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Hermione graduated along with her friends. The day was wonderful and had perfect weather. As Hermione went up to receive her diploma, she glanced out at all the smiling faces in the audience.

All of the Weasley's were in attendance, including Fred. Sirius had shown up, along with his date who turned out to be just as vapid, but pretty, as they all expected her to be. Remus sat up on the dais with all the other professors, grinning at her and giving her a quick wink as he saw her as she'd walked across the stage. But it was seeing her parents sitting there, watching her accept her diploma that really touched her.

Minerva had done her best to make sure they were able to make it since they had missed so much of Hermione's life, since just before the year of the final battle. Severus had indeed found them and while she was at school during her final days, the one following him going to the Ministry, he had gone and retrieved them for her. Peeling away the memory charms carefully and restoring all memories of their daughter. They had been angry at first, which was expected. But after Severus, along with Minerva's help, since she had more patience than he did, explained more, they had calmed, as they understood why Hermione had wiped their memories to begin with.

They had gasped in alarm at hearing bout all their daughter had lived through during her hunt for the Horcruxes and later during the actual battle. Horrified to learn how much danger Hermione had been in during the war. But again, Severus explained to them that if it hadn't been for her brilliant mind and loyalty to her friends, none of them might have survived, nor would they have won the battle.

Hermione had come home after her classes, though she'd already taken her tests, and found her parents sitting in her library with both Severus and Minerva. Tears had run down her cheeks as both her mum and dad stood and hugged her upon seeing her.

Knowing what Severus had done for her, simply added to the ever-growing list of why she loved him. Later after finding him alone in the kitchen, she had hugged him and thanked him after speaking with her parents.

Her parents had walked in as she gave him a kiss, which only started a whole new discussion about what else they had missed with their memories being wiped. They hadn't been happy at first to learn that their daughter was seeing a man twice her age and who also used to be her professor.

But again with Minerva's help, they finally understood how it had come about. Though her dad still wasn't really sure he was happy about Severus with his daughter. That had been before the bombshell of them getting married was added into the mix.

However, after explaining what a pensieve was and how a person could view another person's memories, Hermione had shown them why she fell in love with Severus. Shown them how there hadn't been much of an age gap, and how Hermione had actually been older, when the romance had started.

Then, she proceeded to show them that Severus had done so much to keep her safe through her years as his student. How he had done so much for all of them throughout the years. Keeping the memories as short and only to important things as possible. Not letting them see anything that could show Severus in a bad light, or show them in any kind of compromising positions. She didn't think her dad would be okay to know that Severus had shagged her brains out as often as he had and still did.

When they had seen everything Hermione wanted them to see, they were in awe of how much Severus had done and how much he obviously loved Hermione. Her dad finally came around, especially after Hermione explained that the age gap wasn't that important when you figured in that wizards and witches lived longer than muggles.

It hadn't been easy to get them to be accepting of her choices, but even if her parents had not been happy about it, she wouldn't have changed her mind about marrying him. She loved him and that was all that mattered to her. Her parents would have to deal with her choices and she knew they would come around eventually. All they had to see was how happy Hermione was with Severus and that's all it would take for them.

So with them watching on, she had graduated from a place she had called her second home for so many years. A place she had fought to save and preserve along side all of her friends.

When she had her diploma in hand, her gaze strayed from her parents to the one person that she was most happy to have seen her graduate. Severus.

When he had appeared at Hogwarts to attend the ceremony, so many people had gasped at seeing him. Murmuring behind their hands to one another as he walked by, both in awe and slightly fearful at seeing him there.

Most people knew he was alive, having seen the report in the Daily Prophet, but so many were still in shock at seeing him first hand.

Several students came up to him shyly at first, to say they were happy to know he lived after all. Also to thank him for being a great teacher to them. They'd all learned so much from him and his replacement didn't hold a candle to him in comparison.

To say Severus had been shocked was an understatement. He never knew so many of his students had actually respected him. Seeing Minerva giving him an expression saying 'I told you so' made him smirk and incline his head in her direction. It also made him consider rethinking if he should take the position again.

There wasn't much time after he arrived to do more than to take his seat and watch the ceremony commence. He sat next to Sirius, making sure he sat on the opposite side of his date after meeting the woman. His actions causing many people to gasp and mutter to each other since it was widely known that they hadn't been friendly before Sirius supposedly died.

