This is my first fan fiction so please don't be too harsh. I recently started reading Grimmjow and Ulquiorra stories so that's what I'm writing about.

Chapter 1 A New Life

High school is supposed to be fun right? Wrong. If you just moved to a new town a week before going to a new school you'd think it'd suck to. But not my mom.

"You'll make lots of friends on your first day, Ulquiorra. You're smart, good at puzzles and very handsome."

The handsomeness she was referring to was the teal streaks on my face. All she cared about was looks.

"It would help to if you smiled a bit too"

Again with smiling. I don't like to smile. I never look right when I do.

"I need to go mom. Don't want to be late." I muttered the last part of the sentence, knowing what would come next.

"You don't need to be on time all the time. You can be five-ten minutes late."

At my last school I was called the teachers pet since I was always the first in the class room and had the best grades. Infact, that's kind of why we moved. She didn't like how I didn't have any friends, so this is kind of like a way for me to start over.

"Goodbye." I left before she could say anything else. To be honest, I was surprised that she was even there when I woke up. She and dad both work usually from five to ten. I think there some kind of scientist; I really don't have time to ask them.

God, it's hot out. It's a ten minute walk from my house to the school but this heat made it miserable. First of all this uniform weighs about five pounds, then I have a tie and a vest over them, and second the school colors are dark blue and mustard yellow. I look like a walking trout.

Yada yada yada, ten minutes later I appear in front of my new personal hell hot, tired, and irritated. What a great way to start the day.

Again, like I said, I'm new here and I didn't get a schedule last year, so I headed to the office to pick it up.

I'm glad I didn't take mom's advice to be five minutes late. No one was here yet and that meant I was free from being stared at for a little longer.

As soon as I walked in the main office, an obnoxious high voice called "Hello there. Need help?"

I was kind of shocked to see it was a guy there and he was young but had silver hair. With the creepiest face I've ever seen. Looked kind of snakie.

"Yeah, I'm Ulquiorra Schiffer. I need to pick up my schedule."

"Ah. Yes, yes. Let me see… I put it rrriiiggghhhttt here. Here it is." And he handed me a crumpled piece of yellow paper.

He really was snake-like. I turned and walked out real quick, making a mental note to try and never go back in there unless it was life and death.

Maybe I moved a little too quickly. As soon as I left the office, I turned to take one last look at the snake and bumped into something really, really hard.

Oof! Like hitting a rock. A scolding rock with blue hair.

"What do you think you're doing? Scum." Wow, can he make a face that only a mother could love. If she does love him.


"So you decided to walk in to me, huh?"

Is he really this stupid or is he mentally challenged some how? To make it even better the waiting area was now full and becoming fuller by the minute.

"If I wanted to walk into something I would have picked a brick wall over you. Then it would have been quick and I wouldn't be here answering your stupid questions."

He turned slightly red at that as people started to laugh. Guess he was just stupid.

"Wow, he knew you for, like, twenty seconds, and he already has you figured out Grimmjow." A really tall kid with another snakish face yelled from behind him. Wonder if he's related to the guy in the office.

From a simple comment like that it caused him to yell. "SHUT UP, NNOITORA, LIKE YOUR ANY SMARTER!"

Yup, he's stupid. This conversation was boring, so I turned and started walking away.

"Where do you think your going? Running away from a fight?"

"What fight? Besides, I wasted enough time talking to garbage." Shoot. Calling people garbage was another thing that made me unpopular at my old school. Mom had made me promise not to say that word again. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Next thing I knew there was a hand gripping hard at my shirt pulling me really close into a really scary face. Everyone had gone quiet. Guess they weren't stupid enough not to sense bloodlust.

"What did you just say?" he said it really quiet but it didn't hide the threat hidden between the words.


"Get to class, everyone. Come on, the bell rang. Grimmjow, that means you too."

"Yes, principle Aizen." Then he leaned into my ear and whispered so only I could hear. "You. Are. Dead."

I really wish I hadn't had that little confrontation with what's-his-face. Not only do I now look like a fool trying to find my homeroom, but now the whole school knew me as the kid that called the rock garbage.

