House seemed to be reluctant about telling me why he didn't bring a trunkful of Stateside mementoes, like everyone else here at the 4077th. Eventually, he answered. "Tell you when we get to my room." I could see that he was leaning heavily on his cane, so I decided not to push, instead discreetly holding him up as we made our way to the Swamp.

I dropped his bag onto the footlocker on the spare cot, then helped him down onto it. He sat down heavily, with my help, then picked up his leg and placed it on the bed. He didn't just elevate it, keep it straight, he actually lifted it like it was a foreign object. What was the army thinking, sending someone like this into a war zone?

"Mind passing me my bag?" House was clutching his leg tightly, and looked far too white.

I nodded, tossing him the small bag. I guess it was big enough, but it was small compared to mine, and tiny compared to BJ's.

He opened it, and pulled out a vial of pills from the side pocket. Swallowing a few dry, he leaned back slightly. "That should start to kick in soon. In the meantime..." He pulled out a pillow. It was pretty big, even for a normal place. Here, it was absolutely massive.

House stuck the pillow under his leg, grimacing a little as he moved the leg into position, with the pillow directly beneath his knee.

I sat on my own bed, and waited patiently for him to recover a little bit of color.

About ten or twenty minutes later, he relaxed a bit. I guessed the pills had kicked in. I had to wonder what they were. The closest thing I'd ever seen to them was plain old ibuprofen, but I knew it couldn't be that. House had said damaged nerves earlier, and it didn't seem possible that ibuprofen could be prescribed for nerve damage.

"Where were we?" House sat up a bit, propping himself up with his arms. "Ah yes, my bag. Well, the short answer is that I'm an army brat by nature. I may not like it, but it's true. I learned to pack light. I don't have many mementos in general. I brought a pillow, some pills, and a few changes of clothes. I also brought a tennis ball. That's pretty much it."

Army brat? He didn't seem to be the type. "We've got another one of those here, name of Margaret Houlihan. Maybe you two have something in common?"

"Probably not." This man didn't seem to be big on small talk. "I'm not always like this. It's been a long few days. If you just give me the rest of the day, I should be pretty much up and running by morning."

I shrugged. Once again, I had to remind myself that all of this came under the heading of not my business.

"Fair enough. Potter will probably want to take you on a tour tomorrow. You'll probably meet our roommates then too. They're at the Officer's Club right now."

I looked over at him when he didn't answer. He was asleep.

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