Sirius had barked out a laugh at hearing a few theories on why Severus was sitting next to the Marauder. Severus did his best to ignore the moronic twits around him while waiting for Hermione to receive her diploma.

When he heard her name called, he sat up just a bit straighter to be able to watch her walk across the small stage. Saw her gaze out over the crowd, stopping at different ones and smiling as she looked at all of her friends and family.

When her eyes met his, he felt his heart flutter once again when her smile stretched even wider than before. She looked absolutely stunning wearing her graduation robes in her house colors. Her eyes shining with love as she gazed at him a few moments before moving on to take her seat again.

When all the students had received their diplomas, Severus stood from his seat. His eyes locked onto Hermione as she moved to different ones, speaking softly for a few moments and giving hugs or handshakes before moving on again.

He heard more people talking around him, wondering why he was there. Wondering if he would be teaching again the following year. Some even trying to strike up a conversation with him. He ignored them all. His eyes never left the beautiful witch slowly making her way towards him.

When Hermione finally got over to him, Sirius stepped up and gave her a hug, swinging her around and amazingly enough didn't bump into anyone in the crowd around them. Severus did his best not to growl at the obnoxious mutt, knowing Sirius was doing it to not only annoy him, but to make him wait just a bit longer before getting to speak to his curly haired lover.

"Congratulations, Kitten. You are finally done with this place." Sirius said, giving her a wink, doing his best not to laugh at Severus' obvious agitation. "So what do you have planned tonight to celebrate?" Trying to draw out his conversation longer simply to piss Severus off more. He took great pleasure, even now with them being friends, to aggravate the dark haired man.

Hermione frowned at him. "Sirius, you know full well what I'm doing tonight. Molly wont let any of us escape going to the Burrow for her party. Including you. Now if you'll excuse me, I think your godson would like a few moments of your time." She gave him a grin when Sirius looked disappointed at his failure to detain her longer.

With a polite nod of hello to Sirius' date, a woman that was quickly annoying them all with her high-pitched voice and less than stimulating conversation with the few times she had been around the group, she moved on to Severus, quickly noting how many people had slowed their conversation the closer she got to him. Either not caring, or not realizing, how blatant their eavesdropping was.

They were all expecting him to bark at her or simply ignore her like he had done with them. But all were surprised when he spoke, all but Hermione, of course. "Congratulations on graduating, Miss Granger."

Hermione smirked. She knew he was calling her by her last name simply due to so many people around them. He had asked her the night before how she would like to be addressed at the ceremony since he had been her professor before. She told him that she didn't give a damn, as long as she got a kiss from him after getting her diploma.

Playing along, she spoke. "Thank you, Professor. I doubt I would have learned as much, if you hadn't taught me so well over the years."

Severus raised an eyebrow at her. "Is that a fact? I've been hearing similar things from your former peers. I'm glad I had the opportunity to...stimulate such a brilliant mind."

She smiled even more at his words. He reached out and took her hand, raising it up to place a kiss on top of it. Making her eyes narrow slightly even as the crowd around them watched wide eyed and confused since he'd been so rude with everyone else trying to speak with him.

He is not getting away with that as my kiss. She thought.

"My apologies, Miss Granger. It seems you are not happy about my kiss." He said, biting back a chuckle at the look in her eyes. Nope, not happy at all. He thought as a smirk slipped out before he was able to cover it up.

"Why no, Professor, I'm not." She said, aware of the quickly growing crowd surrounding them. All were paying closer attention to the couple talking. Maybe I should let my kiss wait. But I don't want to hide my relationship with him, I'm not ashamed of it. She thought. Surely, he isn't either.

Severus bowed slightly, having seen a flicker of something in her eyes that she wasn't able to hide quickly enough. It looked like hesitation, possibly even doubt, but he wasn't sure. "Then, let me correct my error."

Before she could reply, Severus pulled her against him and kissed her full on the mouth. Making the crowd either gasp loudly or gape at them silently.

Slipping her arms around his neck, she lost herself in his kiss. Her tongue gliding with his as one of his hands tangled in her hair and the other slipped to her lower back. Both forgetting the crowd around them, until finally, they heard someone chuckling behind them and broke apart.

"For goodness sakes, Severus, save something for the honeymoon." Kingsley said as he came up and slapped his old friend on the back.

His statement caused the crowd around them to explode, muttering to one another.

Hermione was blushing as she moved over to embrace Kingsley. "Hello, Minister."

