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Chapter 1

Hermione Jean Granger sat in Advanced Potion's listening to the new potions professor drone on and on. The overly thin and batty professor, who for some reason reminded her of Trelawney, was teaching them about dreamless sleep potions, or at least trying to. A potion that was so simple, Hermione could have made it in her sleep. No pun intended of course.

Hermione was almost at the end of her seventh year here at Hogwarts. It was spring, the middle of April to be more precise. The war was over. The Dark Lord was dead, and had been for almost two years now. Several of her friends had died. Even one man who everyone had thought was their enemy had died too.

Severus Snape had lost his life due to the Dark Lord's pet snake tearing into his throat. Had the poison not killed him, he would have bled to death anyway. Hermione still wasn't sure which one got him first in the end.

Hermione had defended him for years to Harry and Ron. Saying they didn't have any real proof that he was truly their enemy. All they had was circumstantial evidence against him. But when he killed Dumbledore, she finally doubted him like everyone else.

When the truth had finally come out that he was indeed on their side, it had been too late. He had already died earlier in the night. She hadn't been able to help save him either. Though she had tried, but his wounds had been too extensive. Her vast intelligence had failed her. She hadn't known the spells to save him.

He had died with everyone hating him for killing Dumbledore. Not a single person had known that he hadn't killed the ancient wizard they all loved in cold blood to serve his horribly twisted master, it had been as a favor to the dying man.

Dumbledore had made Snape vow to kill him if Draco couldn't since he was cursed to die and in pain from destroying a ring that held part of the Dark Lord's soul. Snape had done what he could to keep the headmaster alive after the curse was in his blood, but it was still slowly killing him anyway. Snape had done him the favor of ending his pain by killing him.

By the time the truth came out…Snape was dead and would never know that he was not hated any longer. Would never know how much everyone was sorry for what they had said or thought of the poor dark man. Nor would he know how proud everyone was of him.

It made her wonder if her dark potion's professor had finally found the peace in death that he had lacked while living. She hoped so. He deserved that. He deserved so much more, but she hoped he at least found some peace and tranquility after everything he had sacrificed for them all.

Hermione had been on Snape's side time and time again, trying to convince Harry that there had to be a reason for all he had done. That if Dumbledore trusted him so much, then there had to be a reason for it. Dumbledore was no fool, no matter his age or oddities.

Now Hermione sat in a boring class, that had that same dark haired man lived, would be anything but boring. Had he lived, the class might have actually taught her something. Had he lived, maybe he would have been a different man after surviving all he had. Maybe he would have been nice, or at least nicer compared to how he had been before.

The horrors of the war had haunted her for a long time afterward. She would wake screaming in her bed at Grimmauld Place. Remus would come into her room and settle her back down.

Climbing into her bed with her and holding her, sometimes for hours, while she cried over her nightmares. Dreams filled with dead friends, including those that had lived. She'd see Harry and Ron both lying in a pool of blood some nights, and hear the vicious laughter of the Dark Lord. Then, she'd come awake telling herself it was only a dream. That Harry and Ron had lived.

Remus would hold her until she fell asleep again, giving her his strength, giving her his warmth. Her body shaking from chills that racked her body after the shock of her dreams.

Remus had taken over as a parent and friend for all the occupants of Grimmauld Place. He watched over them, made sure they were taken care of, even gave advice when it was asked. A few times when it wasn't, but none of the occupants minded.

She had been able to talk to Remus about anything, even her nightmares. Her talks with him had finally helped make them stop, though occasionally she'd wake from another one. Just not nearly as bad as the ones in the past.

She found she was glad Remus was back teaching this year at Hogwarts. His position no longer a problem, even with his werewolf status, due to all he had done during the war. His courage and valor making even the most pigheaded parent see that he was an asset to their children's education.

So he was back teaching D.A.D.A and she loved it along with the rest of her friends. They all constantly chatted between classes or at night in Remus' rooms and she would even help him grade paper's sometimes. He always had a warm smile for her if she looked his way as she helped him too. Sometimes during breakfast or lunch, if she glanced his way, he'd send her a small grin and a wink. Nothing flirtatious was meant by it, just very close friendship.

Once the horrible potion's class was finally over, she used her time turner to go back and take another class that was going on at the same time as potions.

She always kept track of the amount of times she used it and how much extra time she gained due to it. She wrote it down in her journal so she would be able to keep track of her true age.

