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Kaleidoscopic :1
It was like holding a rainbow in her hands. This has to be one of Hiccup's finest creations yet. Bronze dragons, emerald beads, amber and seaglass strung on silver thread. It had taken Hiccup half a year to complete it.
1 month to design, 2 months to gather the materials from raids and 3 months worth of late nights to mould, carve, buff and solder. He even enlisted Toothless' help with the flamework.

When Astrid's eyes rested on the main piece, she began tearing.

Strung in the middle of the necklace, was a pendant framed in gold and glass. It contained 2 discs, one black and the other blue. Both casting multicoloured hues off of each other, looking especially ethereal in the twilight.

Their dragons' scales laid side by side, reflecting light in perfect harmony. Hiccup stroked Astrid's face gently, his own eyes shining.

"Astrid, will you marry me?"

Dozens of men were lined up just outside Stoick's house. These Southern Vikings attempted to raid, of all places, Berk. Thinking that the Northernmost Viking village was secluded, and therefore equated to having the greatest treasure. They were half right. It just so happened that the greatest treasure also turned out to be the fiercest one.

Nearly every home has its own guard-dragon, and the beasts were less than pleased to find strangers creeping around in their riders' houses. Within 15 minutes, all enemies were rounded up and personally delivered to the Chief's front porch, much to the Toothless' chagrin. He was having a particularly delicious dream involving cod. The Night Fury grudgingly awoke and guarded them with a bleary eye.

Gobber was busy listing out their penalties. "All right, ye bunch of cretins. Pick your punishment. Sniped by Terrors, electrifying combustion by Zippleback, lava-stoned by Gronkle, roasted by Nightmare or blazed by Nadder." The Southern Vikings shot terrified glances at every dragon, fear and sweat rolling down in waves.

The raiders' leader gathered his courage and stepped up to Gobber. "Wait! What about that sleepy black one over there? Shouldn't he be included as well?" His crew laughed, thinking they just found a loophole. The lazy black dragon would be a piece of cake!

The friendly smile that graced the blacksmith's face turned positively evil.

"Ooh, you're feelin' a wee bit adventurous, eh? I like your guts, lad! All right, who wants the Night Fury? I won't tell you his powers, only that you'll live."

Twenty pairs of hands started pointing to Toothless, a handful preferred to throw their lot in with the Terrors instead.

Now fully awake and growling from a lack of sleep, Toothless smirked as his acid-coloured irises narrowed to slits, scrutinizing every raider slowly, agonizingly. The Southern Vikings' who picked him began to waver as they looked into the black beast's eyes. Eyes that promised a fate worse than an eternity in Nástrandir :2, a mouth that speaks volumes on torture and pain.

As if to confirm their suspicions, a whistle-scream pierced the air and 3 blue flames were hurling towards the too-talkative leader. The first flame hit his shield, then his beard, and finally his hair. All 3 exploded on impact, turning the Viking into a bald and defenseless coward, who was by then in a mess of his own tears and excrement.

Stoick was flabbergasted. The foe's shield was a pile of black dust, but his head was shiny as a baby's bottom, with nary a burn mark on it. Even the chin looked cleanly shaven!? The beast's aim is known to be first-class, but his superb control of firepower is going to become the stuff of legends. Said beast is currently lying down, eyes closed but ears pricked as a sign that he's still listening.

"Excellent shots, ye big black beast." Toothless cracked an eye open and watched as Stoick headed back into the house, giving Gobber the directive to do as he deemed fit. The Night Fury yawned and followed the Chief. His job was done, it's time to get back to cod-dreaming.

"So....what'll it be, boys?"

Every single man pointed to the myriad of dragons. They were definitely better off dead than having to survive the black monster.

Stellar Spectra :3
In a warped way, the dragons resembled the Viking that 'adopted' them. Whether it be physical or personality traits, there are similarities once you look hard enough. Hiccup, despite his (still) lack of muscle mass, has grown at least grown taller in the past year. His eyes and mind are sharper as ever. The lad decided to skip Dragon Training for a day and people-watch on the rooftop with his best friend. Summers are a luxury and should be spent doing absolutely nothing.

Flipping to a blank page, Hiccup began sketching the villagers jotting down notes.

Snotlout / Monstrous Nightmare: Stortlout
Dramatic, flashy and prone to complaining very loudly. Once petting starts, Dragon also purrs the loudest. One sets himself on fire, the other screams 'You set my heart ON FIRE!". Excellent (brute) strength, fair aim.

Fishlegs / Gronckle: Shrekkua
Big. Powerful but short energy level. Experts at hurling rocks due to large amount of strength. Analytical mind but does not follow up with actions. Both Viking and Dragon sleep like the dead.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut / Hideous Zippleback: Røyk and Gnist
2 minds, 2 heads, 4 opinions. Zippleback slightly more rational than their riders, helps ease twins' verbal fights on occasion. Twins are perfect for steering Zipplebacks, 1 for each neck. Great match and tag team when not attacking internally.

