Author's Note:

Please read my other story, "The Red Strings", before reading "Change". They both connect to each other.

Canaan stared back at her reflection in the rectangular, cracked mirror on the dull wall. Her eyes turned toward her brown suede knapsack on top of the narrow, wooden table. The mercenary unzipped her bag, and her fingers rummaged through the bottom until she found it.

A red string pulled out of the bag and it dangled in the air.


Canaan gazed at the simple string, but it was more than just a string. It was a string of their friendship.

Even though Maria is far away from me, I still have a piece of her.

A coat of glistening tears formed in her hazel eyes. Canaan forced herself to smile.

At least she is safe.

Canaan couldn't deny that she missed Maria and that she wished she could stay with her forever.

If only our worlds weren't far apart…

The mercenary thought about Alphard. The name no longer filled hatred in her heart. Instead, her name brought an empty silence. Alphard will always be her unforgettable arch-nemesis, but she knew Alphard wasn't completely gone.

Canaan held the red string up to eye level. She tied her hair and returned her eyes back to the mirror. The red string stood out from her colorless hair. It was now part of her.

The mercenary has changed. She liked it.