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It was now the morning that Naruto had to go leaving Konoha and he is just waking up to a sight most men could only dream of before the wife smacks them awake. Before his eyes is a blanket made of nude women, all with a beyond content look on their faces. The upside to this is that he gets to feel certain body parts of theirs along his body. The downside is that due to last night's activities some of the girls are leaking from both ends. (Use your imagination.)

Looking over towards the wall that had a clock, he noticed that he only had a couple of hours before he, Hinata and Yugao have to go on their merry way to pick up four of his brides from their villages. He also knew that Sakura wanted to talk to him before he left so now would be a good time to get things done. So now he has to wake the girls which would be hard to since Ino and Hinata have a death grip on his arms, and Amaru laying on his chest. He would whistle for the dogs so he can give the girls the wet nose in the ass treatment, but the dogs were outside. Plus according to Kiba, even if they were, due to being threatened by both Hana and Tsume, they would never do it out of protection for what made them males.

He can't ask Kurama because of the fact that when he used Fox Sage mode, with the shadow clones, the fox is sound asleep on his back, with a big shit-eating grin on his face. It then clicked on what he can do. Activating his Rinnegan, he took a deep breath and blew out a large icy mist, which was, when it floated in the air, pretty big. When Naruto closed his mouth, he watched as it floated down, stretching bit by bit, towards the girls' ass, bracing his ears for what was about to come. When the mist landed and spread all around their waist and between their thighs, due to how tender they were, "EEK!" "YAH!" "WHAT THE FUCK!" anybody within a 100mi radius planning to sleep in that day had a rude wake up call, including the Kyubi who jumped at the wake-up call.

When the girls recovered from the shock, they looked down to notice that their mattress was missing. They looked around until they saw their guy getting ready for a shower, "Sorry for doing that, but me, Hinata and Yugao need to get ready to leave in a couple of hours." He said, "So Hinata, Amaru, Ino, Karin, since you four have medical training, you can heal each other and the other girls to where you can walk again."

Fifteen minutes later, Naruto was clean and the girls are able to walk okay despite the fact that they would have trouble sitting for a long while. "Okay girls, I'm going to go out and buy us breakfast while you girls soak up in the sauna." The girls gave him a kiss on the lips on their way out, but Ino and Hinata stayed behind, "You know, when I don't see Ino hurrying to be first to the sauna, I know something is up."

Ino couldn't help but to blush at this. While she might have outgrown her diva days, when it came to shopping or any kind of pampering, she was like a kid in a candy shop. "Well I was wondering if you are also trying to find time to talk to Sakura?" She asked, "Because I can tell that she really wants to make things right with you?"

Naruto gave a small sigh, "How about this, I'll stop by her place and talk to her, and if she wants, Sakura could join us for breakfast." He said, "At least this way . . ."

"She can get to see what she would have to live with if she wants in." Hinata finished for him, before giving him a big kiss on the lips, "That's what we love about you, you look tough but you're really great big cuddly fox." This caused both Naruto and Kurama to blush at that.

"Oh this coming from the girl who after one night of pleasure starts to ditch the coat for something a bit more revealing?" Ino countered, causing the poor girl to give a full body blush, including the hair on her head, "And not to mention a little bit on the possessive side whenever somebody outside of the family tries to make the moves."

Deciding to keep the blushing war from starting, "Okay princesses," Naruto said, causing Ino to have a blush matching Hinata's, "If you don't take your bath now, I'm going to start reconsidering bringing some of your favorites, like say cinnabons." (I know she likes cinnamon rolls, yet these are pretty much the same thing, but better.)

The next thing anybody knew, "Yee-ow!" Ino was pulled out by Hinata towards the sauna, unfortunately, it wasn't by the arm.

After putting on his clothes, he walked out of the compound.

At the Haruno household, Sakura was a little anxious. After reconnecting her bonds with Ino, Hinata and Tenten, and making new ones with Kin, Ino said that she might be able to help her get a head start on her apology with Naruto.

While waiting on the living room couch, Rōzu walked in and joined her daughter, "Feeling nervous about your fourth chance?" She asked.

Sakura gave her a confused look, she remembers what she was like at the academy and how they started out as a team being her first, her fake love confession in the Land of Iron being the second and the final being when she broke up with Naruto when she had no real reason to. "Fourth time, do you remember something I don't, mom?" She asked.