Kingsley chuckled. "What's with this Minister business? Here I thought we were just two friends."

Hermione smiled as she pulled back. "We are, Kings. It's been a long time since I've seen you. How are you doing?"

Kingsley gave the crowd a look that had them dispersing to gossips elsewhere before returning Hermione's smile. "I'm doing wonderfully, just busy. But that's politics for you. I hear you've been pretty busy this year too. I'm still waiting for my invitation to your wedding though."

Severus chuckled. "You will be among the first to get one when they are finally ready."

Kingsley turned to Severus. "Couldn't think of any other way to announce your upcoming nuptials to the public?"

Severus smirked. "You were the one to say something about saving it for the honeymoon. I was simply giving my witch a kiss in congratulations over her achievements."

Kingsley shook his head as he smirked. "Congratulations? If you congratulated her any further, it might have been deemed indecent."

Severus chuckled as Hermione blushed even more. They were interrupted as several of their friends came over to join the conversation. All were joking about the people's reactions to Severus kissing Hermione, knowing it would be in the Daily Prophet by dinnertime.

It wasn't long before they all moved their conversation to the Burrow, where Molly did her best to overfeed everyone. The party went on for hours before finally breaking up as the sun started to rise in the sky.

Severus and Hermione apparated home and went to bed thoroughly exhausted by the day's events. Hermione had already packed up her dorm room, not that she had spent much time there after her return from the past. Her trunk had been shrunken down and put in her bag that she had dropped off earlier in the day.

She didn't have to take the Hogwarts express home like so many other students had. Harry and Ron had also gotten their stuff packed early and Minerva had helped them get it home before the ceremony, so they didn't have to take the train either. None of them were disappointed to miss out on their last train ride home.

Weeks went by where Hermione, Ginny, and Molly spent much time planning both Hermione's wedding and Ginny and Harry's. The two friends' weddings only separated by a few months time.

Severus didn't care what kind of wedding it was, he just wanted Hermione as his wife. Which turned out to be a good thing with all the extra trimmings that Molly planned.

The day of the wedding, Severus stood dressed in a tuxedo, Hermione's doing since she was muggle born, and had Sirius as his best man. Both men facing the set of closed doors that Hermione would emerge from.

All of their friends and family were there, including the staff from Hogwarts. Severus did his best to not fidget nervously as he waited. He had always hated attending these kinds of affairs, but he loved Hermione enough to sit through his own. But he did wonder if he shouldn't have given Molly Weasley free reign to do as she pleased with her planning. It had seemed the best route to take at the time, especially, when the woman had thrown a fit at learning just how quickly she had to actually plan it.

When the music started and Hermione started down the aisle towards him, all of his nerves vanished as he stared at her beauty. Throughout the ceremony, he didn't register a single word the Ministry official spoke, but his eyes never left her radiant face.

When it came time to repeat his vows, he had no idea how he managed it. But they came out crisp and clear in his silky voice. The same voice that always made her shiver slightly, her wedding day included.

He was in awe as he heard her promise to love him throughout the rest of her days—just as he had promised her. He saw her hand shaking just a bit when she slipped his wedding band on his finger, one that matched her own, but she never once stuttered or stumbled through her vows.

His awe at hearing her vows carried him through the reception. It kept him from being overly snarky to all the well-wishers that stopped to talk through out the event.

When it was time, he and the bride left to go on their honeymoon. Two weeks where he didn't once have to share her with anyone. At last getting what he wanted, time for just the two of them without any interruptions.

When they returned, Minerva quickly sent him an owl, again asking if he would take up the potion's position. Hermione saw it, but refrained from commenting, though she really hoped he would take it. The students needed someone to teach them well and teach them right.

Though she hadn't said a word, Severus was well aware of her feelings on the subject. He knew that Hermione thought his replacement was inept.

So he took a day and went to visit Minerva, spending a few hours to discuss what might be required of him, if he took the position again.

After much debate, he finally accepted, but only if he could relinquish the duties as Head of Slytherin. He didn't want his nights filled with dealing with whatever situations his idiotic students found themselves in.

Only there was no one that could take on the position. None of the other staff had been Slytherins. Which meant he wouldn't be able to leave the castle at night and return home to his wife. Something Severus wasn't about to accept.

Minerva asked for a few days to ponder the problem before he declined the position.

Several days later, Hermione received an owl requesting her appearance at Hogwarts. When she arrived, Minerva greeted her fondly and offered the newly married bride tea. They chatted about what the young woman had been up to since her marriage.

