Hi everyone!

Well for the first thing – I don't own Harry Potter, this is a story written only for a pleasure of writing and reading, I don't get money for this.

Second – The story starts at the end of last quest in the Tournament, so in the final stage of fourth book.

Third – The change is that Harry was able to send Cedrick away before Voldemort was reborn, so he don't die. Harry power will grow in my story, his magic will expand to the point that was never mentioned in books and yeah, you may see Harry as little dark.

And finally – this will be BL story (Boy's love), so if you dislike don't read.


Cedric shivered, he had never saw Potter look like this – one that was never afraid, pride of his Hause. That boy was terrified to the core "I was here before... in my dreams." Harry eyes scaned the place in search for the way out.

"What is it? What do you mean?" Cedric asked coming over to the shivering boy "Where are we?"

"Go to the Cup." Harry told in stern voice apparently trying to control himself "Go to it... you must run. He want me, not you..." he turned his head away "Go to the Cup at once!" he ordered as if he was the older one

"Calm down, what is it?" Diggory put his hands on Harry arms and tried to confirm something, the idea that was born in his mind was to unreal to be true "What do you mean?" then he heard something – they were not alone he let go of Harry arms and lifted his wand "Who are you and what do you want?" the question died in his throat as he felt Harry tense up behind him "Harry?"

"Step back." Harry noticed that he missed comforting warm now that Cedric let go of him but quickly banished that thought it was not the time "What do you want Wormtail?" his mind wandered around the question what do now, tension that build up in the last quest grew even more; Harry magic started to tremble inside him, trying to get out all at once – that fear that appeared started to take over, Voldemort presence lingered all over the place and focused in the bundle that older man held in his arms. Somehow Harry knew what it was and thet idea made him step back a little.

"Kill the spare." voice ordered, green light moved toward the Cedric who didn't know what to do, he understood in that moment that he was going to die... his mind didn't even tried to fight it, resignation...

"Stop this!" Harry magic wards broke and pure power enveloped him for a second and then moved on Diggory right before green light reached him "Keep him out of this! It's me, only me!" Harry screamed 'I don't want anyone else to die for me!!!' Harry magic responded to this calling and bright light of pure magic disappeared taking other boy away. 'Thank you.' he felt weak but somewhat relived, that if he was to fight again no one would be there to suffer because of him.

Before he even collected himself he felt that he was captured by some stone statue and faced the flame and potion that gave him bad feeling but now he had no power to fight it.


Cedric could hear the screams of joy, that were to welcome the winner – he froze in realization that he was still alive "Harry..." he whispered and tried to locate the other boy, but he couldn't. "Headmaster." he looked at the Dumbledore shame all over his face, fingers gripping on his wand that back there was of no use "Save him, please." silent plea left his mouth "He is still there." Diggory right hand went up to his face, with trembling lips he whispered just one more thing "He choose to save me and I didn't even tried to fight back there. I was calling myself a Hogwart Champion... a a joke, he was the one all along. Only he."

"What happened?!" Dumbledore asked "Who should I save?" his heart knew the answer, his magic knew the power that send Cedric here and dispelled without leaving the trace.

"Harry... he is still there." trembling young man looked at his wand "I was of no use... to the one I should have protected." he felt like a child that saw the wand for the first time 'I can't even fight, HE bears that burden for all of us. We depend on him so much, that we have him fight our battles.' he realized that Harry tried to send him away the moment the arrived to that cementary.

Which could mean only one thing, Harry unlike him knew that he-Cedric would not be able to protect himself and he wanted to protect him "Don't die." Cedric managed to mumble before his mind went blank 'I want to tell you something.'