Rōzu gave a sigh at this. As much as she wanted to tell her, this is one of those moments where the parent needs to step aside and let the kid figure things out on their own. "Let's just say that Ino might have been your first girl best friend, but she wasn't your first best friend overall." She said before getting up to leave.

Sakura was racking her brain on what she was told until a loud knock was heard. With speeds that would shut even Rock Lee up, she already had the door open and greeting Naruto. "Hey Naruto, what's up?" She asked.

"Oh I came by to see if you wanted to join me and my family for breakfast?" Naruto asked.

People in a 20mi radius jumped to the sky when a loud "OF COURSE!" rang out. Back at the house, Sakura cheeks matched her hair from embarrassment, not only because Naruto was rubbing his ear with his pinkie due to the ringing but because from the large crash in the kitchen, she made her mother dropped a bunch of dishes. "I mean sure." She said in a more timid voice.

"Then come on, we can pick up breakfast on the way back." Naruto said, stepping aside so that Sakura would be able to step out.

Sakura nodded at this before turning around "Goodbye Mom." She yelled out before leaving. Usually she would walk up and give her mother a hug goodbye, but Rōzu has a policy where whenever something breaks, she gets anybody nearby to help put it back together.

About a few minutes of going through Market Street, buying each girl's favorite treat, Naruto decided to get things started, "So what did you want to talk about?" He asked, having a good idea what it was.

Sakura knew that there was no point in beating around the bush any longer. "I wanted to apologize for hurting you like I did when I thought I still had a chance with Sasuke." She said, "I don't know why I did that when we were so happy together."

"It's because the little girl in hasn't grown up as much as the rest of you had," Naruto said, getting her attention, "While a part of you trained hard to improve yourself mentally and physically, emotionally you were still a little girl still wanting the prince charming everyone else chose and your spirit was stuck in a crossroad. That was how I could tell that your confession in Iron was false."

Sakura was shocked at the fact that this Naruto was the opposite of the boy she grew up with. She would have punched him out of habit no matter how truthful he was, yet after what happened a couple of days ago when he gave her a taste of what it is like to be sent flying for doing something so stupid. 'Told you that you would rue the day that you chose a past crush over the best thing you had now.' Inner Sakura chimed in.

'Oh shut up.' Sakura countered, 'And who the hell still says rue the day?'

'The Hokage after losing a bet to Naruto.' Inner Sakura said, bringing their conversation to a halt.

Sakura then decided to ask Naruto something that her mother told her, "Naruto were we ever best friends?" When she received a nod as an answer, "What happened to us back then?"

Naruto gave a small sigh, "I'm not entirely sure but from what I remember, we were friends for a whole week, with both your parents and some ANBU making sure that the villagers don't try anything, especially with you." He started to answer, "Then it all changed when you met Ino. It was like one day we were inseparable, the next day was when you started your little fan girl phase, which in anybody's case, took too damn long to pass."

Sakura felt bad about that. While she could blame Naruto's little stunt on the day they became a team, he didn't do anything wrong because she was the one that kept pushing him away just because he wasn't Sasuke and how the whole village thought of him. All he wanted was to correct his errors when the only errors he had was due to his lack of upbringing. After learning the truth yesterday and thinking about it during the night, she realized how lucky she was that it was Naruto that was henged as Sasuke. She remembered hearing and reading stories about what happened to the girls who were stuck in their fan girl phase even after becoming ninja, especially the ones who went through a fate far worse than death because somebody used their crush as their Achilles ' heel.

Sakura gave a small sigh, "I know and the reason for that is because when I seen some girls move on from Sasuke, I thought that meant that they were giving up and you know how I hate giving up. Plus giving up my crush on Sasuke would be like saying I was wrong in who I thought I was in love with. You know what I'm like when I'm wrong about something."

Naruto started to rub his head, remembering the lumps he used to always get, "Yeah you chew them out and if they so much as show the slighted interest in you as more than a friend, you attack them with your fist just because he wasn't the one you wanted, especially me and Lee." He said, while checking out the farmer's market, "While you said that your reason for that is because we were being allowed or immature, you were no better because you were louder and punched us just because we didn't have a 'tragic' past to exploit."

When she watched as Naruto rubbed his head, she knew all too well that he was on the receiving end of so many of her attacks that most of them would be considered beyond pathetic. When he reminded her of her past actions, she felt even more guilty because while she was busy trying to pass her off as immature, she knew that she was no better because she thought that her title from the academy made a difference in the world. In other words she was tied with the old Ino as Konoha's biggest ninja deva.

