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Ch 20: Happier Times


Tesla's lifeless body fell onto me covering my shirt and face in his blood. I couldn't move. He was just talking to me, smiling even and now he was gone his expression blank and eye dark.

I started to panic I couldn't hear anyone running threw the halls to rush into the room to see what the noise was.

It was like no one cared that he was dead.

I slowly laid him on the floor, trying not to look at his face. 'If I hurry maybe I can get him help.' I ran out the door leaving a bloody hand print on the handle, running down the hall I tried to yell for help but I couldn't make any noise. The hall was getting longer, no matter how fast I ran I wouldn't move any farther. The smell of his blood on me was suffocating.

I tried to wipe it off as I ran but more of it appeared spreading over my hands and face covering me in him.

"Ulquiorra..." Grimmjow was calling me, he could help.

"Grimmjow? Where are you?"

"Ulquiorra..." His voice was getting louder he was running towards me. "Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra Wake Up!"

I started to become aware that I was being violently shaken by someone as the nightmare disappeared. "Grimmjow?"

"Are you alright? You were flailing in your sleep." He helped me to sit up in the bed.

"It was the dream again." It had happened five years ago but I couldn't forget the smells, the body.

The blood.

I have had this dream many times before and Grimmjow knew exactly what I meant. All he could do was hold me until the images disappeared.

"You were doing better though that was the first time in months you had that dream."

"Yeah." I rested his head against his muscular shoulder. To think after all this time I still couldn't get him out of my head I just wanted to forget this day.

'That was probably his intention to make me never forget about him.'

After the..."incident" I spent the rest of my high school years isolated from everyone but Grimmjow and his group. Probably out of fear that I would cause their untimely death too no one hung around me for long. But all I needed was Grimmjow. We were now attending the same collage, Hucu mundo university, and were living in our own apartment on the campus.

Grimmjow gave me a squeeze before climbing out of bed. Walking over to the window he pulled back the shades to let in the little amount of morning light.

"Dame it's early." I knew I couldn't go back to sleep so I when to get a shower. By the time I was don't Grimmjow had breakfast out on the table.

"You don't have any classes today right?"

"Yeah. Who would of thought that learning businesses would be so laid back." Why Grimmjow went into businesses I'll never know. He has zero people skills. Shortly before graduating he had yelled at Szayel in front of his boss just for disagreeing with him on whether of not Principal Aizen was gay for Gin.

Our schedule the last few years was wake up and go to school for the morning then the rest of the day we had off.

Which left us with plenty of alone time.

After we ate I left for class, giving Grimmjow a quick kiss. Having to catch a bus an hour and a half before I needed to be in my seat was rather tedious.

The classes were rather boring too, studying to be a forensic was not as exciting as the TV made it out to be. But it was tolerable for the most part.

Soon enough I found myself waiting at the bus stop again after class.

'Sometimes I wish Grimmjow had brought up his dam car.' His parents didn't want him to run off while at school so they hide his key so he couldn't find them. Grimmjow spent three weeks looking for those key and never found them. I wouldn't of even of known where they were if I didn't knock over one of there plants when sneaking in.

I still hated that car then so I just reburied them.

When the bus arrived I climbed on and sat myself right behind the driver. Thinking about the past made me feel old. Trying to suppress unappealing memories and keeping the good ones close to the surface. Often on the bus I would drift off in thought and find myself thinking about the past and what I could change now that I knew better.

The bus stopped again after about a half hour and I stepped out into the warm fall afternoon. Our apartment was rather big compared to the other I noticed a while back. Out parents were paying for the food and board so I guess they worked something out.

But the place was rather nice with the two bedrooms, one was used for storage mainly or if we fought, with each it's own bathroom, a kitchen/dining area and a living room.

'Least my parent could do really.' Mom never did quit her job like she said. But I had Grimmjow over most of the time or I was over his place which made the house a little less empty.

Unlocking the apartment door I tossed my bag against the umbrella holder. "I'm back."

"In the kitchen." The television was on as I walked into the living room.

"Do you really need to watch cops every chance you get?" The show always had either drunk people on or crazies. I didn't think it was very good but Grimmjow couldn't get enough of it. Once we were at a restraint and he kept looking under the table eventually I "convinced" him to show me what he was looking at. He was watching cops on his phone.

"Well you weren't here to complain about it so I took the chance."

Rolling my eyes I sat down on the couch looking around as I did to see where he put the remote.

Grimmjow walked out of the kitchen with an apple and sat down next to me. "So how was your day?"

'Boring, uneventful, lame, I'd rather rip my eye out then sit threw another class.' But if I told him that he would freak out. Ever since Tesla's "incident", he's had me on a kind of suicide watch. Anytime that I told him I felt like that he would start worrying about me.

"It was fine." He laid his hand over my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. The mood felt just like the time it had when his father walked in on us sitting this way. Strained and careful.

It was only a few days after the "incident" and Grimmjow had been comforting me to make sure that I was really fine about what happened. His dad was rather upset when he walked in on this and tried to get me to leave. It only made him more upset when Grimmjow yelled at him that I was his boyfriend and that we were going out. After that their relationship became more and more strained.

"That's good." He took a bit out of his apple before offering some to me. Instead of taking it from him I bit a piece off. "Did you see the paper?" He continued. "Nnoitora's going to jail for beating someone up in a bar fight."

That problem child.

After freshman year he started to drink and become violent towards anyone that walked in front of him. Meaning that he was soon kicked out of the Grimmjows gang after he threw a chair at Grimmjow that left a rather large scar on his chest.

"That suck for him. Who did he beat up?"