Finally Minerva turned to Hermione and spoke of the reasons for her being there. Minerva knew that Hermione had been offered many positions at the Ministry, and had turned down several of them. Knew Hermione wouldn't accept just any job, but would want something that fit her personality.

"My dear, as you know, I've asked Severus to return to Hogwarts to teach once again." Minerva said, offering Hermione another biscuit to go with her tea.

Hermione frowned slightly. "Yes, ma'am, I was aware of it. If you asked me here to help you convince him to do it...I can't do that. It's his choice. He's had so few choices in life that were his, that I wont take any away from him now that he's free to do as he wishes."

Minerva shook her head. "Oh, no dear, I wasn't asking you to do that. I only mentioned it, because its part of why I asked you here. As you may know...the transfiguration teacher that taught here last year, did so only until I could hire a replacement."

Hermione frowned. "I wasn't aware of that."

Minerva smiled. She had only hired the stout woman temporarily due to a plan she formed a few years ago. "Well, now you are. I remembered that when you were here during Severus' seventh year, you helped James and Lily Potter in one of your classes. Not to mention helping the others during different times during your stay. I thought then you'd make an excellent teacher based on what I saw, and wondered if you would like to take over that position this coming year."

Hermione sat stunned for a moment. No one had ever become a teacher straight out of Hogwarts. "But...I haven't gone to university and gotten my degrees, nor have I even apprenticed for it. How would I be allowed to teach without either one?"

Minerva shrugged. "We both know you would be capable of doing it. Not to mention that it helps having friends within the Ministry. We could see if you could do either a short apprenticeship over the summer or...possibly be tested to see if you're fully capable now."

Hermione raised an eyebrow at the woman. Positive this wasn't something she had just thought of. Positive too that Minerva had already spoken to their friend, the Minister, already. "So what has Kingsley said would be the best route to take in this matter?"

Minerva chuckled. "You always were too clever, Hermione. Kingsley said that if you do a short apprenticeship with a teacher just to get the basics down of what is expected of teaching students, he could arrange for you to take a test to get your degrees without all the required schooling."

Hermione frowned slightly. "A teacher? Not one that actually teaches transfiguration?"

Minerva shrugged, doing her best at looking nonchalant. Though failing miserably with her slight smile. "I had thought to let Severus show you what is expected of a teacher, but I could do so instead if you wish."

Hermione smirked. "Is this your way of getting him back here? If I'm here, you figure this is where he'll want to be too?"

Minerva did fully smile this time. "That thought might have crossed my mind...yes. But I had already thought to offer you the position either way."

After saying she would discuss it with Severus before making any decisions, Hermione left. Saying too that she would owl Minerva within a few days with her answer.

Severus wasn't pleased to find that Minerva was trying to get him there via Hermione. The old woman knew Severus too well it seemed. He would follow Hermione anywhere to simply be with her.

Hermione told him that she would only take the position, if he really wanted to return. Which knowing how he himself thought that Hermione would make a great teacher, not to mention that offer was too good to pass up, he finally said that she should take it. He had already decided he wanted to teach again after hearing that many of his old students had thought so highly of him. He had only held back due to Hermione. This solved that dilemma perfectly.

Hermione ended up apprenticing with both Severus and Minerva. Severus knew that this was already bordering on going against Ministry rules to let Hermione teach without a full degree or apprenticeship. He didn't want to cause any more trouble by having himself be the sole person to teach Hermione all that was required. He didn't want problems due to people saying that he passed her simply because she was his wife.

He again was stuck watching Hermione wear herself out as she studied for her upcoming test from the Ministry, doing his best not to say anything to make it harder on Hermione.

When she finally took her test, Kingsley himself oversaw it. He then had a rush put on it to make sure it was graded quickly.

No one was surprised to see that Hermione passed with flying colors.

When it was time for the professors to return back to the school, both Professor Snapes packed the things they wanted to take, and arrived at Hogwarts. Finding that Minerva had transformed the dungeons that Severus had lived in before, into a lovely set of rooms for both of them.

School started and the students were both excited and slightly afraid when they learned that Severus would be their professor again. Those that had been behind Hermione's graduating year, were happy to know that she would be teaching them through their remaining time at Hogwarts.

At the staff table in the Great Hall, Hermione sat next to her husband every day and night. Doing her best to act professionally, but it lost something when she would look at him and smile, or when he would give her a lusty look, causing her to blush during their meals.