She was now twenty-two due to the amount of times she had used it. She had lost a year during her hunt with Harry before the war. Lost another year due to the school having to be rebuilt. So while Harry and Ron were only nineteen this year, she was twenty-two. She had just turned twenty-two back in January based on the time turner and her journal entries.

Sure it wasn't on her real birthday, but with all the hours she had to redo, it made it her birthday change a bit. So she needed her journal to keep track other wise, she'd be lost on her real age. Though it made her smile a bit to share her birthday during the month the same dark man that she thought of occasionally did. He would have been forty this year. Still young by wizards standards, even though he looked much older due to the kind of life he had led. But then she had always been much older in mind than in body herself.

When the day, for her, was finally at the end, she sat in the Gryffindor's common room and tried to do her homework. She was working on her potion's assignment and snorted in derision at it.

This was a joke really. She learned to do all of this stuff they were learning now, a year before the hunt with Harry. Snape had done a great job teaching them, surly or not, and this new professor was just inept in comparison.

Hearing Ron and Harry come in through the portrait, she shifted on the couch. Surprisingly the common room was empty and had been for at least an hour or two, minus her and now the boys. It was rare, but on the occasions it happened, Hermione tried to take advantage of the peace and solitude.

The boys were laughing and joking around as usual. Now that the Dark Lord was dead, Harry found his time at school much more peaceful and enjoyable. Not surprising really, since he no longer was haunted by nightmares or worried about being killed by some Death Eater student every five minutes.

Harry and Ron were talking about Ron's new girlfriend. Well, maybe old girlfriend since they had kind of had a thing before the war. Lavender Brown had swooped in once everything was over and caught Ron's eye again.

Hermione hadn't minded really. Ron annoyed her constantly and after losing so many people she hadn't been ready to deal with dating. Her mind was more focused on her grief than on thoughts of love or romance.

Sure, she had kissed him before the final battle, and they had been dancing around each other for years before it. But in the end Hermione found she just wasn't that interested in him. It had just seemed like it was expected of them, so they had danced the dance of young puppy love. Flirting a bit, a few stolen kisses, but nothing more.

Since she hadn't minded that Lavender came into the picture, it made Hermione realize she didn't love Ron in that way. She did love him, but she loved him like she loved Harry. Like a friend. A good friend, her best friend, but still just a friend. Even Minerva had commented on it not being real love. Not the love needed for a romantic relationship.

Finding her mind wandering back to potion's class, where it inevitably turned towards her past dark haired professor, she forced her thoughts back to the present.

"Ron…she's just too obvious mate. I know she's your girlfriend, but her tricks to make you jealous are simply…funny. I can't believe you fall for them every time too." Harry said.

Ron turned red. "She's not obvious. She isn't trying to make me jealous either. It's not her fault that she is pretty and boys hit on her. She did push that bloke from Ravenclaw away when he tried to get too fresh with her. Letting him know very loudly that she was seeing someone and to back off."

Harry started laughing again. "Ron…she only pushed him away after she saw you walking down the hall. She didn't have to make the whole conversation that loud either. She wanted you to hear it."

Hermione sighed and rolled her eyes. She didn't really like Lavender, but Harry wasn't going to get Ron to see what Lavender was doing. She didn't get why Harry still bothered with trying to get Ron to see it anymore. She herself had given up on it.

Hearing more students coming in, Hermione sighed. Her peace and solitude was at an end for the night now. Maybe she could escape to the library until dinner.

Ron glared at Harry but seeing Hermione shift on the sofa again, he finally realized she was there. Momentarily distracted by her, he let Harry's comment go.

"Mione, where have you been? We were looking for you at dinner." Ron said.

"Yeah Mione. Why didn't you join us in the Great Hall to eat?" Harry said, noticing her finally as well.

Hermione glanced up at the boys in confusion. "What do you mean? Dinner isn't for another hour or so."

The boys exchanged a look before meeting her questioning gaze again. "Mione, dinner's over. You missed it. Don't you know what time it is? Didn't you wonder where everyone was?" Harry asked her.

Hermione sighed. Damn. She had missed dinner again. She really needed to stop doing that. She had missed way too many meals this year and it was seriously starting to show on her waistline. "I guess I lost track of time. Did I miss anything important? Other than the food of course."

