Hi, it's me again. I know the beginning to this story may seem a little far fetched, but then again, what plot in Sailor Moon isn't far fetched? With that said, I don't want anyone flaming me saying `Oh LIR, that would never happen!' or `LIR, Kakyuu wouldn't do that.' If you know what I mean. For now the rating on this is R but if mood strikes me, I'll be turning it into NC-17, (the mood always strikes me! ^.~)

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[::Rekindling Stars::]

by Lady In Red

She missed her, she missed her more than mere words could express. The loneliness was becoming all too much for her to take lately and if she didn't find an escape she would surely drown in her own ocean of tears. "Achk, how cliché." She said out loud, separate from her thoughts.

She was the Princess of a lost Utopia, one that existed so many years ago on the moon. Usagi sat in silence, letting her thoughts get the better of her, as she had done many of times before this one. They were all the same thoughts, and no new revelations were coming from them. It was getting old, this problem of hers, and if she didn't do something about it soon, she would get dragged down with it.

The inner senshi had grown apart in a sense, with no high school and no battles there was really no reason for them to collectively get together. Usagi tried to pretend that it didn't bother her so much, she didn't want anyone to worry about her, and no one did. They all assumed that now that everything was settling down and Usagi had Mamoru back things would be better, quieter... but they weren't. Mamoru had grown just as distant as the senshi had from Usagi, but there was no one around to notice their separation, no one there to bring them back together. They had both long sense lost the hope of ever seeing Chibi-Usa again, though the subject never came up in conversation.

All of these depressing thoughts lead her to that inevitable thought, Seiya. Why did she dwell on her so much? It had been years since they had last seen one another, and Usagi felt the pain of every waking moment. She wished more than anything that she could see Seiya just one more time, even just to see how his life had turned out, just for a moment. It was decided... she would go to Kinmoku in search of Seiya.

Earth held nothing for her any longer, and there was no real reason to stay behind. Usagi stood from her seat and watched as the sun tucked itself behind the distant mountains for the night.


Usagi waited anxiously in the private quarters of the Princess of Kinmoku. Not interested in anything around her, her thoughts once again crept up on her. She was really here, really on Kinmoku. She was going to see the Starlights again. Her stomach was doing some of the oddest things she had ever felt. This was the first time in a long time that Usagi had been truly happy.

"Sailor Moon?" Kakyuu questioned as she entered the room alone leaving her normal bodyguards to wait outside the door. Usagi stood and greeted Kakyuu with a hug, which neither of them had really been expecting, but Usagi was ready to bounce off the walls.

"Kakyuu, how have you been?"

"Just fine and you?" Kakyuu stared back at the blond questioningly, she truly had no idea why she had come here, and without senshi guard.

A smile crossed Usagi's face as she looked directly in to Kakyuu's eyes. "I've been better. That is why I have come here. I wanted to become part of your senshi army."

"Nani?!" Kakyuu was taken back a moment until she felt Usagi take her hand.

"Please, I wish to protect you in any way I can." Usagi bowed down before the red haired princess.

Kakyuu truly did not know what to think of her actions and her mind raced to unimaginable conclusions. "But you are a Princess... a Princess of the same status as myself. Why would you want to denounce your throne and serve here?"

Usagi stood, "I have no throne to denounce, the ruler of Earth is Prince Endymion, I was to marry him in the future, but that doesn't seem so any more." She moved to the window adjacent to the large table. "I want to see her again..."

Kakyuu now knew immediately why she had come. "To see Fighter again?" She questioned to make sure she was right.

Usagi turned from the window with a smile. "Yes, to see Fighter again."

"But to become part of my army just to see her is unnecessary."

"No, I want to become part of your army so that I may live and be with her everyday of my remaining life." She couldn't believe that she was professing her affection to Kakyuu this way, but it must be done so that she may accept her as her senshi.

Kakyuu winced at her statement. Those words had stung, and hurt her deep down. "You wish to become a Starlight?" Usagi nodded and bowed down once again in front of Kakyuu. "Well you have certainly proven the worth of your shine, and I would be a fool to not accept your power on my side, but there is one more thing."

Usagi looked up, taking Kakyuu's hand into her own. "Anything..." She lightly kissed the woman's hand.

"You must not tell the others who you are."

"Nani?" Usagi jerked back. "Doushite?"

Kakyuu came and set her hands on Usagi's shoulders ushering her up to her level. "I can not be sure that Fighter feels the same way for you. If you tell her who you are, she may just pretend to be nice to you, but if you do not, then we shall see her true feelings." Kakyuu was lying but didn't feel that she should reveal her true intentions just yet.

"Won't she recognize me?"

"No, you are becoming a Starlight. You will receive a Starlight fuku and wear your hair in the traditional low pony tail." Kakyuu traced the blonde's shoulders to come up and hold her face with her hands. "Welcome home my Starlight." She said as she kissed her cheek and transforming her as her senshi.

