He had never stopped loving her. It sounded irrational, but when one thought about it, it was not. He had never loved anyone else and she had never lost her place in his heart. No one knew this, but right behind his State ID in his wallet was her senior class picture. It had been there for years. Leonard had once asked about the Batgirl figurine from Batman the Animated Series that he kept on his dresser. He had never told him he had it because it reminded him of her.

She hadn't been drunk. Everyone, even him, had assumed that she had been the night of their first kiss. All she had drunk was half a glass of wine. Later, she had found out one heel of her shoe was a centimeter shorter than the other. But she seen her opening and taken it. It had confounded her peers, her being with him. He had been the ultimate taboo. But he had amazed her, fascinated her. So she had taken her chance. Everything had been done intentionally. Nothing had been accidental.

Everything about her fascinated, enchanted him. The way she moved, the way she spoke. The moment he had laid eyes on her, he had known that she was special, different from the insipid girls who thought they were her peers. For once, another human being had made him happy. Now, he was musing about dark-haired, green-eyed children with musical and scientific talents. He liked the name Issac Albert Cooper. Maybe for a daughter, they could name her after Amy's favorite superhero. (even though Catwoman was technically a villain) Selina Barbara Cooper also sounded nice.

They fit like puzzle pieces. The moment he was inside her for the first time, she had known they would be together forever. Maybe even get married. The day she had met him, there had been a spark, a flash, whatever you wanted to call it. But they had been able to build something more. A real love that stood the test of time. She would pick him every time. No one seemed to get it, but if it came down to it, she would pick him over Robert Pattison. And apparently, he was sexy. She didn't see that. Sheldon somehow 'owned' over him.