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Koranda Wilde was anything but happy. In fact, she was downright mad. Her hands were balled into fists and her brilliant blue eyes, so much like her father's, were flashing angrily as she glared up at the annoying boy in front of her. "Stop it!" she whined, jumping again with her arm outstretched, trying to reach the small vintage hat he held in his hand. "Mom'll kill me if you don't give it back!"

Collin Melotti rolled his eyes at his co-star. She was so fun to annoy at times. "You're so dramatic, Jacaranda."

Koranda lunged at him again, but could only reach his elbow. "No I'm not, and stop calling me that! It's not my name, and I'm not a tree!"

Collin snorted. "But your just like one," he told her tauntingly. "Your pretty, pointless, and you get into everything. Come on, Jacaranda, jump for it."

Koranda glared at him. All right, she'd played nicely, she'd asked for her hat back, (an important prop in their movie) and had even tried to jump to reach it. Now, she'd be forced to take drastic measures. Without stopping to think about her carefully-constructed outfit, she launched herself at Collin, knocking him backwards onto the ground. His arms flew out to his sides, trying to break his fall, and he stared up at her in shock, but he didn't have much time to think, for the fifteen-year-old on top of him dealt him a hard punch to the jaw.

"Ow!" he cried, twisting sharply under her as his pride kicked in. He threw her down next to him and tried to pounce on her, but she was too quick and kicked out with one dainty foot, catching him in the knee.

They struggled with each other, grasping at clothing, hair, and anything else they could reach as they rolled around on the ground. Their cries attracted the attention of the other kids that played extras in the movie. "Fight! Fight!" one boy hollered.

Collin finally gained an edge by sheer strength alone and rolled on top of Koranda, pinning her hips to the floor with his own. His hands slammed down on either side of her head and he gasped for breath. She was gasping as well, but she was stubborn, and so she gave one last effort to win this particular war. With supreme effort, she bucked her hips up against his, trying to throw him off.

It had completely the opposite effect.

Both of them froze at the strange new contact, and Collin's arms trembled. Both pairs of eyes grew wide, and Koranda's mouth fell open in shock. Before Collin could say anything, he was hauled off of her and thrown once more to the ground, but this time, it was Koranda's brother that glared down at him.

"What do you think you're doing, Melotti?" he growled.

Collin raised his hands, still dazed. "I-I," he stuttered. Wait, stuttered? He never stuttered.

But then she was there, her hair ruffled and knotted, her dress dirty and rumpled. Her hand went to her brother's shoulder and she said softly, "Stop it, James. It wasn't his fault. I started the fight."

By now, the scuffle had attracted the attention of some of the adults, who came running over as well, four of which where the parents of the fighters. "What happened?" Jessica Wilde asked anxiously, looking from her rumpled daughter to Collin and back again.

"Care to explain?" Christopher Wilde asked, his tone implying that he was confused, but still unhappy.

Collin was surprised when Koranda turned to both of their parents and explained, "We were just messing around and Collin teased me. I overreacted and started the fight." She hung her head, her acting training giving her a solid foundation for a picture perfect shame-filled expression. "I'm sorry."

Collin's father sighed. "When are you two going to grow up and act like mature teens?" he asked. "Collin, you're seventeen. Koranda, you're fifteen. Both of you, grow up!"

Jessica sighed. "I agree. Come on, you two. Let's get you cleaned up and ready to be back on set. Your makeup artists are going to have a fit. Collin, you're going to have quite the bruise. Oh goodness, James! Let him up already!"

Collin rubbed at his jaw and stood slowly, barely hearing Christopher chuckle, "That's my girl," before he was hushed by a jab in the ribs from his wife.

Collin was pulled away from Koranda and led back to the wardrobe trailer, but he wasn't even paying attention to what his family was saying. All he could think about was the way Koranda had looked when she had stopped fighting him. She had looked…older. After all these years of knowing her, Collin Melotti realized something very important.

Koranda Wilde had grown up.

Koranda was thinking something along those same lines as her makeup artist fussed over her while her wardrobe designer bemoaned her existence. Collin Melotti was…different than he used to be. They had fought and disagreed for so many years that they had missed the people they had become, holding onto childish ideas of each other. Well, that would stop right now. She was sure of it.

And when Koranda Wilde made up her mind, no one crossed her.

Except her parents. Jessica was standing behind her daughter and took the stubborn set of her daughter's lips to mean something negative. "Kory, you've got to stop getting into fights with Collin. I know you two don't get along, but at least try to be pleasant, will you?"

Koranda nodded. "Sure," she said lightly, and she could tell that her mother was surprised by her quick acquiescence. "No, really, it's not a problem. I'll play nicely."

Jessica looked hesitant. Her daughter was by no means a diva, (she and Christopher had made sure of that) but she was incredibly strong willed, and she would go to rather drastic ends to get revenge if she wanted it. "I'm trusting you," she warned her daughter. "No more stunts like that."

Koranda nodded. "Promise, mom. Can I go now?"

Jessica sighed. "I guess. Come on."

They made it back to the set and the director called for everyone to get to their places. Koranda waltzed across the sandy set and plopped herself down next to Collin on the beach blanket that was laid out for them. "Hi," she whispered.

His eyes were completely unreadable as he smiled at her. "Hi."

"Quiet on set!" someone called, and both actors turned around to pay attention to their cues. "And…action!"

"Thanks for bringing me here," Koranda said, speaking loud enough for the boom mics to pick up her words, but soft enough that it would sound just as content as she felt right now.

Collin nodded, turning and taking her hand politely, much the way a young man would have done eighty years ago. "I would say 'any time,' but you and I both know that won't work today."

Koranda leaned against his shoulder, and instead of tensing as he normally did, Collin cradled her against his body, resting his chin atop her head. "I don't want today to end," she whispered.

Collin closed his eyes. "It has to, but don't worry, Julie. This isn't the end. It can't be." He turned her around by her shoulders and dipped his head, capturing her lips softly. Immediately, Koranda knew that he wasn't kissing Julie, he was kissing her. It was her hair that he was running his hands through, not Julie's. It was her body that he was lowering slowly to the sand and continuing to kiss, not Julie's. And it was to her that he pulled away from to look deeply into her eyes and say, "This is the beginning of forever."

They gazed at one another for a long time before the dazed director called, "Cut! Perfect, you two!"

And it was. Because after all these years, they had found each other. And just like their parents before them, they would have their own journey, full of bumps and bruises, but it would be perfect.

Because they had each other.

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