Together they patrolled the halls at night when it was their turn. Though a few times it was them who got caught snogging in the darkened hallways by a prefect. Severus would glare, as Hermione blushed, and the students would quickly run from the couple, afraid they would lose house points, as if they had been the ones caught snogging.

Minerva was well aware of what was going on in her school. Had heard the portraits talking of the Potions and Transfiguration professors getting caught at night sharing a kiss or two. It made the older woman chuckle hearing the stories. She was happy for them both.

Severus did stay on as Head of Slytherin, but it wasn't long before Hermione was made Head of Gryffindor. This served to make the interruptions at night worse, but both were happy with how everything turned out.

It was during Hermione's fifth year as a Professor that she made good on her part of the deal with Severus. He had used a few hours every night to work on teaching her how to read thoughts better, as well as, projecting hers to him.

It was during one night when they were patrolling together, after having just finished snogging rather passionately in an empty corridor that Severus turned to Hermione. Asking why she had been shielding her thoughts from him all week.

Hermione smiled. "I've been trying to figure out the best way to tell you something."

Severus stopped walking and turned her to face him. "Love, you can tell me anything. Just say it." Bracing himself for bad news. If she hadn't told him whatever it was, and was trying to figure out how to tell him, it couldn't be good news.

Hermione sighed. "Do you...do you remember what you said to me after I came back so many years ago?"

Severus raised an eyebrow at her. "I've said many things to you since then, Hermione. Which one are you referring to?"

Hermione shook her head. "No, I mean what you said the actual night I came back. We...we made a deal when you asked me to marry you."

Severus was trying to remember. He'd said a lot of things to her that night too. All he could remember was that he had been happy that she was back. Happy that she still wanted him. Happy that she agreed to marry him. What else had there been?

Seeing his slight confusion, she went on. "I promised to marry you but only if you taught me to project my thoughts."

Severus frowned. "Yes, and I did teach you. You can project almost as well as I can now." He was still surprised at how quickly she had all but mastered the skill that took him so much longer to get down. Projecting and Legilimency. She could knock down just about all his walls without much effort.

Hermione nodded. "Yes, I can. You made very good on your part of the deal."

Severus didn't see why she was bringing this up if he did what she wanted. "Okay, so I held up my end of the deal and you held up yours. You married me."

Hermione laughed softly. "Actually, I haven't held up my part of our deal."

Severus was confused even more when suddenly he remembered all of what he had said to her that night. Suddenly understanding, he smirked. "You are right, witch, you haven't held up all of your end of our bargain. You have yet to give me our child. Are you ready to start trying to get pregnant?"

Hermione smiled. "No."

Her answer did nothing but confuse him. Why bring it up, then? "No? You do realize you already agreed to have my child." He would never make her do anything she didn't want, but he knew she did want children one day.

Hermione nodded. "Yes, I'm aware that I did agree to have a child with you." Waiting for him to figure out what she was trying to tell him.

Severus sighed. "Then, I don't understand. If you're not ready to try and get pregnant, why are you bringing it up?"

Hermione smiled. Remembering what else he had once said to her when he was hinting at her owning their home. Fighting back a giggle at finally being able to say the same thing to him after all these years.

"Severus, I may have to take back all the times I said you had an utterly brilliant mind." She was proud that she was able to keep a straight face when his eyes narrowed in annoyance at her.

With a feigned sigh, she went on. "Let's just say that your brilliant mind is simply still fogged over from our earlier snog, and has yet to fully recover." Fighting a chuckle when his annoyed look darkened even more.

She saw the exact moment he realized she was still quoting him when he smirked, while trying to still look annoyed at her, but it lost its potency with said smirk.

Severus gave up glaring and simply decided to have her explain. "So, why am I suddenly not brilliant anymore?"

Hermione grinned. "My love, you can't attempt something that already is."

It took him a moment to decipher her meaning, but when he finally did his thoughtful look, changed into a look of slight disbelief. "You're pregnant? How is that possible when I know for a fact I brew your contraceptive potions?"

Hermione was glad for the darkened hallways that hid her blush. I wasn't taking them, that's how. "Well...its possible that I missed a few?" She said vaguely.

Severus quirked his brow. "Missed a few? How many is a few?"

Hermione shrugged, trying to hide her grin. "About...the last three months worth."

