Held by the Wings of an Angel
The Cherry Project-Part Fifteen
By Bonnie-Chan
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Today is February 24, 2002

Welcome back! Here's part fifteen…the final part!!

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Welcome to Day Seventeen of the 2002 Winter Olympics! I've always loved the Olympics, haven't you? Anyways, to memorialize this historic event, I am releasing a chapter of this story every single day, Today, February 24th, marks the end of the Olympics, and my story. I hope you've enjoyed the ride!

To everyone who has come this far---thank you for sticking with me this long! I really appreciate it!!!!!!

Watch the Olympics...you never know when the tides will turn and what you thought would happen can change in the blink of an eye!

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Held By the Wings of an Angel
The Cherry Project: Part Fifteen
By Bonnie-Chan
"Number 5, Asuka Chieri!"
Chieri skated onto the ice and stood still until the music Hiroshi had composed for her filtered through the arena. She landed roughly on her double axle before resuming her pace, gliding elegantly as a piano solo began playing.
She finished her performance and skated off to the kiss-and-cry area, where she was greeted by her friends as she awaited her scores. She received four 5.7's, the rest were 5.6.
"Asuka's skating was somehow fascinating in her first performance! She's so elegant!"
"She's going to move on to grand things!"
Tsuzuki turned from the television as the announcers began their usual commentary.
What am I doing here, running away? I haven't finished one thing…
He jarred himself from his thoughts and turned to his father. "I made a promise that I would pair skate with whoever wins! If I can't keep my promises, then I can't follow after you, Father."
"You made a promise to me as well, didn't you?"
The two strong-willed men locked gazes as the loud speaker crackled to life, announcing Tsuzuki's flight to New York…
"Wh-What are you talking about, Mamoru? Sailor Moon? Me? Gawky, clumsy Usagi?"
"That's right, Usagi. You're Sailor Moon."
"Whatever gave you that idea? I may have teased you about being dumb, but I always thought you had at least some brains in you!"
"You can cut the crap, Usagi. I know the truth."
"Well, what makes you think that I'm Sailor Moon?"
"Aside from this?" He placed his fingers on the golden brooch pinned to her uniform. "I guess little things topped me off."
"This? This is just a cheap toy I got from the toy store, it's an imitation, it isn't real!"
"Oh no?" He plucked it off her chest and rolled it in his hands. "So I guess it wouldn't matter if I squished it and bought you a new one?"
"Of-Of course it would matter! That belongs to me, I like it! You can't steal my stuff, jerk!" She glared at him angrily, swiping at the brooch he held out of her reach. "Give it back! This doesn't prove anything, you know! Lots of people have this brooch! It doesn't make any of them a super hero! So why should it make me one?"
"Oh, I don't know, let me think…you used to be a gymnast, right?"
"Sailor Moon is very agile, she does all kinds of tricks to avoid dangerous blasts of energy. I would say that she's a gymnast."
"All the senshi are gymnasts in their own right, Mamoru. It's what keeps them safe."
"But do all the other senshi have injured wrists that they hurt repeatedly in battle? Injuries that only happened recently, that came from gymnastics?"
"What are you talking about?"
"I happened to overhear Sailor Moon telling a new soldier all about her injury and gymnastics experience at the last battle, Usagi. Simple deduction, and the fact that you have her hair style, height and build, not to mention brooch, lead me to the realization that you aren't who you say you are. Once I realized this, I wondered why I never saw it before!"
"Mamoru, you're-you're psycho!"
"Am I? can you look me in the eye and tell me that I'm lying, that you're not Sailor Moon?"
"Of course I can! I'm not Sailor Moon!"
"There's a difference between looking me in the chin and looking me in the eye, Usagi."
"Why were you so close to Sailor Moon, anyway? Are you stalking her or something?"
"Not hardly. If I tell you a secret, do you promise not to tell?"
"Umm…sure…" She grinned weakly, her mind racing to figure out what he had in store for her as he pushed his way into her mind and lowered her defenses.
"After all, that's what siblings do, right? Share secrets? And we're almost-related now…right?"
He leaned towards her, his breath tickling her ear. "I've known her since the start, Usagi. I know all of her quirks...quirks that you yourself have."
"You-You're lying!"
"Am I? why would Tuxedo Kamen find the need to lie to his closest comrade?"
"What? Stop it, Mamoru, this isn't funny anymore! Please stop…before you're committed to the loony bin…you're starting to really scare me!"
"Oh, but it's true, Usagi. It's totally true."
"No, you just want me to-"
"To what?"
"To say—oh, stop it! Stop this madness now, Mamoru!"
"You want me to stop?"
"Then stop lying to me!"
"But I, I—"
"You what? You're too scared? I bared my soul to you. Isn't it time for you to do the same? You said you trusted me, Usagi!"
"I do, but—"
"Look, you want proof? I'll give you proof!" he looked at her through blazing sapphire eyes, reaching into his coat pocket, and pulling out a rose.
"So you keep roses in your pocket, big deal. You probably put it there so that I would go along with this weird theory of yours."
"No, Usagi." He smiled at her before transforming into her beloved hero.
"You-You're…I mean…I…You…But…"
He chuckled lightly at her stunned expression. "Now you see why I was at the battle the other night."
"But I...but you…"
"Now will you tell me the truth? I'm not going to tell anyone, honest. I'm pretty good at keeping secrets." He grinned ironically as he de-transformed back into his street clothes, staring deeply into her eyes.
"Why are you still fighting it, Usagi?" He lifted her chin gently, staring down at her intently. "Why fight the truth? It is the truth, isn't it?"
"I…I…yes." She gazed at the ground, her voice inaudible, tears misting up her eyes.
"Don't cry. That wasn't so hard, was it? Why were you so scared to tell me? You and I, we're in the same boat here. For once, we're the same. Forced to keep a secret we never asked for to begin with."
"You're right, but—"
"But what? Don't you see? This is the way it was meant to be, Usagi. Now that we know each other, we can be greater assets to one another. We can beat this evil once and for all. Don't you want that? To go back to being a normal girl?"
"More than anything in the world, Mamoru. More than anything in the world."
"Number 23, Akiyama Canty, skating to Emperor."
Tsuzuki leaned forward, his hands on his chin as Canty began to skate around the ice. She flew around the ice, effortlessly landing a quad, performing a spin with both right and left, dancing like she had never danced before.
She finished and skated off the ice as Chieri skated on to begin warming up for the free skate.
6.0, 6.0, 5.9, 6.0, 6.0, 6.0, 6.0, 6.0, 6.0
The announcer came back over the loud speaker, introducing Chieri, who strode to the middle of the rink and stood still before her music began.
He watched her jump into the air, doing a quad without any approach. She flew around the rink gracefully, like a butterfly. She jumped into the air, spinning, seeming to float above the ice. She leaned in horizontally, performing a solo death spiral, before performing what appeared to be a lift.
He heard the crowd around him begin to murmur.
"This is a pairs program!"
"She's skating alone!?"
"It's so sad…not to have a partner…"
He stood up out of his chair, ignoring the crowd, walking down the steps towards the ice, locking eyes with Chieri.
She came to the end of her program, bowing to the crowd, skating off the ice as she bent to pick up a bouquet of flowers.
The announcer came onto the speakers, shock evident in his voice as he exclaimed, "Asuka has captured the hearts of All-Japan! What an unexpected skater! She's nailed to the ground! Her program composition, her choreography, it's an entirely new four and a half minutes! A free skate like she was watching someone next to her…
He grinned at the irony, smiling at Chieri as she came off the ice, holding a ruby red rose out to her. "Did you hurt yourself?"
"No, I forgot about it, I just lost myself in the moment."
He grinned, placing the rose into her hand. "You skated like an angel, Cherry. What were you thinking of?"
She held the rose to her nose, breathing in its sweet aroma. "I was thinking about you, Tsuzuki. Only you…"
The first mark appeared on the scoreboard.
"I'm never going to quit skating, Tsuzuki, not even when I'm old and wrinkled. Just once, do you think that maybe…maybe—"
"Someday, Tsuzuki, someday will you—"
He placed a finger to her rosy lips, silencing her as her final marks appeared on the board, all 6.0's. "Will you be my partner, Cherry?"
He gazed at her, thinking, I'll become strong as well so that I won't lose you, Chieri. With you, my dream of pairs skating will come true, and then, only then, I'll follow my father and take over the company. He grinned at her, taking her hand in his own. "You've come so far, you've become so strong, Cherry." He bent down, pulling her close, kissing her softly, tenderly, as though he would die without her.
6.0…Nine 6.0's! The winner is Asuka Chieri!
He pulled back, grinning down at her, lifting her up and twirling her through the air.
"You did it, Cherry! You did it!!"


