Hi. I noticed there was only one Furnace fanfiction, so I decided I HAD to do something! Anyway, in case you missed it, in Lockdown Donovan mentions a guy called Scott White who tried to escape and almost made it. Yeah, so this is his story! Enjoy.

My name's Scott White. I'm not perfect, nobody is. But I don't deserve this. Surely, nobody, not even the worst human being in the world deserves this. I never killed anybody. They framed me, the guys with the black suits. They killed my best friend and framed me. I would never kill anyone. Could never kill anyone, let alone my friend. But the court didn't believe that. I still remember that one word bouncing around my head. Guilty. And that meant a life sentence in Furnace. Or, more accurately, a life sentence in hell. I couldn't take it, tried to escape. I nearly made it. That's one of the worst parts. I actually managed to see daylight for one last time, managed to see grass and trees and rain, managed to escape Furnace for that one glorious moment. And for that wonderful moment, I thought I was free. But it's all over now. I should have known there was no escape from this place. They found me, and dragged me back down here to die.

Help. Anyone. Please, just help me. Those dogs know I'm their next meal. The three huge guys in the black suits are barely holding them back, those evil, shark-like grins still on their faces. The fourth guy is dragging me by the arm, down to where I'm going to die. I tried to escape, and failed. This is my punishment. Death, in the most horrible way possible.

I'm terrified of those dogs. Always have been. In fact, they're one of the main reasons I wanted- no, needed to get out. The second I saw one of them I knew I couldn't stay here. I'd go crazy or die. I remember my escape plan. I almost made it. Nearly. But here, nearly isn't good enough. They found me, dragged me kicking and screaming back down here to die. I don't want to die... but now that I think about it, it's better than a lifetime in here. Better dead than going insane in the hole. But I'd hoped that if I did get caught they wouldn't set the dogs on me. They could kill me any way they wanted, but it had to be the dogs, didn't it? My worst fear. A small sob escapes my throat and the silver eyed guy holding me grins.

"Not long now!" he laughs. "Did you honestly think you could escape Furnace? You worm. Look, they all know what's gonna happen to you. Nobody's ever gonna to try to escape again after this display." I follow his finger, and realise that we're not alone. We're in gen pop. I can see the inmates looking out at me through the bars of their cells, terrified. Why are they scared? They're not the ones that are gonna get ripped to pieces.

I choke when I see one familiar face looking out at me. Jake, my old cell mate stares at me out through the bars. He's crying.

"I told you it wouldn't work," he sobs. The black suit stops.

"You were in on this guy's plan?" he asks Jake, shaking me roughly. "And you didn't think to tell us?" Jake shrinks back.

"No, he didn't!" I said. "I just kept talking about escape all the time. I never told him my plan. He told me there was no escape from Furnace. I didn't believe him." Anything, just let Jake stay safe. The blacksuit smiles another one of those terrible, shark-like grins.

"And look where that got you, huh?" One of the dogs lunges at me suddenly, tugging the blacksuit behind him forward a couple of metres. I leap back, terrified. The thought that this is going to be happening to me for real in just a few minutes is too horrible to even think of. The blacksuits laugh. And so do some of the other inmates in gen pop.

"Get him!" whoops Kevin, the leader of the Skulls. There are catcalls and jeers from his henchmen. They're loving this. They love seeing people scared, getting hurt, being killed. Anger rises up inside me.

"I hope something like this happens to you one day," I whisper. "I hope you get torn apart!" Kevin laughs, pressing his face to the bars.

"And maybe it will. But you won't be around to see it, will you?" He sprays my face with spit with each word. The blacksuits begin walking again, taking me with them. They had stopped to interrogate Jake and so that Kevin could taunt me. Now we continue on. My pulse is racing. I can feel each and every one of my heart beats thumping in my chest, and my breaths are shallow and fast. I can feel my legs begin to turn to jelly. Not that it matters. The blacksuit is dragging me along anyway.

Suddenly, we stop. My stomach turns somersaults. No... this can't be happening... how did it all go wrong? My plan was perfect, wasn't it? I can't remember how it all went wrong. As if sensing my thoughts, the four blacksuits smile as one.

"Here we are, little boy." The dogs growl and snap as if sensing that they're about to be fed. I suddenly find myself wondering how many other inmates have died like this, chewed apart by mutant dogs. Involuntarily, I look at their teeth and claws. Sharper than razors, they are stained with an ominous red colour. Slobber drips from their muscular jaws and they almost appear to be grinning at me. The way they look at me says one thing only. Dinner. I feel as if I'm about to throw up. Those animals are killers, alright. My last little shred of stupid hope, that maybe they wouldn't be as bad as the others, is destroyed instantly. I'm doomed.

The blacksuit beside me releases my shoulder and I almost collapse to my knees. I don't want to die! Not like this! Couldn't they have just shot me and got it over and done with? I should have remembered, that's what Furnace does. Takes your worst nightmares and turns them to reality. I look pleadingly at the blacksuit who had been holding me, searching his emotionless silver eyes for the slightest trace of pity. Needless to say, there is none.

"Better get running, weakling!" He hisses.

I take a few steps backwards and break into an unsteady run. My legs are wobbly, like they haven't been used for years. There's no way I can escape the dogs like this. Not that I could escape them even if I could run properly. Maybe I should just lie down and die. Running will surely only make it worse. Then, I look over my shoulder and see a sight that changes my mind instantly. The blacksuits release the dog's leashes, and the skinless killers howl in delight before chasing after their prey.