Astrid / Deadly Nadder: Skarpe
Looks stand out, one in blood red skirt with spikes, the other in flashy bright colours and spiked all over. Short temper, Viking punches and Dragon pecks. Both are vain, but Dragon is more so. Tough exterior hides a very soft heart, applies to both.

Gobber / Terrible Terror: Leken
Friendly outlook, looks harmless until riled. Run if that happens. Dragon shots bolts of flames and Viking clobbers with whatever is tied to arm.

Chief (Dad): Adamant that one dragon in his house is more than enough. Obstinate.
Shall convince him with a Saber-Tooth Driver next time.

Hiccup turned to Toothless. "Your turn, buddy." The dragon smirked and looked over his friend's shoulder as he scribbled on.

Hiccup / Night Fury: Toothless
Green eyes, missing something on the left side. Prefers to be watching the crowd than be in it. Strategist. Decent aim. Clever(the Dragon more than me) and extremely curious. Loves drawing. Dry wit and sarcasm. Was once amongst the most-obstracised and feared, operated alone. Now they watch each other's backs.

One of a kind. Comes in a pair.
Note: Do NOT serve them eel.

Toothless growled at the last word (he'd recognize that anywhere) but stared at his name in written form. "See, buddy? This is your name, and that's mine!" Even after Hiccup finished reciting from his book, the dragon continued to flash his famous fangless gums at his rider.

Flanking the Night Fury's name, were 2 hearts in the colour of his scales.

One more than the blonde Viking. Toothless knew what it meant. He had seen Vikings carving these signs on trees once. They were tokens of affections, representing a heart. There were 2 drawn, so that must mean one for Hiccup, one for Toothless. He nuzzled his rider and crooned softly.

It felt like victory. A tiny one, but a victory all the same.

White on Black
"Daddy! Daddy! I can't find Hoppe! Have you seen him?" Hiccup's littlest daughter was frantic, her brown braids shaking loose everytime she ducked under a chair, searching desperately. Her father had given her a trio of Arctic hares :4 and she lost one of them!

"Lille, why don't you try outside? Your pet might be hiding in the snow like the last time. I'll keep a lookout in the house, so leave the others here." Her father was busy repairing Toothless' saddle, but his emerald eyes were darting around the dark corners of the room on occasion. "Thanks, Daddy!" With a soft smile, Hiccup watched his daughter dash out into the sun, flipping snow and calling for her rabbit. Once the door was closed, he sighed and put aside his work.

"Out with it, you greedy reptile. I know it's you."

Toothless slinked out of his corner and gave his rider his best whodunit? look. The dragon knew Hiccup had problems staying angry when there were huge green eyes and purring involved. It seemed to work the last couple of times.

"Again! This is the third time I have to replace Lille's hare because you decided to have it for breakfast! Thank Thor she couldn't tell the difference, but I can't keep replacing her pets everytime they get eaten!"

No such luck today. Hiccup was onto him like dragon and fish. Toothless continued staring with his enlarged irises, attempting to look as innocent as possible. No one could blame him for trying, his rider's stubbornness must be rubbing off on the black beast.

"Toothless, there's fur at your lip. White sticks out like the sore thumb on you." Hiccup's brow was twitching and he looked more amused than exasperated.

The infuriating dragon sheepishly licked the corner of his mouth and grumbled. Hiccup finished his last stitch and proceeded to strap his saddle on Toothless. "Come on, bud. We gotta finda replacement before Lille gets back. Eat another hare and I'll let my daughter play horsie with you next time." The Night Fury shuddered at that thought and prepared for takeoff. Oh, he'd stop....for now.

Besides, Snotlout's recently raised some tasty looking ermines...

:1 vikinganswerlady . com / vikbeads . shtml: Viking jewelry look so gorgeous I think I'm gonna make myself one. Will have to make do without the scales though. D: For once, I didn't put 'Astrid' and 'punching' in the same line.

:2 Nástrandir: /b52hzr Corpse Shore

:3 Many beasts- many colours - Spectrum: en . / wiki / Spectrum
Also, the belief that pets' personalities and looks reflect their owners'.

Stortlout - Stort means Big. So the Nightmare is effectively called Big Lout. ROFL!
Shrekkua - Shrekk:Horror + Kua:Cow = Horrorcow!
Røyk - Smoke, Gnist- Spark
Skarpe - Sharp
Leken - Playful
Toothless is Toothless is Toothless. 3

:4 Looked up on Arctic animals and found these critters: en. wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Arctic _hare -- Aren't they the cutest lil' things!! Toothless likes them too, they're delish. XD