Five Dresses

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Chapter 5: Last Dress

The final gown

A gentle pink

Also falling

To the floor

Kori hummed and smiled as she twirled around the dining room, sweeping up the dust as she performed a solo waltz. Feeling the sun shine on her face and listening to the birds chirp, Kori couldn't help but giggle. She had been feeling so happy lately, ecstatic in fact, and not just because it was the dawn of spring.

As she continued to sweep, a pair of hands suddenly appeared and covered her eyes. Recognizing the scent of aftershave and feeling soft lips pressing themselves against her neck, she knew who was behind her.

"H-hey, Richard! I am busy here!"

"Multi-tasking, I see," Her husband replied moving to the front and returning her sight. There was a twinkle in his deep cerulean eyes as he relieved her of the broom and wrapped one arm around his waist, his free hand clasping hers.

They started to waltz, Richard providing the music with a gentle, sensuous hum. As Kori listened to the song, she recalled the name of it. Arching a slender eyebrow she asked in a playful voice, "You enjoy the musical stylings of Sleeping Beauty?"

"No, this is the musical stylings of Richard John Grayson, covering Sleeping Beauty's Once Upon A Dream," He retorted in an equally playful voice.

Kori burst into peals of laughter only to be startled by a sudden movement causing her to jump slightly.

A simple piece

The middle stretched

And worn

As her hand

Dreamily caresses

The rounded

Abdomen underneath

Richard grinned. "Did the baby kick?"

Kori nodded, stroking her protruding stomach. She grasped Richard's wrist and gently guided him forward, his hand coming to rest over where their baby was kicking. She watched as his face melted into one of wonder and amazement. "Wow…" He whispered.

"I know," Kori whispered back gleefully.

Richard titled his head. "Isn't it weird?"

Kori looked at him quizzically. "Is what not weird?"

"Being able to feel the baby move around when he or she is not even born yet?"

She shook her head. "It is not a weird feeling at all, as a matter of fact, it is a most glorious feeling."

She knows

It's almost time

To find

A newly made

Tiny frock.

As Kori and Richard resumed their waltz, Richard asked, "So which do you prefer? John or Ryan?" He chuckled, "Or how about Bruce?"

Kori mused for a moment before replying, "I believe I prefer the name Mary or perhaps Lydia."

"Those are girl names," Richard pointed out.

"And who is to say that our baby will most definitely be a boy?" Kori inquired.

"I'm a guy!" Richard answered with a laugh. "Although the thought of having a daughter isn't a tragic one. But why are you so certain we're having a girl?"

"Because as you put it, I am a woman," Kori said cheekily. "And being so close to being a mom, I am quite sure that we will soon be debating over the name Mary or Lydia. An exotic name like Mar'i sounds pretty too."

"Hmm," Richard mulled the name over. "Mar'i does sound pretty."

Kori grinned, "Well, we shall have our answer in a few months. Who knows? Perhaps we will be fighting over Ryan, John or Bruce."

"Warming up to the thought of having a boy?"

"I was never feeling the cold to thoughts of having a son," Kori retorted, playfully sticking out her tongue.

Her husband merely laughed.