Why? Why in god's name do I always pick the bad boys, someone I try to fix up and end up failing terribly, when I knew better?

Well, that is something I will never know but right now I knew bad boy number three is one Tim Riggins, the football player I swore I'd never date and here I am.

And I can't stop myself from falling right over the edge and straight into the danger zone, love, that always ends with one broken heart, mine.


"Veronica Mars, it seems we meet again, what about that unbreakable rule about no bad boys?"

"I'm still holding to it, Riggins, I haven't broken it yet."

When this whole thing becomes more then I planned, as expected, he'll learn each rule and why most of them are in existence because of the one and only Logan Echolls.

(the first 'bad boy' in my life)

"But you will, I'll make sure of it."

But here and now was only filled endless amounts of flirting that's getting harder to turn off, if I found most of exes I bet the same thing would happen, and me trying really hard not to fall for the sonofabitch and failing.

"Sadly, Tim, I think you finally said something right."

"Don't I always, Mars?"


"Veronica Mars, so I hear you're a bitch, I was hoping that wasn't true."

"And who told you that lovely compliment?"

(the list was starting to form and trust me it was not a small one)

"It was quite a number of people but I never judge until I see for myself."

It wasn't decided yet if I would give him my interest, praying this one came baggage free (and without a criminal past) , but he was slowly winning me over with that smile.

(and this coming from the girl who swore off jocks)

"So am I the queen of bitchtown or not?"

"No, a little mouthy but not a bitch at all. And trust me, Mars, I would know."

without even the first date under my belt I can tell when a guy will be the ruin of me (hey I did date a jackass for a few years) and that is when he makes me need to inhale after leaving me breathless.

(I fully approve of the corniness)


"You going to leave me, Mars?"

He already knows way too much about me and that I love to run when ever I get the chance, and sometimes I get chased, and tucked in our bed he always asks the same thing.

(and 'are you going to leave me for this Logan Echolls douchebag?')

"I was thinking of it but don't worry I try not to leave the ones that leave me breathless."

"Then you'll be with me until you suffocate."