Well actually finding my homeroom was a lie. It was right down the hall so I had first pick for a seat still. So I picked the one in the far corner; hopefully no one would notice me and I'd just slip through high school unnoticed.

Well, that was the plan, but now, due to today accident, I will never be free from people's stares.

"Hey, that's the guy…"

"…Look at him, he paints his nails."

"Take on Grimmjow? No way, he'd get killed"

Garbage talking trash about others isn't that great. All day that's all I heard from everyone in my class. So what if I paint my nails black? I can do it if I want to, and no offence, but I probably could take on that rock in a fight.

Math, Science, Social Studies and Language arts went by quick and easy except for the whispers that kept following me. Oh, and did I mention that the rock Grimmjow was also in my class?

"Hey, newb, how's your day going? Good?" Grimmjow mocked as he slapped the text books in my hand to the ground.

As he passed by laughing, I glared at him so hard that he stopped.


Finally, lunch time. I wasn't hungry, but it was a chance to get away from everyone. So while everyone headed to the cafeteria, I went up to the roof. To be honest, I though it would be locked, but it opened with ease.

There wasn't anything special up there, but it was quiet and away from Grimmjow. To be honest, it was the best forty five minutes of my day so far. Especially after my next period: Art.

We weren't supposed to touch any of the art supplies, but somehow I still managed to get red paint in my hair. When I looked around to see what happened, through sticky red I saw blue and a huge grin.

"What happened, newb? Had an accident?"

I spent the rest of that period scudding my head and clothes. Occasionally Grimmjow would look over at me trying to get cleaned and laugh so loud that people in the halls looked in to see what happened, making it even more embarrassing.

I had gym next and I was determined to get him back.

After the teacher explained everything, there was fifteen minutes left in class.

"Alright, everyone, we're going to spend the last few minutes of class playing dodge ball. This half of the room is on one team, this half is on the other."

Like I said, I was going to get Grimmjow back for the hair paint, and I couldn't think of a better way than with dodge ball.

I may not have been widely liked at my previous school, but I was good at almost every sport we did, so I was always picked first, and dodge ball was one of my specialties.

When Grimmjow saw that I wasn't on his team, you would have though Christmas came early. He had on a huge grin and was laughing with his friends as they did an impression of him hitting someone really hard with a ball and them falling over in pain.

Guess that was supposed to be me.

Now that I looked at him with his friends, they all seemed out of place. One had pink hair and glasses that made him resemble a girl; the one with brown hair looked like he was sleeping standing up; there was snake 2 ,that Nnoitora Grimmjow yelled at earlier; and a blond boy with a eye patch.

When the whistle blew they all moved fairly quickly to get all the balls.

It became quickly apparent that my team wasn't the most athletic. Most of them couldn't throw or would try to catch the balls and just get hit in the head.

To be honest, I just stayed in the back while all the rest of my team got knocked out. Grimmjow's gang didn't even seem to notice me when they were randomly tossing balls around. Occasionally a ball did come after me, but I would just step out of the way, not even needing to take my hands out of my pockets.

When it was down to me and one other boy, I finally picked up a ball. I wanted to just go against Grimmjow and the other four were in my way. Luckily my team had managed to get everyone else out so I didn't have much to do.

I aimed for snakie first since he creeped me out and he was aiming at the boy. Right after he threw and got the boy out and his team started to cheer. I threw my ball at him. I say throw, but I really mean chucked it at him, since it went fast and hard right into his shoulder.

Everyone was quiet, which now seem to be a natural thing whenever I did anything.

"Nnoitora, you're out. Go sit down," Our gym teacher called since he seem to be shocked in place. Guess they don't get out that often.

"Get him for me Tesla." Nnoitora yell as he stalked off the court. The one-eyed kid must be Tesla since he nodded at Nnoitora's retreating back.

It was still four against one. Since I wanted to keep Grimmjow in, I would just have to avoid his throws.

All at once, I had three balls coming right at my head. I knew how they were going to play as soon as I saw that one kid didn't throw.

Right when the balls were about to make contact with my skull, I spread my legs apart and just dropped so that I was about two feet shorter and about three feet off the floor.

