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Chapter 1

Bella's POV

My name is Isabella Marie Swan and I am the pet of the one and only, god of the vampire wars, Major Jasper Whitlock. I am currently up stairs in my room getting ready for the evening.

Jasper says that we are expecting guests and that I am to be on my best behavior, dress very sexy and make him proud. I don't fully understand why, as we never have visitors, just the staff that work for him and his guards.

The major says it is acceptable to dress sexy, so I put on my short, black dress that has spaghetti straps and a slit up the side of both my hips. I wear my black thong so the straps are not visible from the slits and I put on a black push up bra. My curves have increased in the year that I have been here and I actually enjoy showing them off.

Now to round out the ensemble, I slip on a pair of short black heels, hoping to God that I don't slip since I am so clumsy. Otherwise our guests would be laughing their asses off with me wobbling like some drunk.

As I start down the stairs I can hear voices coming from the family room. I hear a man whose voice sounds very much like Jasper, only his is much deeper and I also hear a ladies voice.

When I walk through the doorway, they all stand and I walk obediently to my master's side, smiling at everyone while indiscreetly checking them out.

The man is about 6'2 with a great body, built like a brick shit house. He has shaggy blonde hair hitting his shoulders.

Hell he looks just like Jasper, except Peter has a shadow of stubble on his chin, slightly longer hair and is just a bit shorter by maybe an inch.

The girl is very beautiful as well, with shoulder length blonde hair, great curves and a bit bigger on the boobs than me.

Jasper holds his hand out to me and says "Everyone, this is my pet, her name is Isabella Swan. She has been living with me for a year now, since her uncle Charlie gave her to me to pay for his debt."

Hearing those words being told to total strangers made me so ashamed. But I had been taught by Jasper to always hold my head up high and never be ashamed of my past. It is what makes me a better person today.

"These are my friends, Peter and Charlotte Whitlock. They will be staying with us for a while. You are to make them feel at home in every way."

"Of course major, I would be honored. They are the first guests that you have had since I have been here. It will be a treat."

"Let's all go into the dining area for drinks and discuss your stay."

Jasper led us to his big dining table and placing me at a seat next to his we all sat down. Marita came around and poured wine in our glasses. I wasn't usually allowed to drink because I tend to act a bit sluty and although Jasper did enjoy himself last time, he said I wasn't to drink anymore unless he told me I could.

I listened as they all started talking back and forth between themselves and drinking their wine, one glass after another.

Then Peter noticed that I hadn't drunk my first glass yet. "What's a matter princess you haven't even touched your first glass yet? Don't you drink?"

"Umm… I do on occasion …" I stammered and looked up at Jasper who was looking at me with his eyebrow raised. "May I please major?" I asked him shyly.

"Yes Bella, but remember to be careful." he said as he pushed my glass closer to me.

"What the fuck Jas?" Peter asked him.

"She tends to act a little unladylike when she gets drunk, that's all. Not that we didn't have a hell of a night but it's still unladylike."

I looked at the table and shook my head, embarrassed by all their laughing at me. But what the hell.

Peter said that he and Char were going to the Cullen's home in forks so Charlotte could visit with her best friend, Alice, for a while. I had heard of them they were vegetarian vampires.

We all moved into the family room, taking our drinks with us. I continued to drink as I sat down beside my master.

Charlotte got up and said "Jas put some music on I want to dance; it's been way too long since I've danced with the major."

She started swaying those beautiful hips of hers before he even turned it on. Then Jasper turned around and grabbed her around the waist and let her grind against him.

What the fuck!

I guess I shouldn't be jealous. I know that they can have multiple sex partners and that I belong only to him, although, he does not belong only to me.

Hell! I'm not going to sit here and watch her rub all over him, "May I be excused to go to my room please?" I ask him, hoping he will say yes.

"Yes sweetheart, but give me a kiss first?" he had the fucking guts to say.

Not wanting my ass busted, I went to him. She never even let up rubbing on his leg like a dog in heat. He turned grabbed me around the neck and pulled me closer. As he kissed me, she kissed on my neck and sucked on my earlobe.

'Sorry honey, but I'll pass on that,' I thought to myself.

Jasper POV

I could tell that Isabella had made a great impression on both of them. I could feel lust coming off of Peter the minute he saw her.

I saw him raise his head to scent the air when she came closer. I had to suppress a growl, she is mine and will always be, until I choose for it to be different.

We went in to have drinks and discuss their stay and where they were going. Later we went into the family room and that is when the shit hit the fan so to speak.

Char, who had never changed, wanted to dance and the lust coming off her towards me was amazing, hell it had been a long time since I had fucked a vampire.

I had only been with Bella for a year now and I was afraid I would break her if I completely turned loose of my control.

When I got up she began grinding on me, damn she still had it and it had been so long. Peter just sat there with that shit eating grin on his face, when Bella asked if she could go to her room.

Fuck the anger and jealousy coming off her was knee buckling but if the look she was giving me could kill me, I would be one dead fucker.

I loved it I must let her work that anger off on me in a little while.

After giving her a goodnight kiss, with the help of Charlotte, I dismissed her. I couldn't help but chuckle silently at the feelings of Bella being disgusted by Char's affection.

Char would take Bella too; she swung both ways and loved sex with multiple partners of both sexes.