"Are you happy, Usagi?"
"Yes, I am. I'm finally at peace with who I am. My secret identity…it's festered inside me, eating away at my emotions. I've always hated it, Mamoru. But, with you by my side…knowing that it was destiny that brought us together…its helped. A lot. Thank you, Mamoru. Thank you for these last few months, for bringing peace to me once and for all. It's because of you I've come so far, because of you I've grown so strong. You were with me until the very end. Even when I went up against Metallia, you're spirit was there by my side. You helped me, Mamoru. Because of you, I'm still here, able to tell you…"
He smiled down at her, enclosing the misty-eyed girl in his arms, soothing her.
"I love you…"
He pulled back, stared down at her, quirky smile lighting up his face. "I love you too, Usagi. Today, tomorrow…for all the days of my life. I'll always love only you, no one else."
"I've finally found my soul mate…"
"You've let me believe in soul mates."
They grinned at each other happily, Usagi standing on her tiptoes to brush her lips against his own, as a star-spangled sky loomed overhead, the stars twinkling merrily as two lovers of the past became one once more.


"Next on the ice are World Championship Gold Medalists Tsuzuki Masanori and Asuka Chieri of Japan! We welcome them to their first exhibition here at Rockefeller Center…welcome to New York!"
Tsuzuki grinned down at the petite girl standing before him and extended his hand to her. They latched hands, gazing into each other's eyes, stealing a quick kiss before stepping out onto the ice.
"Come on, Angel. Let's show them what we're made of, shall we?"
She giggled and nodded, gliding to the center of the rink. "You're my lucky charm now, Tsuzuki. Only you!"
"Good. That's the way it should be."
They grinned at each other once more as the music composed by Fujiwara Hiroshi filtered through the arena.
They linked hands and began skating to the music created solely for them, the music that showed what they felt deep within their hearts.


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February 24, 2002
Day 17 of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

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