Byakuya's Secret Fear

Squad six was quite as normal, it was a day like all the others Byakuya and Renji were calmly working away when, a small black shadow appered under the door. Byakuya looked at the door waiting for a knock, but got something very different.

A big black spider crawled from under the door in to the middle of Byakuya office. The captain looked blackly at the creature for a while, but when it moved he suddenly screamed. Renji came rushing it to see what his captain was screaming at. Renji came in the office to find his captain, the head of the Kuchiki clan stud on his chair, cowering in fear and pointing at the floor.

"What wrong captain" Renji asked

"On the floor, Renji remove it" Byakuya said still pointing at the black spider in the middle of the room.

"Captain, are you scared of a little spider?" Renji looked at him a laughed

"Renji I order you to get rid of it NOW" Byakuya yelled at him

"Yes captain" Renji said heading for the spider.

Mean while outside the office, most of the woman society was walking past, heading for the Kuchiki manor to have another meeting. They all walked past Byakuya's office and matsumoto stopped, causing all the other to stop as well.

"What's wrong" Nanao asked

"Do you here that" Matsumoto said. Rukia walked to the door and pressed up to the door, to see if she could hear anything.

"OMG" Rukia yelled. At that the entire woman had their head up on the door listening to Byakuya and Renji on the other side.

"Renji, it's not doing anything" Byakuya said

"What do you expect it to do?" Renji yelled

"Do it harder" Byakuya yelled.

"I am trying, it won't keep still" The spider was still running around the office, with Renji smacking it with a piece of rolled up paper work.


"Captain" Renji yelled sarcastically at him

"Do it quicker Renji"

"Would you shut it, I am going as fast as I can" Renji said still running after this spider. The spider ran towards Byakuya.

"Arrr Renji, its coming" Byakuya yelled

"It's ok I got it" Renji said as he jumped on the spider trapping it in his hands. Renji walked over to the window and through the spider out. He walked over to the middle of eth room and sat down.

"Captain, you can get down now" Renji said and Byakuya stepped of his chair, dusted it off and sat back down.

"Thank you Renji"

"You're very welcome, anytime you need help with that problem just should and I will get rid of it" Renji looked up at him and smiled.

"Renji, we must never speak of this EVER"

"Yes Captain"

The two males got back to work and forgot about what had just happened, but outside was a different matter, all the woman looked at each other.

"Did captain Kuchiki and Renji just do it?" Nanao asked

"I think they did, and by the sounds of it Renji topped" Matsumoto said.

"Nii-sama" Was all Rukia could say

"Well this something that we must keep a secret" Nanao said

"NARRR" They all said running of

The heading of the next day newspaper was a little shock to both Renji and Byakuya.

News of the day

'Captain Kuchiki and Vice-Captain made love in the office'

Byakuya and Renji looked at the paper and then back at each other, they did that a few time before both standing up. Renji walked up to Byakuya spun his chair around, picked him up and kissed him hard on the lips.

"They think we did it anyway, so what's the problem" Renji said as he broke the kiss

"You are right Abarai" Byakuya said closing the gap between their lips again.

Byakuya and Renji did make love that night in the office, and unlucky for Byakuya he was on the bottom

Written by Byakuya-Renji, Ideas from Predator's little prey....This is what happened when you watch a bleach movie in the dark ... =] Hope you liked it