I was leading Charlotte upstairs to show her to her room and get me some vamp pussy. When I heard Peter say he was going to check on Bella.

I turned to him and pointed my finger in his face. "If you touch her intimately in any way without my permission I will cut off your cock do you understand?" I asked him letting my authority sneak into my voice.

"Sir Yes sir" he said with that shit eating smirk on his face again. "But if she wants to touch me…." he said, as he was walking and laughing.

I was growling as Charlotte pulled me into the bedroom and ripped her shirt off. Needless to say that got my mind off Peter real fast.

Peters POV

I followed her scent of cherry blossoms to her bed room door and knocked lightly.

"May I come in princess?"

"Umm sure I guess."

"I thought I would check in on you. It is a beautiful warm night out with a full moon. Would you like to go for a walk?" I asked her as I sat down on the edge of her bed with her.

"Sure" she said twirling a strand of her hair around her finger. Damn she is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.

She had changed into a long dark blue silk night gown it had a split up to her mid thigh. Her hair is beautiful as it hung in long loose chocolate brown curls past her waist. She is setting on her bed and I can't help but reach out and touch her face.

I tip up her chin with my finger and look into those beautiful brown eyes of hers. She is obviously as attracted to me as I am her.

But the major is very true to his word and I am very attached to my cock.

"We better go; will you get into trouble if you go with me?" I asked her.

"No I'm allowed to go anywhere on the grounds as long as I stay within the walls. I do have to let him know where I will be" she said and looked at the floor as she stood up.

I came closer to her and touched her cheek "let's go I'll tell him as we go by their door OK."

"OK" she said and she walked over to the door as I opened it and we walked through.

Fuck look at that ass I could take a bite of that.

Bella's POV

I got up to my room and changed into my night gown.

Fuck him and the whore he is riding on. I am thinking as I grab a book and flop down on my bed.

Then I hear a knock at my door, it's Peter. He comes in and asks me to go for a walk with him. I can't help but look at him; he is so sexy, as he sits down on the edge of the bed with me.

He has on a pair of black denim jeans and a black wife beater. He places his cool hand on my face and tips my head back looking into my eyes.

His eyes are black and filled with lust. He tells me to come on and he will tell Jasper that I am going with him.

We can hear them the moment we are in the hall the bed hitting the wall with hard crashes and growls coming from both vampires.

Peter yells at them "we are going outside I will keep her safe."

"I will fuck you up if you don't" he replied with a growl.

I walked on down the hall "like he fucking cares now that he has someone new" I mumble as I make it to the end of the stairs.

Peter reaches ahead of me and opens the glass doors for us as we go out.

"How long have you been here with Jasper" he asks with his arm around my waist and his cool hand resting on the small of my back.

"For a year now it is almost my 19th birthday and I came right after I had turned 18. My uncle Charlie was made my caretaker after my parents died in a car crash. He was deep in debt to Jasper; he had been borrowing money supposedly to take care of me. But instead of taking care of me with it he was drinking it up and buying coke with it. One night Jasper came to the house with his guards and told Charlie he had to come up with his money. I came down stairs to see what all the loud talk was about. Charlie said he would give me to him if he wouldn't kill him. I was of legal age so Jasper said he couldn't pass up a deal like that. Charlie was never to see me again. Then he brought me here to Texas, to his beautiful ranch."

He sits down on a bench that is at the edge of the pond and looks up at me holding out his hand to me. "Sit with me princess."

I place my hand in his and let him draw me down to his side.

"So hasn't living with Jas been quite a change for you. Well him being a vampire and all?"

"Well I used to date one. How well do you know the Cullen's?"

His eyebrow rose. "I know of them fairly well through Char, although I have never met them, not a one of them?"

"Well, I dated the mind reader Edward; however he couldn't read mine thank God. He was very controlling and I had to be this little Ms. Goody Two Shoes all the time. We dated for two years and I never even made it to second base with him."

Peter doubled over laughing his ass off.

"Fucking tease huh?" and he continued to laugh as I laughed with him. "You know what I can't remember the last time someone has made me laugh."

"Well I guess that's supposed to be a compliment so thank you." I said as we continued to laugh.

Then out of nowhere "well …well… you two certainly are getting along very good together" Jasper said.

"OH GOD Jasper! I mean sir, you nearly scared me to death" I said and both men laughed at me.

I noticed Jasper look down at my hand in Peter's and he smirked. I tried to pull it out but Peter held on tightly while he was stroking along the top of my knuckles with his thumb and bringing it to his mouth and kissing it.

"So, are you ready for bed now sweetheart. I will go tuck you in." Jasper whispered with a smile

He held out his hand for the one that Peter was holding. Peter smirked and placed it in Jasper's "you have a lovely possession here Jas. If you would wish some assistance I would be honored at anytime" and he kissed my hand again and placed it in Jasper's as he turned it loose.

"I shall see you in the morning princess" Peter said as he stood up and seemed to vanish from sight.

"May I carry you to bed pet?" Jasper asked as he picked me up bridal style without even giving me time to answer. He nuzzled my neck and I liked it. "You taste good enough to eat" he said as we flew to my bedroom in seconds with his vampire speed.

He took me in and placed me on the bed. Looking at me, his eyes were turning black with lust and his mouth held that panty melting smirk.

But what the hell! Did he think that I didn't just heard him busting down walls in the other room with another woman!

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