He shrugged "An off duty cop." and took another bit of the apple.

'Well that really sucks.' The show was rather boring so to make things a bit more interesting I pecked him on the cheek. He didn't react though, probably just thinking that it didn't mean anything.

"You are clueless."

"Wait? What did I do now?" He wined. Pushing his arm off of me I stood up and leaned in real close to his face.

I stared at him for a few seconds before sitting down across his lap with my arms crossed. "Your an idiot."

"Hmp." His famous answer for everything he didn't know. I'm so bored I just want some attention and he's acting clueless. If he was this clueless and I wasn't watching him he would of probably ended up like Starrk. He fell asleep in a Las Vegas casino and woke up in a bed next to some Lilynette girl that he had apparently married the night before. That girl was so annoying. When ever we'd see them she's start pinching me.

He still didn't seem to get that I wanted his attention so I kissed him again on the cheek this time I stayed there for a few seconds before pulling back.

"Whats gotten into you?" He seemed to be a bit annoyed with the way I was acting but he still kissed me on the forehead before going back to his apple and show.

'I really hate his stupidity sometimes.'

Giving him glare I stood up and walked into the kitchen. Lately if I don't' have all of Grimmjows attention I get mad, this was probably due to us not getting to much alone time lately, and the only way to get some was with drama but also because today was the worst day of my life. Grabbing one of the knives out of the drawer I stood in the doorway.

"To be honest today really sucked." He didn't look away from the TV but his shoulders tensed. "It sucked so bad that I don't want to do it again tomorrow." He still didn't make a move to confront me but he was eyeing me carefully.

Pulling the knife out from behind my back it put it against my wrist. "I would be better off dead."

That made him jump up.

"Don't you dare ever say that again!" He stormed over to me and pulled the knife from my hand, which in hindsight was probably more dangerous.

To make myself more believable I didn't lift my head up to look at him and instead stared at him threw my bangs. "You don't even give me attention."

Grimmjows face was blank for a few seconds before a corner of his mouth lifted into a smirk. "I should of known." He wrapped his hand that wasn't holding the knife threw my hair and pulled my face to his. Leaning down a bit his push our lips together.

Our movements were slow at first but they quickly speed up. His tongue slightly poked against my lower lip and I parted to let him in. We explored each others mouths for a minute before breaking for air.

"Feeling better now?"

"Somewhat." He pulled me in closer so he was holding me right against him before he kissed me again.

'This is nice but I still don't feel like I have all his attention.' Slightly I open my eyes and saw that he was looking at the TV. 'Typical.'

Slowly I put my hands on his chest and pushed him away. "Were you just watching Cops?"





"Fine I'll turn it off."

"Never mind." Taking the knife back from him I headed into the kitchen again.

"Well I do mind you've been acting really strange lately. If you weren't a guy I'd say you were pregnant."

I didn't feel like answering. If he couldn't figure it out on his own then he really didn't care about it.

The reason that I had the dream again last night is because today was the anniversary of the "incident".

Not that we had planed to do anything about it but he didn't seem to care about it at all. Just like the time at his party. No one seemed to care about how Tesla was treated.

In life or in death.

"Are you going to talk to me?"

"There's nothing to talk about."

"Well obviously there is."

God he's such an idiot sometimes. "Do you know what today is?"


I turned around to glare at him.

"It's not just Thursday today it happened. Today five years ago I watched someone die in front of me and you don't even seem to care about that."

Grimmjow was quiet for a few seconds. "I knew that. But I thought that if we didn't bring it up you would forget."

"How could I forget something like that?" I had almost died that day with him. Grimmjow would of probably just blocked me out if I had died, forget that I had existed and just moved on.

His hands reached out for me but I pulled back bumping into the wall. "Don't touch me." He hesitated for a split second before continuing his movement. "I said don't touch me!" He ignored my protests and took me into his arms again resting his head on mine.

"I'm sorry. I really am."


"Do you want to talk about it?"

'You mean I talk and you pretend to listen?' "No thanks."

"Well if you really don't want to talk about it why bring it up."

"...Cause I don't want to forget."

we stayed like that for a while neither of us wanting to pull away from the other. Then suddenly he bent down and lifted me up from behind my knees and started to carry me Princess style.

"Hey let go!"

"I will in a bit." He walked us back over to the couch and sat down before positing me on top of him so that my legs were spread on either side of him with both his hands resting on my waist.

"What are you doing?"

"Cheering you up." his face leaned into my neck and lightly bit down on it. He ran his tongue over the captured skin and he sucked on it.

As hie mouth worked on my neck his hands slipped under my shirt and started their way up my chest to rub his thumbs over my nipples.

Using his legs he shifted his sitting position so that I was leaning into him. He released my neck skin and instead ran his tongue over my throat.

"ha...ha.." it was nice it did distract me from the memories as I was more concentrated on his hands then the date.

One of his hand slipped out from under my shirt and instead found it's way to my ass and push our groins together. I guess it was time for me to contribute.

Using my legs I slightly pushed off of the couch so I hovered a bit above Grimmjows lap before sitting back down. Bring my dick down on top of his I repeated this movement and he continued to rub my chest and drag his tongue up towards my ear.

"Ha ah...ahh!" One of the times I went down Grimmjow had lifted up at the same time.

"Do you want to take this to the bed room?" Grimmjow asked against my jaw his lips rubbing against me as he spoke.

I guess this life is fine I have all that I wanted and more. Even if it got messed up at spots the end result was good enough for me. I couldn't help but thank god that I was still alive to have all this.

"No lets do it right now."

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