The Doctor played around with the controls at the TARDIS central column. Amy watched him, slightly awestruck by it. As he pulled a lever up, the noise of the TARDIS' engines stopped. He quickly ran around, going to a small slot in the console. A silver cylinder with a green light on the end came out. He flicked it, causing the light to extend while the four metal strips by it extended outwards in an almost claw like appearance.

"New screwdriver looks a little different, but it works." He said, flicking it again, causing the claws and light to retract, putting it in his inside pocket "Come on then, Amy Pond. We've seen the semi-distant future, let's see the distant future."

Before she could say anything, he stepped outside. She followed him, exiting the TARDIS just in time to see him lick his fore finger and hold it up as if trying to decide which direction the wind was coming from.

"Hmm. Seems like we're in London. My guess is the year 1,937,344, AD, that is." He said, licking his finger again and placing it by his side "And it's humid, twenty four degrees, my guess is mid-spring, probably April, and it's a Tuesday, 4:23 P.M."

"You can tell all that by licking your finger?" She said, removing her jacket and tying it round her waist.

"And checking the breeze, yes." He replied, grinning "I'm rather good, aren't I?"

"Yeah, and you have the ego to boot." Amy said "So, anything good happen this year?"

"No…" The Doctor said, his voice suddenly distant, his eyes seemingly glazing over as he apparently saw something behind her, apparently the large tower behind her "No, no, no, no, no…"

"Doctor?" She asked "What is it?"

"That technology…" The Doctor said, running off and settling on a view from atop a small hill "That's too advanced even for here. That's advanced by my standards, and that is saying something."

"What does that mean though?" Amy said "Is it someone else messing with the timeline, like before?"

"No, not the timeline, not entirely." The Doctor said, looking at her "Amy, get back to the TARDIS, now."

"Why?" She asked him, confused.

"Because, you remember I told you the fear eater was created to fight a race that only had negative emotions?" The Doctor said, grimacing "Well, those creatures, they only wanted to do one thing."

"Which was?" She said, getting slightly worried.

"Exterminate. Every. Living. Thing." He replied "They're called the Daleks, and believe it or not, you know them too."

"I do?" She said, before noticing he was running off back towards the TARDIS.

She followed him for a moment before they got to the TARDIS, where she found him fiddling with the keys.

"Doctor!" She said "How do I know them?"

"The Daleks invaded your world. Remember, planets in the sky? People being taken?" The Doctor said "You're a police-person, you must've been on call."

"I was in hospital when that happened…" She said "Personal reasons…"

"Rightio." The Doctor replied, opening the door "Come on, we're leaving."

He gently nudged her inside before following her, shutting the door behind her. He moved over to the control panel, beginning to play with them. Nothing happened.

"No!" He said "Oh god, no, not here, not now, not with them!"

"What's wrong?" She said "Why isn't it working?"

"We're part of events." The Doctor said "We're stuck here until whatever events we're part of have run their course."

"Was this what that woman meant?" Amy said "Was this where one of us dies?"

"I don't know." He replied sombrely "I honestly do not know."

"But I can't die here." Amy said "I died years ago, must've done."

"Doesn't work that way. Time isn't a straight line like people seem to think, it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff." He said "Only certain events in time are fixed, and I can tell you now, your life and death isn't one of them."

"What makes you say that?" She said "How can you know, and don't give me some crap about being a 'Time Lord'."

"I am a Time Lord. This is what I am, what I do, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, so on so forth. It's how I see, all the things that have been, are and will be. This is my life Amy, all the time, this is what I am. I'm the Doctor." He said "And if the events of your life were in any way fixed, I would not mess with them. It's in my guts not to. I did once, a long time ago, and people died and it wasn't good."

"What do you mean?" She asked "What happened?"

"It was in 2049, on Mars. There was this station, and these people with this water, this clever water, and I wasn't meant to save the people, they were meant to die but I tried to save them anyway, one in particular, she was really important." He said grimly "She died because of me, killed herself, because of what I was there. The Time Lord triumphant, something that is very wrong. I'm doing my best to avoid it, and I will avoid it."

Before she said anything else, he disappeared up one of the spiral staircases out of the control room.