Good Morning, Good Night And Goodbye

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Authors Note: The original was total crap. I know. So here's the redone version, now that I have about an ounce of sanity regarding fanfiction. The major changes are that I'm canning the idea that Tatsuya is a vampire. It was lame. Lame, lame, lame. Lets see what I can do now with jack fantasy in it. Maybe I'll rip off Alice in Wonderland. Just joking! Maybe. Cookies to starfield75 for motivating me to hurry up and delete the original version before some other innocent soul came across it.

On to the prologue thing.

Chapter One: Just because I don't listen

"- Is no reason for you to flip out like a girl!"

"If you'd listen to me, then I wouldn't have to tell you off!"

"You need to relax!"

"You need to stop being so laid back!"

Sho looked back and forth between Shige and Tatsuya, half in mind to tell them that they were attracting the attention from people walking by on the other side of the field, the other half telling him that interrupting them now would lead to a bloody massacre.

So he stayed shut up. That was almost as bad as being the cause of a school slaughter, though, because it was like he was being forced to take sides, even though nobody had told him to choose sides. Tatsuya kept the team in line, but Shigeki was the one that held them together. Kind of like duct tape. There's a dark side, a light side, and it holds the universe together.

But as of now, that duct tape seemed to be turning into a mess of mud. The whole argument didn't even need to take place. Shige had started messing around like he always had, and apparently Tatsuya wasn't having a good day. Rather superficial. Kind of reasonable, too, seeing as that Shigeki had been becoming more wild and reckless as the days of practice went on.

However, even to a reasonable person-

"Do you honestly think this just a stupid game?!"

"If it's not a game what is it?"

"You insufferable, moronic-"

-It was going a bit far. Even Sho could see that.

So he spoke up. And started what is most commonly referred to as the domino theory. Knocking one thing over knocks the rest over, or, to use the overly clichéd phrase, he started a series of events that would send lives to hell.

"Um, Tatsuya? Shigeki?"

Both teenagers glared at him. "Yes, Kazamatsuri?" said Tatsuya in a voice that could cut glass into beautiful little daggers. Really pointy ones. Sho suddenly found himself lacking a voice. "Well," he said nervously, "I was thinking, that, um…" The soccer member found himself lacking coherent sentences as well, "Maybe…ah."

Tatsuya gave him a look that said Shut up or talk. Sho decided to shut up. Tatsuya turned back to Shige, only to find the blond taking advantage of the momentary banter to escape. Shige waved at Sho and waved, yelling, "See ya later, puppy!"

Sho waved weakly, half wishing that he hadn't waved at him when he was within five feet of Tatsuya.