Usagi backed away amazed at what had happened. She was now clad in a leather fuku with pink ribbons tied in bows around her upper arms and a pink ribbon choker around her neck. Kakyuu smiled at her and stepped closer to her again. "Sailor Star Lover, you are welcome here on Kinmoku." Lover bowed and thanked Kakyuu once again for everything she had done for her. Kakyuu couldn't help but take in the sight of the new Starlight in front of her. She truly was beautiful in everyway, and now she was all hers. "Come, I shall show you to your room."


Fighter laid around lazily as she usually did when they were technically off duty. "What do we need with another senshi?" She heard Healer say as her and Maker approached. Fighter didn't intend on getting up, and continued to sprawl out in her current position on the bed.

"Her star feels very bright, and almost familiar." Maker thought aloud.

Healer's voice was louder as they had entered the room now. "But that still doesn't explain why we need a new Starlight!" She retorted getting impatient with Maker's diversion of her question.

"A new Starlight?" Fighter asked from the bed still not rising.

Maker came over and sat beside the relaxed girl. "Yes, we have a new Starlight, and it seems that Kakyuu has taken a special interest in her."

"Special interest?" Fighter questioned now turning her head to look in Maker's direction.

"That's right, `special interest'." Healer answered. "You'd better look out Fighter, no matter how qualified you are to be leader, Kakyuu could just as easily replace you with her bed mate."

"Healer!" Maker snapped signaling that she had gone too far.

"Gomen, but it's true."

Fighter sat up. "Kakyuu has taken a new senshi as a lover?"

"No, we can't say that, but that's just the impression that Healer got from the Princess when she spoke of her." Maker rolled her eyes a bit.

"Impression? Ha! I felt it, Kakyuu's thoughts for this new Starlight are definitely impure!" Healer's comments were cut short by a sound at the door. All three Starlights stood up to present themselves.

Kakyuu opened the door and entered the room followed by a blond Starlight. "My Starlights, I would like to introduce you to Sailor Star Lover. She will be the newest member of our senshi."

Fighter, Healer and Maker all bowed a little reluctantly, they didn't want to take their eyes off of this new girl who seemed to be smiling in a strange sort of way at them. She had extremely long blond hair tied back in a low ponytail, brilliant blue eyes that showed all the shine of her star seed and was dressed in the usual Starlight uniform. Fighter being the leader stepped forward after her bow. "I am Fighter." She said while shaking her hand firmly.

Lover's eyes seemed to hold a certain quality that she couldn't place right at the moment. There was something special about this girl. There was something there, something being hidden and she felt drawn to it, very drawn to it. Lover spoke bringing Fighter out of her trans. "Nice to meet you."

Maker and Healer approached and did the same, neither of them quite noticing the same quality that Fighter had, but both of them were preoccupied with the notion that this could be the Princess' new lover. The name certainly fit.


Lover's heart swelled when she flopped back on her bed. Kakyuu and the guards had left her alone in what was now to be her room. The décor was pink and quite lavish for a mere senshi. Even though these splendors surrounded her she was still wishing for the one thing that wasn't there. Seeing Fighter again was like a breath of fresh air. So what if she didn't know who she was, it was a chance for them to start over again.

Lover was giddy and couldn't wait to fall asleep so that she could wake up and see Fighter again. She had been perfect, just the way she remembered her from all of those years ago. The long jet-black ponytail, seemingly even longer legs that were shaped and formed just right for her and they lead up to that gorgeous body of hers. Lover fought the tremendous urge to run across the room and hug her the moment she saw her. It was going to be hard to fight those feelings off, but to be near Fighter, she would endure anything.


"What was that?" Healer questioned Fighter when they were alone with Maker.

"What was what?" Fighter asked not really caring for a response.

Healer looked to Maker to see if she was alone in her thinking. Maker made no attempt to show her thoughts. "That could possibly be the stupidest thing you could ever do!" She started to lecture Fighter. "And you've done some pretty stupid things!"

"Nani?" Fighter asked and also looked to Maker. Once again Maker refused to show her emotions about the subject, but she knew exactly what Healer was referring to.

"Don't play dumb with me. I saw the way you looked at her!" Healer took Fighter by the shoulders. "Don't do this."

"At least it's better to have a fantasy about some one who is here that she can never have, rather than some one who is half way across the galaxy that she can never have." Maker chuckled a bit at her own comment.

"Shut up!" Fighter turned and gave Maker the death stare. "What do you know!?"

"Nothing I guess." And with that Maker turned and left for her own room, she didn't have time to explain an analysis of Fighter's problems to her.

"Are you saying you've given up the thought that Usagi could be your only love?" Yaten asked being a bit more gentle and sitting down beside her friend.

Fighter looked her in the eyes. "Now why would I do that?" She laughed a bit at her own pathetic statement. "She felt just like her..."

"Oh no!" Healer fell back on the bed. "Not only are you still in love with some one who doesn't return your feelings, but now you're being attracted to some one else because they remind you of that person. To make matters worse, this new attraction seems to be the apple of our Princess's eye!"


Morning came and Lover awoke to find that she was early. She quickly got out of bed and raced out into the halls, only briefly being in the palace didn't give her enough sense of where everything was, but she knew where Fighter's room had been. Her boots clicked loudly on the marble floor as she neared the end of the hall where she knew Fighter's room to be, suddenly the door opened in front of her but she was going to fast to slow down.

