Chapter 1

It was early May the sun was shining bright along the country side and on the meadows of the forest as it absorbed the sunlight. On a low hill that slopped down into the meadow. Rabbit officer was looking out for danger from one of the entrances he creped out of one of the entrances to the warren and signaling with his tail that it was clear he went out a fat buck from behind appeared followed by his harem as the does went down to their favorite feeding spot other bucks appeared with their harems quickly spreading out all over the meadow the last of the rabbits all bucks came out as they went father down the hill and father down the meadow for it was taken up by harems already they were pushed father down until they came to a clear spot. "I'm sick of this.'' Said a melanistic colored buck as he found a small patch of clover "Calm down Jet were all tired of being pushed around by the harem bucks but what can we do as long as they have does they have the power.'' Said Ash joining his friend as they grazed on the patch of clover. Jet new he was right bucks like him and the others that were kicked out of their family harems lived the life of a bachelor until they stole does from the other bucks or they left to join another warren it was the same thing year round Jet and his stepbrother Ash decided to stay for now as for the others half of them already left before the mating season most of them were Jet's brothers but he staid behind because Ash injured his front leg and couldn't make the journey so he stayed behind to take care of them " Stop complaining Jet you shouldn't have any trouble attracting does because of your black fur unlike the rest of us we have to fight and for what just two lose them to another buck.'' Said Raspberry licking his paws "Well I've had as much luck as you have Raspberry.'' Said Jet moving away from Ash to munch on some grass Raspberry joined him while Ash hoped on a rock to view the harems the others joined him as they watched the harem bucks court their does.

One buck named Pip was courting his favorite doe Blossom when another buck called Bullet ran straight through his harem scattering his does every where lowering his head he cut two of them of from the others and was leading the others towards his harem but was intercepted by a Pip who tackled him as the bucks tussled the two does puffed up as does usually did when nervous they puffed up there fur and stayed frozen until they were collected or relaxed. As the does puffed up a bachelor buck named Bear managed to claim one of the does before another buck took the other Pip fighting off Bullet ran to his doe's defense but it was too late to gather up the one Bear stole as he didn't notice the two bucks coming from behind as he they went on both sides of him they came closer and closer and in a second they cut him off from the doe and she was gone exhausted Bear returned to the bachelor group as the harems quieted down everybody went back to eating Bear was gasping for air Raspberry patted hip on the back " Nice try lad you were close.'' Bear finally catching his breath said " But not close enough I'm afraid.'' as he chewed on some grass Jet and Ash joined in a game of scramble a game that help them practice for stealing does. While some bucks played the does while the others played the bucks while the fake does were put into harems each with a buck the others played the bachelors as the bachelors attacked and the harem bucks charged Jet and Ash circled around and attacked the harems sending them running Jet separating the others he forced them into a line as he did they made openings for bucks to catch them and round them up. They played until the chief rabbit appeared he was a fat buck and was quiet lazy but when it came to his does he turned nasty so no one tried to take his does those that tried to disappeared it was said that the chief ran the buck off to another warren and his does scattered and joined other harems another buck tried to but was scared for life for trying and died from his injures. The Chief felt comfortable with his power that he left his does unguarded for long periods of time. He greeted them in his usually way then joined in a game Jet hopped a little away from the group until he was next to Ash " Tell everyone that there's to be a meeting this afternoon.'' He said leaving before his brother could reply ,as the sun went higher in the sky the harems were led inside the bachelors were the last to go in.

When harems went underground they were off limits to steal so it was safe for them to mingle with other harems and bachelors as well while their bucks went on the runner duties. Ash headed to the burrow while Jet went to the one of the meeting burrows were the everybody goes to mingle but there's a special meeting place that the bachelors went to as he entered Raspberry was chewing pellets with Bear, Ash was with them apparently changing his mind about going to the burrow Jet settled down an sharpened his claws on the wall as the meeting was about to start another buck named Fog who got his name from the foggy day he was born came in with his doe Cleo who was pregnant with their third litter they had others but all of them were killed by hawks and weasels. As they settled down it began "Now we all know that times are going to get harder as the harems get bigger, new ones will start soon and if we don't leave now they'll push us father away until we hit the wood.'' He said "So what's to be done go to another warren.'' said Raspberry "So we can stay bachelors longer I don think so.'' Said Bear stomping his foot "He's right I think we should start our own warren some where else.'' Said Jet the others went wide eyed "Now that's and idea lets start are own warren.'' Said Bear "I think that's a good idea.'' Said Fog "What do you need to come for you have Clio.'' said Ash chewing his pellets "For how long as soon as she gives birth they'll still her and my kittens will be killed.'' He said licking his mate's ears "For now we can't do anything with the runner officers running about they will stop us for sure especially with Clio they will think were out of our minds.'' Said Jet "He's right if you go out with me they will stop you and bring us back.'' Said Clio "What are you saying that I leave you behind.'' said Fog "Yes ill be fine as long as they see you they'll think you're leaving and I'll be considered fair game.'' "But I'm not leaving you behind love.'' She was about to argue but Jet interrupted "No ones leaving anyone behind.'' "We will leave when the time is right and when it does will be ready as soon as its time for afternoon feeding stick together everyone and don't go to far if we bolt you might be left behind and when we do aim for the ditch in the woods will stay there until night fall anyone who doesn't make it there before we leave meet us at duck lake will stay there until we decide were to go from there.'' They all agreed and quickly returned to their burrows to rest. Jet was washing his black fur when Ash nudged him with his ear "What is it Ash.'' He said licking his tail "Why is it that you have black fur and I have light brown fur.'' "I don't now but it's a curse I can be identified by anyone in a second.'' "But all the does love it.'' "Yes but remember what father said fur collects no does.'' He said scratching his back leg they fell asleep while the other rabbits hopped about does mingled with relatives from other harems while mothers talked to daughters about kits and bucks.