Severus frowned slightly. "You are telling me that you forgot to take your potions for the last three months? Or are you saying that you decided to stop taking your potions without telling me about it?"

Hermione let her grin slip. "I believe it would be the second one, my love." When she saw his look of annoyance return and saw he was about to start ranting at her, she went on. "I didn't tell you for a good reason."

He paused before speaking. "What reason would that be?" Willing to let her explain before he did indeed strangle her like he had been meaning to get around to for years, for all the hell she had put him through before her return. He was happy that she was pregnant, but not happy to have been kept in the dark about her trying to get that way.

"I didn't want to get your hopes up by telling you that I wanted to try to get pregnant, only to find that I couldn't. With all that happened during the war...it was possible that I might not be able to." She said softly.

It was something Poppy had once told her after the final battle, after learning that Hermione had been tortured by Bellatrix for so long that night. Especially since she hadn't sought out medical attention afterward, all she had done was rest for a few days.

Severus sighed. He knew what she was referring to. He knew that people that were exposed to the torture curse could have lasting effects that didn't show up for years. Not just mentally either. Part of him still wished he had been able to deal with Bellatrix personally. Not only for what the woman had done to him during his spy days, but for what she had done to his wife.

Pulling her into his arms, Severus held her gently to him. "So you're pregnant."

Not wanting to dwell on Hermione's reasons for hiding her not taking her potion. He knew her memories of that night were painful. They still occasionally haunted her in her dreams.

He had once envied Remus for being able to hold her afterward, to comfort her. But after witnessing first hand what she looked like after waking from her nightmares, he no longer envied the wolf. They were horrible to witness.

To see someone as caring and as full of light as Hermione was, to be haunted so terribly, was heartbreaking. Though the nightmares were rare, he was simply grateful these days to the werewolf for being there when he couldn't be at the time.

Hermione pulled back and smiled softly at the man she loved. "Yes, we are." Reminding him that while he may not have known she wasn't taking her potions, he was still very much apart of the creation of their child.

Severus leaned down and touched his lips to hers. Kissing her gently as his heart filled at knowing she was carrying his child. His hand stroked down her back as the other tangled in her hair. Letting his love for her shine through.

That was how the sixth year prefects found them that night. Kissing in the halls when they were supposed to be patrolling. Being caught couldn't even dampen Severus' happiness at Hermione being pregnant. He didn't even snarl at the little buggers for interrupting them, much to the students' confusion when he simply told them to go away, before kissing his smiling wife again. The happy parents-to-be ended their patrol early that night too.

The day Hermione went into labor was an interesting one. She was in the middle of class, giving a lecture to her fifth years when she suddenly felt her teaching robes grow wet and found herself standing in a puddle of fluid.

Her first thought was that it wasn't time yet. She still had three weeks before she was due.

Her students first thought she had wet herself and started to snicker as Hermione stood there staring at the puddle in confusion, when one Ravenclaw girl with several younger siblings quickly stood up. Rushing over to her professor and barking at the others to go get Madame Pomfrey and to tell the medi-witch that their professor's water had just broken, as she led Hermione back to her desk to sit down.

Instructing her favorite teacher to breathe deeply as Hermione did her best not to smirk in amusement at the young witch. Though all thoughts of amusement quickly disappeared as the first contraction hit.

Severus was in the middle of his own class when a knock sounded at his door. Annoyed at the interruption, he quickly strode to the door, robes billowing as usual and flung it open. Asking the young student rather sourly why he was bothering him during his class.

The young Hufflepuff boy that Poppy had sent to Severus did his best to stop quaking as he stuttered through what he was trying to tell his potion's professor. "I...I'm s-sorry, sir. But...Madame Pomfrey asked...me to..."

Severus sighed in annoyance. "Out with it already. I do have a class to teach after all."

The young boy audibly gulped before going on again. "She told me to tell you that...Professor Snape is in the infirmary."

Severus stared at the boy for a moment. I'm not in the infirm...oh bugger. "You mean my wife, correct?" Doing his best not to let the sudden worry that filled him show. Did something happen in her class? She knows not to do any transfiguration spells on herself right now.

When the boy nodded, unable to speak again at seeing the his most feared professor's jaw clench, afraid he was about to be yelled at, Severus spun on his heel to address his class. "Class dismissed, everyone out."

When no one moved, he yelled. "Now! Out!" With a flick of his wand, those students that hadn't run out of the class fast enough were all but thrown out the door. A homework assignment instantly appearing on the door as the students stood outside the now closed classroom.

