and a cheek for Toothless' ear slaps.

Pale Gold
"My dragon's more awesome!""No, MINE is!"
"Yours smell!"
"Still smells better than YOU!"

The twins cornered Hiccup. "Hiccup! Tell us, whose dragon is a better beast! It's obviously mine RIGHT?"
Hiccup was amazed. Even when bickering, Ruffnut and Tuffnut still managed to complete each others' sentences.

"But Sparky and Smoky are the SAME dragon."
"But tell him MY head's better!"
"Hiccup, you know mine's obviously the more powerful one!"

"Is NOT!"
"Is too!"

Toothless huffed at his rider's hair. The boy stared ahead, seemingly lost in thought. The Night Fury followed his line of vision. The Thorston twins were still arguing. The dragon mentally shrugged and laid down next to his friend.

Meanwhile, Hiccup's thoughts had nothing to do with dragons. Wow, Ruff and Tuff's hair shook like spun gold and shone in the sun everytime they fought. I need to get that down on paper sometime.

Pale Gold, Red
What a sweet boy, Astrid thought as she looked over Hiccup's shoulder. Said boy was was grinning and sketching a lithe figure staring into the sunset, hair flowing in the wind.

"But I don't ever let down my hair outside, Hiccup."
Hiccup jumped. "Erm, er, it's not you, Astrid."

The dragon rider woke up to Toothless' nudging. "Hey, buddy. Rough day, huh?" His friend growled in agreement. Holding his bloodied tooth, Hiccup muttered, "I can't tell her it's not Ruff I'm drawing, can I? Great, now I'm toothless."

Toothless gave his best friend a quizzical look.

Hiccup had no doubt that was Toothless' favorite colour, because the reptile would give him the largest puppy eyes known to man (or dragon) if he so much as detected a shimmer in his friend's hands. Fish.

Green and Brown
Unbeknown to his rider, Toothless' favorite colours are green and brown. Before Hiccup, he was too caught up with surviving to care about things he liked.

It had been:
)Report to Queen
2)Destroy catapults

Now it's:
1) Hiccup
2) Flying
3) Fish

Yes, Toothless likes his rider that much. He would gladly give up his flight and all those fish in a heartbeat for his Hiccup.

Blue, White, Brown
One of Hiccup and Toothless' favorite maneuvers was to head 90 degrees into the clouds and dive bomb. Both remembered fondly on their first test flight where Hiccup slipped out of his saddle and they almost crashed.
They nearly died, but back then each had nothing to lose.

Purple, Black, Pink
Hiccup counts the number of kisses he had from the amount of punches he received on his arm. He lost count when the punches started overlapping each other.

Black, Yellow, Black, Yellow
Ever heard a dragon squeal?
The one time Stoick unknowingly included a couple of smoked eels for Toothless' dinner, he swore the dragon dashed to the rafters faster than in the battle with Green Death.

Black, Black, Black
Hiccup doesn't care much for 'light at the end of the tunnel' if his black dragonic friend isn't at the end of it.

Green, Red, White
While rounding up the little Terrors with a speck of light cast from Hiccup's hammer, the blacksmith noticed something amongst the hundreds of tiny reptiles following the light as if in a trance. A big, black something with green eyes.

"TOOTHLESS! I asked you to catch the Terrors, not join them!"

Note*: According to Wiki, Anthracite is called blind coal in Scotland. I know HTTYD could be anywhere from Scotland to Iceland, but since Butler has a Scottish accent....heh.