Five Dresses

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It's a simple frock Meant to

Adorn a sweet

Young girl

The color of

The sky caressed

By the sun

It's cut to

The knees

And trimmed

With lace

Bringing out

The roses in

The girl's cheeks

And the copper

Of her curls.

Five year old Kori Anders pouted as she sat on her bedroom floor, her mother brushing her curly auburn hair. "But Mommy," Kori whined as she kicked her tights-covered legs, shiny Mary Janes causing the floor to clack beneath her. "I don't wanna wear this dress. I wanna wear jeans. How come I hafta wear a dress?"

"We're attending Aunt Diana's wedding Kori," Lydia Anders replied patiently. "She's marrying Mr. Kent, remember?"

"I remember," Kori said sullenly. Aunt Diana wasn't Kori's aunt exactly, she was really Mommy's best friend, and Kori's godmother. Weirdly enough, she wasn't Koma's or Ryan's--Kori's older sister and younger brother--godmother. Just Kori's. As for Mr. Kent, he was a good friend of Mr. Wayne, the guardian of Richard Grayson, Kori's best friend.

And speaking of Richard…

"Richard doesn't have to wear a dress!" Kori exclaimed. "It's not fair that I have to."

Her mother laughed. "Richard is not a girl, Sweetie."

Apparently this didn't matter very much to Kori. "It's still not fair," She grumbled, then quickly added. "Rachel is a girl! She's going to the wedding too, but probably won't be wearing a dress! She doesn't like them either."

"Rachel's mommy got her a dress the same day I got you a dress."

"Poor Rachel," Kori whispered, knowing her friend was not going to be a happy camper the whole day. Her green eyes widened in worry as she realized something. "Rachel's dress isn't pink, is it?" Kori asked anxiously, turning her head to look back at her mother.

"I believe Ms. Roth got Rachel a purple dress," Lydia said reassuringly. "Dark purple. Now please turn around so I can finish doing your hair."

"Okay," Kori sighed, remaining still as her hair was styled into pigtails.

Looking at

This article

You can see

The life

It once had.

Grass stains

From romping

In the fields

Small tears

From daringly

Climbing a tree.

Those holes

Neatly and tightly

Sewn together

Leaving a litter

Of threaded scars.

Kori laughed as she ran through the grassy hills not too far from the reception area. She was playing tag with her friends and Richard was "it". Chancing a glance behind her, Kori saw that Richard was hot on her trail. Letting out a shriek, she sped up, only to trip over a rock and tumble slightly down the hill.

"Kori!" Richard yelled, "Are you all right?"

Dazed, Kori sat up. Seeing she wasn't bleeding, she took Richard's proffered hand and rose to her feet. Ignoring the adults rushing toward them, Kori gave Richard a playful shove before shouting, "You're still it Richard! And you'll never catch me!" She took off.

This is a five chapter drabble story. It was inspired by a poem I had previously written that will be used for this story. I hope you guys enjoy it. And for those who are confused, Mr. Kent=Clark Kent who is Superman, Aunt Diana=Wonder Woman. I'm not sure why I chose her to be Kori's godmother, somehow that sentence managed to type itself out.