I swung my right hand out of my pocket and proceeded to stop the fourth ball by clutching my fingers tightly around it.

"Stark your out," The teacher called again. This time the brown haired sleeping boy walked off.

All that was in my way now was Tesla and pinky.

This time, Grimmjow threw a high ball. It was to just be a distraction, but I still threw the ball I was holding at it just to be safe; I successfully knocked it away.

I returned my gaze to them in time to see two balls coming at me in two different directions. I grabbed the first one that reached me and bunted away the second.

This time the silent was broken by a few cheers from my team and the teacher had to yell a bit to be heard.

"Szayel, your out." And the guy with pink hair stomped off.

Now it was just Grimmjow and Tesla.

Tesla threw his ball right at me, no tricks. They must have been getting desperate with all of them getting out.

I caught it with ease to even louder cheers, and in one continuing movement, I returned it as hard as I could, putting all the pain and humiliation I had suffered all day into it as it hit Grimmjow in the middle of his chest, knocking him onto his butt.

Even his own team cheered for me. Guess they've all been hit by his gang and I had gotten him back for all of them.

Nnoitora stormed over to Tesla and started yelling at him for getting out.

"Really, just toss it at him! He won't catch it! He may have dodged three balls, but he won't be able to get on! Are you an idiot, Tesla?"

"Sorry, Nnoitora. I was just trying to help."

"Well help right next time!"

"Will you two just SHUT UP!?" Grimmjow roared as he got off his butt.

No one seemed to care that he or his gang was furious. They were all laughing and cheering.

But still no one came near me. Guess I repel people no matter what I do.

The five of them had stopped talking and were now just glaring strait at me.

I was in for now.

I had embarrassed them and they were now out to get me. I better make sure they don't follow me back home or I'll be in real trouble.


As soon as I heard that bell, I was out of that gym. Yeah, that's kind of wimpy of me after I said I could probably take on Grimmjow, but I probably couldn't take on him and his gang.

What took ten minutes to walk this morning took only five, with me speed walking. (Even with me looking over my shoulder every three seconds.)

When I arrived at my house, I was soaked in sweat and just plan-out tired. I usually don't move quicker then a walk.

I dropped my backpack on the bench in the foyer along with my sweated-through, ugly, yellow vest and blue tie.

Soda. Yeah, I know, soda's not good for you when you're thirsty. But it's all I drink. Water has no taste, so I'm not really fond of it.

I had already gotten out the glass when I noticed a wrapped package on the counter. I pored myself some root beer and sat down at the bar.

Happy first day! Hope you made lots of friends! This is to help save the trees. My mom had written on the card.

Yeah, I made lots of friends. If the new meaning for friends is enemies. But what does 'save trees' mean?

I reached over and picked up the bundle.

Wow, its heavy.

I pulled off the red wrapping paper, another reminder of how bad today was, and found a teal laptop.

Really, mom a teal laptop? You couldn't have picked another color?

Well, it's better then red. But this would explain why she told me not to buy notebooks this year.

Like I'm really going to bring something this expensive around Grimmjow. He'd drop it in the toilet.

It was nice, though, and I didn't have anything else to write on in school, so I really had no choice. Guess I'll just have to be careful.

For dinner I heated up some ramen and had more soda. I sat in the living room like I usually do and watched some show where they had that actor, Ichigo, running around with a sword, fighting these people called 'soul reapers.'

I'm not a fan of the show, but nothing else was on.

Eventually, I got a shower and went to bed. Then, about half-an-hour later, I heard the front door open and was greeted by my parent's voice.

"Ulquiorra, are you still up?"

"Of course he's not up. He's probably tired from school."

I closed my eyes and rolled over. I've gotten used to not seeing them that often, so it didn't really matter whether they were there or not.

As I laid there, all the things that happened today came rushing back to me.

Dodge ball, snake faces, red paint, laughter, awkward silences, and of course…..


Hope you enjoyed it. Once my beta finishes checking my next chapter I'll post it. But so you know it will become more yaoi like as time goes on so all you yaoi fans out there hang on for a bit.