On her butt!

"Gomen ne!" Fighter said as she realized that she had knocked some one over. Another look down would show her that she had knocked over her new comrade. "Are you alright?"

Lover sat up and held her head. "Oh god, I think so!" She said but then looked up to see Fighter looking down at her concerned. She displayed a weird sort of smirk and accepted Fighter's gloved hand to help her up. She was a bit shorter than the raven-haired senshi and looked to be the shortest of the Starlights. "Arigato."

Fighter caught herself staring at the blond and she couldn't help but wonder why she had been smiling at her that way. A cough from behind her brought her back to reality as Healer made her presence known. "Maker is already out on the field."

"Good morning Healer." Lover said with a smile and a wave. Healer didn't say anything, she didn't exactly care for this new senshi, and she didn't exactly trust her. There was more to her than meets the eye.

"Don't bother." Fighter answered. "She's not exactly a morning person." Healer mumbled something under her breath and walked away.

Lover just laughed and began to follow her. Fighter didn't move immediately and instead just watched Lover go. Her laugh had been captivating and she was being sucked into her aura even more. "So mysterious."

"Fighter!" Healer called from down the hall standing next to Lover. "The Princess will be watching today, so I suggest that you wake up and not be late!" In a second Fighter was by their sides and ready to go.


"My lady, why are we watching the Starlights train today?" Zankou asked as he looked up at his princess. Zankou was Kakyuu's right hand man and advisor.

Kakyuu smiled as she saw the Starlights approaching the field. "Can you keep a secret?"

"You know I can." He smiled.

"Do you see our new senshi out there? Sailor Star Lover?" She questioned pointing in the process.


"That is Sailor Moon."

Zankou looked shocked but then smirked a bit. "So you're saying that Lover is Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, to be Neo-Queen Serenity and the object of your desire?"

Kakyuu smiled at his statement, she had previously told him about her thoughts towards the moon princess. "Fate just has a funny way of playing its hand doesn't it?"

"If you mean by the fact that the one girl, unobtainable to you has come and pledged her loyalty to you and presented herself as an underling that you have complete control over, than yes, it does." They both smiled and saw the senshi form a square.

"Healer and I will practice today, and you and Lover can go at it over there." Maker pointed to an area not too far away.

Lover blushed a bit at the comment letting her perverse mind get the better of her. `go at it...' She giggled a little bit and then noticed Fighter staring at her. "Nani?"

"Are you laughing because you think you can beat me?" Fighter asked as they walked to their designated area. "Let me tell you now, I will remain leader of the Starlights... no matter what you do behind close doors." It was almost as though her words were laced with venom.

`What was she talking about?' Lover stopped as they reached their destination. "I'm not trying to take your position, and I don't presume to believe that I can beat you."

Fighter was a little thrown off by this, that wasn't what she had expected to hear. "Well good." She walked away and stood about 100 meters away from Lover. "Let's see what you've got."

"Nani?" Lover called. She didn't want to attack or fight Fighter, she actually didn't even know if she could. She had no time to think more about it though until Fighter's attack was soaring towards her.


Lover had to think quickly and counter the attack somehow without hurting Fighter.


The two attacks collided and drew the attention of Healer and Maker in the process while Kakyuu just looked on with a broad smile on her face. It appeared that the two were equal in power, if anything, Lover was ahead, but not by much. Fighter became disgusted that the new Starlight didn't go down as easily as she had anticipated and began to charge in her direction.

"It's amusing to see Fighter trying so desperately to attack the one person she truly loves." Zankou smiled with enjoyment. The comment was true and Kakyuu felt a little bad for what she was doing to her Starlight. She wanted Usagi for herself, and perhaps this way she could drive the two apart.

Fighter was almost upon Lover and it didn't look as though Lover was moving out of the way of the on coming attack. "Why do I have to fight you?" She asked as Fighter came down upon her.

"Nani?" Fighter asked as she huffed trying to catch her breath. Fighter had the blond Starlight pinned to the ground straddling her and holding both of her arms at bay.

Lover smiled up at Fighter and didn't struggle to free herself. "I believe that nothing is gained by fighting." She watched as the completely puzzled look spread across Fighter's face and smiled because she knew she must have been thinking of Sailor Moon.

Fighter watched the peculiar smile appear on Lover's face again and found herself staring once again into her blue eyes. They were just like hers... "Well done, but perhaps you need more training my little Starlight." Kakyuu said walking up next to the two on the ground. She didn't like the position Fighter had gotten them into and was quick to put an end to it.

Fighter removed herself from the pink-ribboned Starlight and stood to brush herself off. "I will train her." She offered and helped Lover up from the ground.

"Nani?" Kakyuu asked, and thought quickly for a cover. "I believe you have more important duties to attend to, I will leave Lover's training to Healer."

"NANI?!" Healer screeched coming up to the conversation.

Maker laughed a bit behind her. "It seems that jealousy is already starting to rear its ugly head, ne?" Maker whispered to Healer low enough so that Kakyuu, Fighter and Lover would not hear.

Healer smirked at the comment and looked from Kakyuu to Fighter. "I will train Lover, if that is what you wish Princess."