Harry smirked. "Yeah, you missed Lavender making an arse out of herself again. Even Remus was laughing when he saw it." He said starting to laugh all over again.

Ron growled and charged at Harry. The boys wrestled playfully like this constantly so Hermione didn't even spare them a glance this time. She felt her stomach growl and knew she needed to eat.

With a shrug she pulled out her time turner. Since she had been here, no worry about running into herself in the Great Hall. Besides maybe she'd get to see what Lavender had done this time.

She smirked as she reached up to give it a turn.

At the moment that her hand touched it to give it a tiny single spin, the boys rammed into her while still wrestling. Knocking her off the sofa and jarring her arm that was about to turn the dial. She landed with a hard thud, hearing a loud crack in her head before everything went dark.

She lay unconscious as the dial on the turner kept spinning over and over again. Things starting slow on the reversal that it did. The scenes in the room changing without anyone being aware of her presence on the floor. Gaining speed as time slipped farther and farther back as the time turner continued to spin.

When she finally started coming to again, she heard voices. They seemed slightly muffled to her, but she could sort of make out what was being said.

Opening her eyes slowly, she found her vision blurred and there were two of each person leaning over her. She couldn't make out their faces but by their build and hair color, she figured she knew who they were.

The boy with dark, but messy hair, that had to be Harry, was speaking but it sounded like he was underwater. The redheaded girl next to him, had to be Ginny. Glancing at the third, she couldn't really make him out. He had sandy brown hair, so he couldn't be Ron and at that moment her head hurt too much to try and figure out who it was.

"She's coming around Mooney, do you think she's alright?" The person that had to be Harry said.

"I don't know. She looks like she took a nasty fall. There is a huge bump on her head, and I think it's bleeding." The sandy haired person said.

Hermione tried to focus, but she just couldn't. She could feel the darkness trying to suck her in again. Fighting it, she turned her head slightly, looking at the sandy haired fellow. She had heard the name Mooney and it made her smile softly as she looked at him.

"Remus…what happened?" She asked groggily.

The three surrounding her quickly looked at each other as Hermione closed her eyes again, fighting a wave of nausea that was sucking at her strength to stay awake.

She felt another wave of dizziness hit her, making her miss what was said. Then she forced her eyes open to look at Remus again, though he was still blurry. "Remus…my head hurts." Then she passed out again.

She vaguely felt a pair of strong arms lift her. Carrying her somewhere, but the darkness swallowed her again.

When she woke again, her vision was still blurry but she heard voices again. "…honest Professor McGonagall…we don't know where she came from." She heard a soft female voice say.

Hermione closed her eyes as the voices faded briefly for a moment before she forced her eyes open again. Seeing a blurry figure before her, she tried to focus.

"Can you hear me child?" She heard Minerva say.

Hermione gave her a small smile. "Yes, but my head hurts so bad. What happened?"

"We don't know yet dear. We were hoping you could tell us." Minerva's voice floated to her.

Hermione struggled to think. "Where's Remus?" She asked, her voice still weak and scratchy.

"I'm…here." She heard Remus say unsteadily and felt someone touch her hand.

She smiled weakly and spoke in the same groggy voice. "Where's Harry and Ginny?"

"We don't know…we don't know yet dear. Were they with you?" Minerva asked.

Hermione nodded and felt her head explode with the movement. Felt her teeth start to chatter as her body felt like it was suddenly freezing. "Remus…can you come lay with me…like you used to? I'm cold. So cold."

She heard a small gasp but her head hurt so bad she couldn't focus on it. "Um...well…I'm not sure..." She heard Remus stutter.

"Child, the bed isn't big enough for two of you. Now let Poppy see to you. I'm sure you'll feel better soon. Then you can tell us what happened. You rest." She heard Minerva walk away and speak softly to the others then was gone.

"All right dear, lets take a look at you. Mr. Lupin, if you don't mind leaving so I can examine the poor girl." She heard a soft but firm voice say.

Hermione went to open her eyes again, but the light was hurting her too much so she left them closed. "Remus…don't go. Please." She whispered, but knew he would hear her with his heightened wolf senses.

She heard him sigh. "I'll just wait out here until you're done if that's okay, Madame Pomfrey."

She heard the woman sigh. "Fine. But stay outside the curtain. I may need to undress her."

Hermione blacked out again, only to wake when she felt someone sit her up to take a potion. It tasted horrible, but she was able to keep it down. She heard soft murmurs but couldn't make them out.

