Amy didn't like the room at all. It was obviously originally an office, but it had been… altered. There were controls around the room, all with ball like protrusions similar to the ones that adorned the bottom halves of the Daleks. In the centre, there was a chair with restraints and what appeared to be a kind of ray gun facing it in a fashion similar to something she'd seen in a James Bond film. In the chair was the Doctor, strapped down in the restraints. The ray gun was pulsating.

"What is it?" She asked the Doctor.

"In lemans terms, it's a torture chair." The Doctor said "They designed it to torture whoever's in it, obviously trying to get obedience from people."

"Social interactions will cease." The black Dalek said "Activate the device."

The ray guns pulses began to become more rapid before firing a beam into the Doctor's chest, causing him obvious pain. Then again. Then again. Amy didn't need to be a genius to see it was effecting him majorly.

"Amy…" He said, wincing in pain "Remember what I told you…"

She thought about it. Flick it then press the button. How could she use that? How did it apply to a jacket? Then it hit her. Not the jacket, what was in the jacket. The screwdriver.

She withdrew the cylindrical device and flicked it, causing the claws to pop out and the green light to extend, pointing it at the chair and closing her eyes as she pressed the button, activating the green light with a whirring sound. As she did, the device exploded and the restraints opened, allowing the Doctor to get up.

"I'll be taking that, thank you." He said, taking his jacket from her and putting it on before taking the screwdriver and pointing it at the controls as he turned the part at the bottom of the screwdriver "This is going to hurt the Daleks more than it'll hurt me."

As he said that, he pressed the button, activating the screwdriver. As he did, the Daleks around the room began sparking. The black Dalek kept looking at the Doctor.

"Emergency temporal shift activated." It said, disappearing.

"No, no, no, not again." The Doctor said, running over to the console and using the screwdriver on it before slamming his fist down "Damn it. 13 got away!"

"Oh well, you've stopped them. Right?" Amy said, slightly worried she was wrong.

"Yeah but now, we run." He said, taking her hand and beginning to run out down the corridor and to the lift, the doors opening and taking them down to the ground floor where they ran out "There's a Dalek invasion force and they're about to explode. I don't fancy being here when they do, do you?"

"Wait, explode?" She said as they ran round the corner, getting near the TARDIS "What about the people?"

"They'll be fine." The Doctor said as they approached the TARDIS doors, opening them and slamming them shut once he and Amy were inside "The Daleks will only destroy that tower when they explode since that's the only place with enough of them, and there aren't any people in there. Problem solved."

"Problem solved?" Amy said "You're killing them?"

"If I don't they'll kill everything in the cosmos. There were too many of them there, Amy. I saw the read out when they first took me in that room. They shifted here last time I fought them. It's only because they've had five years that they had enough power to do it again." The Doctor said, moving around the TARDIS controls, bringing the engines online "That's what I had to do. Kill them. I had to do what they did best so I could save us, and I'd do it again. Even the bit where my people had to go too…"

"You had no choice." She said, hugging him "You did what you had to."

The Doctor shifted slightly uncomfortably. He wasn't big on people getting close and that was obviously what Amy was trying. He moved his hands up and removed her arms from around his neck.

"Amy, listen, I know you're trying to make me feel better, but don't." He said "I've been fine so far and still will be for a long time to come."

Before she could reply, the TARDIS shook violently, sending both of them to the floor. He got up and looked at the monitor.

"This isn't good." He said, pressing some controls with one hand while holding the other out for her "This isn't good at all."

"What isn't?" She asked, pulling herself up on the hand he had reached down with "Doctor, what's happening?"

"We're crashing." He said "Twenty-first century. 2012. December 21st. I know that date, but where from?"

"That's meant to be the end of the world." She said.

"No, it's not." The Doctor said "I've been to the end of the world before, and it's in the year five point five dash apple dot delta seventeen, also known as the year 5 billion. 2012 is just another year."

"Then why is the TARDIS taking us there?" She asked.

"I have no idea." He said, grinning "But I can't wait to find out."