She was tall, but not too tall. She was incredibly skinny, but not the kind of skinny that looked unhealthy. The curves of her body helped with that: there was definitely some meat on her and in all the right places. Her blue eyes were soft but with a sly sparkle of mischief dancing inside. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, natural blonde highlights showing through the brunette under the bright sun. Her face made her look rather young but the way she held her body made it obvious that she was extremely mature. She wore a light purple blouse and dark skinny jeans, loose enough for her to move around in, but tight enough to accentuate her curves. Sam couldn't help the fact that his jaw had dropped so low that he might've popped it out of joint. It didn't take him long to invite her to his favorite bar in Moscow and buy her several drinks.

The relationship moved quickly. Her name, Natalia, rolled easily off Sam's tongue in a rather contended sigh. He managed, somehow, to keep himself from getting too distracted from the mission. None of his SEAL buddies knew about her; Sam didn't really see the need for them to know. Though, to his surprise, Natalia was sometimes a bit helpful with his work whenever he would unload on her. And by helpful he meant a little more than just keeping his mind off it.

The mission started spiraling downwards soon. The US government brought in more help, specifically an old buddy of Sam's; a spy by the name of Michael Westen. Sam and Michael had worked together before and had gained mutual respect for each other's abilities. When Michael arrived in the country, Sam took him out for a drink. They caught each other up on what wasn't strictly confidential. When Natalia showed up at the bar, Sam eagerly introduced the two of them to each other, inviting her to sit down and join them. However, Sam didn't notice the strange tension coming from Michael for the rest of the night.

As soon as Michael could manage, he pulled Sam away from Natalia urgently. He asked under his breath how much Sam knew about her, gaining a cheesy reply. Michael gave the SEAL a glare, making Sam realize finally that something was wrong. Quickly, before Natalia could get too suspicious, Michael explained Natalia was a Russian spy slash assassin. He'd had to clean up the mess she'd left behind a couple times in the past. Luckily, he knew who she was and she didn't know who he was. Sam was appalled, suddenly recognizing how she had been so helpful on the case... and that her help had actually been the reason for the mission starting to go quickly downhill.

The two Americans rushed out of the bar, leaving Natalia behind. Once the powers that be were informed of Natalia's involvement, the mission was nixed immediately, all personnel pulled out as fast as was possible.

Sam never forgot Natalia, however. In fact, years later, after Sam retired and Michael got burned, Michael was helping Sam move into Madeline's house and caught Sam gazing at an old photograph. Michael tried to see what the photo was of but Sam's shoulder was in the way. Instead, he overheard Sam muttering under his breath:

"My sweet Russian spy, Natalia..."

A/N: Dedicated to my friend, Natalie, whom I called my sweet Russian spy, Natalia.

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