Severus quickly floo'd to the hospital wing to hear Hermione crying out in pain. The sound doing nothing but making Severus' heart clench in fear as he ran towards where the sound had come from.

Flinging open the curtain, he found Hermione lying on the bed, clutching at her swollen belly as Minerva tried to speak soothingly to her, while brushing stray hairs out of Hermione's face. Poppy was busy running her wand over his witch with a diagnostic spell.

"Hermione, what happened?" He asked, as he moved to her side and took her hand.

"My water broke in class." She said through clenched teeth as another contraction hit her.

Severus glanced at Poppy when the witch made a 'tsking' noise. "Well?"

Poppy smiled. "Everything is coming along nicely."

"What in bloody hell does that mean?" Severus snarled, hating seeing his wife in pain.

Poppy huffed. "No need to get snippy, Severus. It means that she is almost ready."

Hermione muttered something that none of them caught. With a quickly thought spell he was in his wife's mind. Hearing her thoughts towards Poppy, Severus decided it was a good thing the medi-witch hadn't heard what she said.

"Can't you give her a pain potion at least?" Minerva asked knowing Severus was simply upset that Hermione was in pain.

Poppy nodded. "Yes, we can get her something for the pain now. I didn't give her anything earlier because I had to be sure there were no complications first."

Severus held back the scathing retort at the witch for not giving Hermione something to ease her discomfort already. Knowing the medi-witch would have done so if she could have. She didn't want Hermione in pain either.

After the potion had been administered, Severus climbed in bed behind his wife, trying to help support her as she leaned against him. But hoping to help ease her in any way too. Knowing how much she had liked her belly rubbed throughout her pregnancy, he did so now.

When Hermione sighed in relief as his hands stroked along her swollen stomach, Severus felt his worry start to ease. Knowing he was helping in someway made this all easier to deal with.

It was after a few hours of pushing, grunting, moaning in pain, and cursing all in the room that the newest Snape was brought into the world. A tiny little boy with Hermione's brown hair and Severus' almost black eyes. Logan Tobias Snape weighed seven pounds and nine ounces.

Poppy left the new parents in peace after running all her final diagnostic spells to make sure Hermione was all right after the birth. Happy to see the smiles on both parents as they looked at their son.

Minerva only stayed a few minutes, before leaving as well. Knowing Hermione would want all her friends and family to know that Logan had been born.

It wasn't long before word spread and the hospital was flooded with visitors. Since Remus was a teacher still, he was the first to visit, offering his congratulations to a very tired Hermione and a still smiling Severus.

Severus had yet to let go of his son, and wasn't ready to do so when Remus asked to hold the baby. Hermione had touched his shoulder and quietly said they'd have plenty of time later to hold their son. Severus grudgingly handed over his child as one by one, all of their friends and family arrived to see the newest addition to the family.

Even Hermione's parents showed up for a brief visit after Minerva floo'd to their home to not only let them know about the baby, but also to bring them back with her to see their grandson. Hermione's parents were thrilled and hugged not only Hermione, but Severus as well.

Hermione went back to teaching her students after several weeks. Minerva having filled in for her while she recuperated after giving birth. Between the house elves who loved helping with the baby, as well as different staff members, Logan was always well taken care of when his parents were teaching class.

A high chair had been placed at the staff table when he started eating solid foods, several of the older students coming to ask if they could help keep the baby entertained until their professor's were done eating. Severus was always watchful of those students that held his son, but he knew that Logan was safe. They loved playing with his son, and feared Severus enough to never risk anything that might hurt him.

Logan was almost four when Hermione turned to Severus in their bed one night and asked if their bargain included more than one child. Realizing his wife wanted another baby, Severus quickly stopped brewing her contraceptive potions. Rather pleased to find that trying to get Hermione pregnant again, meant that he got to ravish his wife even more than usual.

This only meant that he and Hermione were caught more often snogging in the hallways, before they would end up back in their rooms. Though a few times they hadn't made it past his classroom before he pushed her onto the nearest desk or against the closest wall to have his way with her.

Though it gave him little reminders as he taught his class as he passed by his desk or any of the others that he had pinned her to, or listened to his voice echoing and remembered her crying out his name as she exploded in his arms. His lips curving slightly as he went on with his lecture, causing his students to wonder what he was smiling about. However, they all knew better than to actually ask.

