Chapter 20


"Don't refuse Harry – we are not like children of this school. You know that we aren't – Durmstrang teaches black magic too." Victor said calmly "We can be of help and we wouldn't be burden on you, we can fight for our lives. I don't think bad of Cedric, but he as the older one should have protect you not the other way around, since he was chosen as the best of your school. We are not like he is, sons of Durmstrang would be of use to you."

Harry was thinking about those words, it was not loge ago – but now he knew the difference. To tell the truth, he came to the realization, that if he had attended Durmstrang to begin with... then perhaps... "No, its not like that – without Dumbledore and others I wouldn't get to this point."

"Master." Vi voice reached Harry ears and he stopped think of other things, his servant sat next to him on the bed and reached out to rub Harry face "What is it?"

"I came back." Harry said, his face leaning to Vi touch "And this place will be attacked soon, as it always had been – people will get hurt for my sake."

"Master." Vi whispered, not knowing how to calm him, he turned back as he heard a noise

"Then show us Harry." Neville spoke in his gentle voice, but he seamed determined and ready "Teach us how to protect ourselves and you." boy sat down on his own bed and looked at Harry and Vi "It's painful to watch. How you are afraid of the battle – not with the fear of yourself getting hurt but us. We had not suffered like the Durmstrang kids did – we have no discipline compared to them." pure-blood boy sighed "But we have a will – at least some of us have. To aid you – to protect the world and you, who is the hope."

"Neville... what are you?" Harry stood up and Vi rose up as well "You are telling me to teach you how to fight? You think that I would lead more to this mess?"

"No, I'm telling you to teach me since we have no choice in the matter – He wants Hogwart, so no matter where you are he will reach here." boy looked up with pride "I will then have no choice. This school is the bastion of the light Harry – I and many other will fight to protect it for the sake of our children, our blood."

"Family is everything." Harry whispered "Pure-blood tradition."

"I am a pure-blood Harry. Fact that I don't act like Malfoy doesn't change a matter nor the fact that nearly a squib." Neville laughed softly "I have my parents will to carry out too."

"Will?" Harry asked, but Vi had stopped him

"Don't ask yet. He is not ready." Vampire smiled at Neville and spoke once more "It's good that you remember – may the magic bless your family."

"The same to your household, Dark-one. May the magic flow within your blood." Neville looked at Harry once more "My family was loyal to yours – just like Ron is to be by your side I was supposed too. But it was judged that I am to weak and would slow you down."

"Dumbledore." Harry breathed out "I'm going to..."

"No, he was right in my case." boy responded and he didn't send me away – I should have come to you."

"I see." Harry composed himself

"As Vi said I am not ready yet – to be sworn to you, to make an oath." boy bit on his lip "I have a task before that."

"Do you want me teach you for that task of yours?" Harry asked

"Yeah, but the rest is true as well – we need it Harry." other boy moved back to the doors and left

"Vi, inform Hermione that I need her – order Ron to gather everyone in the common-room."

"You will start with this House?" Vi asked matter of factly

"Yeah, I need to know who can I trust in other ones."

Common-room, 20 minutes later

Harry as he was stepping down to the Common-room recalled Trisha words from before...

"I don't believe it – you..." Trisha breathed hard "You seam to think that you are just a normal person – I bothered me in the hall too."

Harry looked at his friends and breathed hard – he had a mission and his feelings should not get in the way. Neville was right – they had no choice, learning could save their lives.

"Hail to the Lord and Hail to the Saviour – the trust and the bonds shall bind this room. Hail to the strongest, Hail to light – those who betray shall die!" Hermione voice was soaking with magic, it reached with it ancient power to every corner of room. Magic sang from the wands as each one accepted the old ritual.

"What is it?" Seamus asked looking angry "You are pulling my magic!"

"I only do what is right and just." Hermione said "This invocation was called upon the every student of this house, in times of The Founders. Later was used in the times of need, such as this time."

"I had asked Hermione to invoke it." Harry looked at others and spread his magic in order to have their submitted, there was not even a whisper now "I have something to tell you and I need to know that none of will betray me."

"We are not Snakes."mumbled Seamus

"My parents were killed 'cos of the man who was in our House, Peter made it possible. That coward had no pride, but was 'a Lion'."

"Harry, does this gathering means.." Neville smiled brightly

"Yes, I'm going to share my past with you – I'm going to tell you what will come. Then if you still desire to assist me, you may." Harry nodded to Trisha who up until now stood at the other end of room "You may do it now."

"Soon the one that holds the power to defeat a Dark Lord will be born...Born from those who came against him three times and lived. He will be born when the seventh month will be coming to end... And even 'thu Dark Lord will mark him as an equal, he shall have the power that Dark One doesn't know... One of them must die from the hand of another, since none of them can live as the other is also alive... The one that holds the power to defeat a Dark Lord will be born when the seventh month will be coming to end"*

"This is the prophecy made about Voldemort and an unknown child many years ago. At that year two had fitted into the rule, but Tom Riddle had picked not a Pure-blooded Neville, but a Half-blood like himself." Harry looked at them with stern face "Yes, it could have been Neville – but Tom saw more danger in Half'-blood, perhaps 'cos of his own drive to be the best."

"Harry Potter, son of James and Lily was what Voldemort choose." Trisha spoke once more "That began the hunt for Potters, Longbottoms were in the heat of battle while Potters were sent back to the house."

"There is no changing it – Voldemort put the wheel of destiny this way. I decided that it will never happen again, I will sand by and watch. I will not wait until everything falls." Harry words were hard stones "You are in the middle of it – you know me, he will hunt you as well."

"Just like your family." Levander said "Just 'cos of the ties we have."

"Yes." Harry bit on his lip "Just to make me suffer even a bit more."

"Then, let's make the choice ourselves." Neville spoke up "Just like my parents did – I will protect the one who is to save all. My duty and wish..."

"The danger exist no matter what we choose – then why not choose what is right?" Dean asked

"Right?" Seamus looked at others with a glint of fear "I will not take part in this..."

"After this meeting is over I will clean up your memory of it – if you will desire to be out." Hermione played with her wand

"You can do this?" few voices asked in disbelief

"I sure can and Harry knows more of magic then any of us. He is willing to teach you – nothing will bind you to follow his orders."

"The only thing I require is an oath that you will not join Tom – Voldemort." Harry said "I'm not him, not looking for followers, but I wish you would know how to fight."

"For the sake of the pledge." Neville stepped near to Harry "Don't you know? As a students of this school you had entered the contract with it. Hogwart is teaching you and you shall protect it."

"What can you teach us?" Paravti asked

"To fight..." Fred jumped to assist Harry

"To protect..." George was right behind him

"From the one who only destroys." Ginny stood by her brothers

"But first I will show you – Hogwart Defence Army – my past, all I did, all I saw – all what was done to me." Harry produced a stone tablet and everyone felt the pull, magic danced in the air...

"I'm sorry." Harry whispered "But you have to see, to understand..." Vi pulled his Master closer to him and they both had been taken by the mist as well.

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