Coming around again later, she kept her eyes closed as she called out softly, her voice cracking but not as bad as before. "Remus?"

"I'm here." She heard him say.

"Please, I'm still cold. Come lay with me and keep me warm." She asked through chattering teeth.

She heard his feet shuffle a bit before he spoke. "I'm…I'm not sure that's a good idea. Professor McGonagall told you the bed's too small anyway." He said.

Hermione sighed as she lifted and waved her hand, making the bed grow to fit them both. The small spell draining her again, making her hand drop back to the bed almost lifelessly.

"Now it's big enough." She said, her voice slurring again as she started feeling the darkness taking her again while still shaking just a bit from the cold.

"How did you…?" She heard a male voice ask, but couldn't tell whose it was.

"But…she didn't have a wand or say a word." A female voice said next.

Just before she blacked out again, she felt a dip in the bed and a warm body press against hers. Arms wrapping around her softly and giving her the warmth her body needed. Her teeth were still chattering when she passed out again.

She woke much later. Her head no longer aching, the room was quiet. Testing it, she slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was clear and she could see that she was in the hospital wing.

She felt warm arms still around her, so she knew Remus was still next to her. Thinking clearly now, she couldn't believe she had asked him lay with her in bed while Minerva and Poppy were in the room. Remus might be a bit upset with her later, but she had been cold and a bit out of it. She just hoped the headmistress understood.

She slowly moved, stretching her muscles, waiting for the ache to hit her, but it never did. Still lying on her side, she tried to roll over, but Remus's heavy arms were keeping her pinned.

She started to wiggle out from under the heavy weights. Realizing Remus must have fallen asleep while holding her, judging by the sound of his soft snores. He never had before, but she didn't blame him. She had no clue as to what time it even was right now.

Finally getting out from under the heavy arm, she sat up with her back to him. Slowly stretching again. She didn't know how long she had been lying there, but her bladder was letting her know it needed relief.

Standing slowly, she made her way to the loo that she knew was in the hospital wing. Taking care of things she glanced at herself in the mirror and grimaced. Her clothes were horribly wrinkled, but her hair was the worst. The mass of curls were frizzed out and standing up in so many different directions she looked frightening.

With a sigh she reached for her wand, but it wasn't in her pocket. With another sigh, she waved her hand and fixed her clothes and hair. She didn't like using wandless magic, it drained her faster than if she had been dueling for hours. But in a pinch, she was glad she had learned it.

Since her classes had been so easy this year, she had learned several new things. Wandless magic had been one, along with silent spells, and Occlumency had been another. Beauty charms and spells had been taught to her by Ginny who had decided Hermione needed to start doing something with herself on a daily basis.

Glad to look somewhat better, she started to reach up and feel her head. She didn't feel even a tiny bump, so she decided Poppy was living up to her reputation once again.

Coming back out, she saw Remus had rolled onto his other side, still asleep with his back to her. She went over and sat down on the bed and stretched back out. She closed her eyes and fell into a light doze.

Hearing voices again, she woke. She stretched again and listening as she realized it was morning. The sun was shining through the windows, making her wonder what day it was.

"…she's doing much better now Minerva. Her concussion was bad due to the skull fracture, but it's gone now. Whatever happened, she must of hit her head very badly. I don't know yet if there will be any memory loss. We'll find out soon enough I guess. Good thing it's Saturday so the two sleeping don't miss any classes."

Hermione didn't hear what Minerva said, since Remus turned again and snuggled up against her. She had been lying on her back, but she smirked when Remus rested his head onto her chest. Using one of her breasts as a pillow as his hand rested on her belly. He will so never live this down. She thought. He probably wont be able to even look at me for a month once he learns of this.

She chuckled softly and looked down at the sandy brown hair. She suddenly noticed that the hair was pure sandy brown. There wasn't a single strand of gray in it. That's odd. I don't remember Remus using a hair dye kit. Had he used a spell or is my eyesight still a bit off?

She felt him stir against her and she let out another small laugh. He turned his head just enough that she was able to see part of his face. She saw that some of the scars she used to see where missing. She quickly moved into a sitting position, startling him and making him sit up with her.

She looked into the face of some strange boy and screamed.

Quick footsteps came running towards her as Remus held up his hands looking confused and a bit scared himself. She leapt from the bed, reaching for her wand again. Not finding it, she still took her battle stance, ready to fight him wandlessly and physically if need be.