Hermione gave birth to a beautiful baby girl after Logan's fifth birthday. Little Samantha Lily Snape was brought into the world on a beautiful summer morning. Having been in labor all night, Hermione slept through most of the visits from everyone. Though Severus stayed awake to see all their friends and family ooh and awe over his beautiful daughter.

Her hair as dark as her fathers, and her eyes a pale creamy blue, though Poppy swore they would change. This had confused Severus since his son's eyes had matched his own since birth. But within a month or two the blue changed to match Hermione's chocolate and caramel eyes.

When Logan started his first year at Hogwarts, both of his parents couldn't have been prouder. Though Severus was a bit smug when his son joined his own house. Hermione grinned and reminded him that while Samantha favored her father in looks, from her dark hair to her creamy pale skin, she favored her mother in personality. Meaning she would probably would end up in Gryffindor.

Severus' smug grin had faded for a moment, before he shrugged, and said he didn't care as long as none of his children ended up in Hufflepuff. Hermione had to agree.

It was during Logan's first year that Hermione came to him one night before dinner to let him know that she found out she was pregnant again. Though she swore she hadn't missed any of her potions.

Severus bit back a smirk, deciding not to tell his wife that he had not been giving her a contraceptive potion, just a vitamin potion that looked and tasted like her contraceptive. Though part of him was surprised that, even with the similarities in the potions, that she hadn't realized it wasn't a contraceptive.

She was brilliant in potions after all, and should have noticed the slight differences. Though he figured that she just fully trusted him and hadn't thought to question what he said it was, but he was a Slytherin still.

What else was there to put his brilliantly cunning and scheming mind towards? Absolutely nothing, these days. Other than tormenting students, of course. It made him wonder briefly every now and then, if Fred Weasley had rubbed off on him a little, after having lived with him so long before Hermione came back to him.

Though anytime that thought came up, he snorted derisively and pushed it away. Impossible. He would decide.

Severus mostly figured that since she hadn't told him when she stopped taking her potion with their first child, he didn't need to tell her what he had done. They were even as far as he was concerned. Though he had been dropping hints at maybe having a third child and she had been interested in having another. He simply skipped over her needing time to think about it.

When their second son was born, Xander Liam Snape, who was the spitting image of his father, from his dark hair and eyes to his pale skin, Hermione let Severus know she was done having children. He was happy with his two sons and his beautiful daughter, so he had no complaints.

As the years passed, Hermione and Severus taught their children along with the other students. Both doing their best to not only not show any favoritism, but both were a bit harder on their kids than the others.

Samantha was sorted into Gryffindor, much to Hermione's delight. But Xander eventually was sorted into Slytherin, making Severus smirk once again that his son was in his house. Both boys showed so much of their father's cunning, as well as, their mother's cleverness.

Samantha had a bit of her father's cunning, but showed more her mother's loyalty to her friends, as well as, her courage and cleverness. Much to Severus' dismay, all of his kids were little know-it-alls, taking after Hermione with their thirst for knowledge. Making his wife smirk triumphantly at him when he'd sigh over seeing it in his offspring.

When Minerva finally retired, Severus was offered the job as Headmaster of Hogwarts, but declined. He had taken that role once, and never wanted it again. Too many memories of what he had to do in order to get it, had caused him to not ever want it again.

Eventually Hermione was offered the role several years later, and she gladly accepted it. Severus wasn't keen on having his wife as his boss not only at home, but at work as well, but he ended up taking it fine. Especially when she tried to make up for having to get on to him due to said roll. It made their sex lives even better and made him smirk just a bit more the following day after each encounter.

Hermione ended up being the youngest Headmistress in the entire history of Hogwarts. None of their friends or family were surprised by this.

Their life went on and though it wasn't always smooth, it was a great life they shared together, as Severus had predicted many years ago. They were able to not only see each other, but their children too while at school and at their home during their breaks.

Severus never thought, when he had looked upon his beautiful wife when he first met her in the infirmary during his seventh year, that this was what his life would turn out to be. But he couldn't find it in himself to regret a single day since meeting her. Not even having to wait over twenty years to be with her again.

Even now as he gazed upon his sleeping wife's face, a woman he had spent almost twenty years with and still couldn't keep his hands off of, he couldn't wait to see what the future would bring for them. Whatever it was, he would face it willingly with Hermione by his side. She was indeed his past, his present, and his future.

The End.

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