Lucius Malfoy.

Oh how I despised him. His very name made me want to barf. He was everything I loathed in a man. He was arrogant, conceded, and big headed. He had girls falling all over themselves to impress him, and guys trying to be like him, but he didn't have me fooled. He thought he could snap his long, thin, elegant fingers and get whatever he wanted. Well he won't get me, that's for sure! He may have been what teachers considered "smart" academically, but to me, he's nothing more than a git. An annoying git that thought the whole bloody world, revolved around him. I absolutely positively loathed him. The very thought of him revolted me. If my mother hadn't taught me to be so lady-like, I would've spit in his supposed "pretty face" of his.

Oh, did I mention that I'm betrothed to the bloody prat?