"What is all the shouting about?" A firm female voice asked.

"Who the hell is this? And why was he using my boobs as a pillow?" She asked, staring at the sandy haired boy again.

He frowned at her while blushing a bit, still confused. "I'm Remus. You asked me to lie next to you because you were cold. You made the bed bigger."

"You're not Remus. I didn't make the bed bigger for you, but for him. I know Remus and you are not him." Hermione said, fighting the rising panic.

"Child, you asked him to warm you up. I didn't quite believe him, since we have your wand, but he said you made it bigger. He laid down and helped you stop shivering." The same firm voice said.

Hermione didn't take her eyes off the boy claiming to be Remus, her hand ready just in case. "He is not Remus. Where's Remus? Where's Harry and Ginny? Where's Ron?" She asked, her voice rising in her slight panic.

"Child, I don't know who those people are, but if you calm down…we'll find them for you." The same woman said.

Hermione glanced her way, then back at the strange boy. But what she saw made her do a double take. "Minerva?" She asked, staring open mouthed now.

Minerva took a step back, frowning at Hermione. "Child, I am a professor here and will be addressed accordingly. I don't know how you know who I am, but I don't know you."

Hermione swallowed. It sounded like Minerva, but it didn't really look like her. What the hell is going on? "Sorry Professor." She muttered, knowing Minerva had only given her permission to use her name when they were alone. Assuming this was indeed the same Minerva.

She glared back at the boy. "So who the hell are you?" The boy opened his mouth to speak but Hermione cut him off. "Don't say Remus, because you're not him."

Not knowing what else to say, Remus looked to Professor McGonagall for help. Minerva sighed. "Child, maybe this is just a different Remus. His name is Remus, but maybe you thought he was a different one."

Hermione relaxed marginally. That was possible. But really how many Remus's were there? That wasn't a common name. He even had the same colored hair and eyes as her Remus.

Not liking that she didn't have her wand, Hermione flicked her wrist and her wand zoomed towards her. Making the other two in the room tense quickly.

Minerva was shocked to see her get her wand without making a sound and only using her hands. Wandless magic and soundless spells were not easy for a student and this girl looked like a student. She even had Hogwart's robes and a uniform on.

Hermione looked to Professor McGonagall again as her earlier words finally sank in. "What do you mean you don't know me? You've known me for years."

Minerva frowned again. "Child, I don't know you. I've never met you. I've never even seen you before."

Hermione started to panic again. "I'm going to find Harry and Ginny. I don't know what's going on, but they'll help me sort this out." Hermione said, slowly backing away from the other two.

She was almost to the door of the hospital when it opened and a voice started speaking. "Madame Pomfrey do you have any potions for…" He trailed off as Hermione bumped into him. His arms coming around her waist to keep him from falling back on his bum, and to keep her from falling on her face as well.

She spun around with her wand still lowered but ready. Her chocolate eyes met piercing black ones and she gasped. She backed up a step and took in his face, her jaw dropping. He's alive. But…he…he's so young. She thought. No. No this isn't him…is it? But those eyes, that nose…it has to be him.

"Is it really you? Are you really here?" She asked him softly, her eyes taking in his face again. His long black hair, his sharp black eyes, his long and slightly crooked nose. No, it can't be him. He's dead.

The door opened again before he could answer. A voice she recognized boomed. "What is going on here?"

"Yeah, Snivellus. What trouble are you stirring up now?" Another slightly familiar voice drawled.

Hermione's eyes were still locked on the black one staring right back at her curiously. She forced her gaze away and turned to look at the new comers.

Her eyes grew wide at what she saw, even with the voices. "Professor Dumbledore? But how…" She looked at the others with him. What she had thought was Harry and Ginny wasn't Harry or Ginny at all. She knew them from their photographs that Harry had kept. He only had one, but she recognized them all the same.

This wasn't Harry and Ginny, but James and Lily Potter. Her eyes took in who was with them as well and she knew who he was too. She had seen pictures of him in his younger days while at Grimmauld Place during her summer breaks as a teenager. Sirius Black. All of them looking much younger. Minus James and Lily since they had died so young anyway.

She looked back at Snape. Her voice small as she asked one question before she blacked out again. "Am I…am I dead?"

She felt arms catch her again as she fainted, but the rest was simply darkness.

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