"I know and I want to know how that would affect us in the future." Sakura said, "I know what I have done to you would give anybody an excuse to avoid me like the plague, but this time I want to be able to see if I can earn your trust again."

Naruto gave a small sigh, "Sakura, right now most of the village is still trying to get on my good grace and only a small few actually meant what they said when they wanted to make things right with me, the rest are too pathetic to explain." He said, "You on the other hand, are a different story. I gave you more chances because I actually loved you and just when I thought things were going to get better, you decide that you would rather try and make Team 7 become the thing you wanted it to be when we started out." He then turns towards Sakura, "And now that you want to become a part of my life again, this time you are really going to have to earn your chance by proving it to the other girls first."

Sakura understood what that meant, this time she would have to start taking responsibility for her actions because before, most of time she would pin the blame on Naruto because it was easier to look for an excuse to start punching, the rest of the time she just try to act like the trouble she got would become gone and forgotten. Now it looks like she would finally have to pay up like the rest of the village is doing now. "So breakfast is for me to get to know the other women that will be joining your clan?" She asked.

"More or less." Naruto said, "In some ways the breakfast is just a way to see if you are willing to share me with the other girls or just become nothing more than friends."

Sakura nodded her head, grateful that she was at least getting a chance to get her foot through the door. "And if I want to keep pursuing?" She asked, this time deciding to take the necessary steps towards improving her personal life.

They were at their final stop, which was the bakery that made just about everybody's favorites, "Then you would be put through a gauntlet made by the girls to not only deal your punishment, but also test your resolve." Naruto said, before placing his order, "Because in my clan, every opinion counts, unlike the Council who think that their opinions are the final decision."

"Tell me about it." Sakura said, "When Sasuke told the council that he refuse to do the CRA, they tried to order me to convince him to reconsider but Lady Hokage intervened."

When he got the orders, "Yeah well, to get back on track, you'll have to wait about a month or two since I'll be out of the village." Naruto said, catching her off-guard, "By then you should at least be getting back on everybody's good side."

"Why are you leaving?" Sakura asked, just as they arrived at the clan section of the village.

"Oh I have four girls who want to join the family, but their countries want to turn it into political marriages, meaning that I'll be getting a crash course in politics." Naruto said, "And I'm having Hinata and Yugao come along as a little precaution against fan girls and daughters of people looking to get their hands on something out of their reach." When they reached the gate, "Anyway, we better hurry up and get breakfast served before the girls decide to hunt me down, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't care if it was in their birthday suit."

When they stepped inside, "Oh I know that Ino might since whenever something catches her full attention like somebody bringing her favorite food or if one of the stores is having a sale." Sakura said, as she and a few Naruto clones help set the table up for breakfast, "And some of those were from a couple of months ago."

When the table was set, "Come and get it!" Rang out through the house. The next thing the pair knew, the house shook from the stampede and the rest of the girls were at the table, fully dressed and ready for the day.

When it became time for the departure, along the way, there was a lot of laughter going around during breakfast, especially when Sakura heard what Hinata did to Ino earlier, one could say that peace was definitely going to be possibility in the possible future. After breakfast and helping to clean things up, Sakura got the chance to get to know everybody better and they all agreed about Sakura's trials coming up when Naruto returns.

Now everyone was there, from Naruto's girl to the monkey's grandson (think about it) with his trio of girls. After getting a few goodbyes, farewells, pats on the back and a farewell kiss from the girls to Naruto, Hinata and Yugao, causing the most perverted guys in the vicinity to have a slight nosebleed at the sight, the exception being Iruka, who is loyal to a fault, and Ibiki who knows that even he isn't immune to a woman's wrath, especially one when with medical training, and the married few who knew better then to piss off their wives.

When it became time to depart, "Naruto with you gone, we won't have any of our nightly activities for at least a month." Kin said with a bit of a pout.

"That's right," Tenten said, joining in, "And the only ones that will be getting any is Hinata and Yugao, along with the new girls."

"So what do you expect us to do at nights when you are gone breaking in the new girls?" Ino said, not resisting putting people on the spot.

"Well you can always 'entertain' each other." Naruto said, using the word entertain as a big hint.

And got then hint, everybody did, considering that the girls were blushing up a storm at the thought of all the crazy things they can come up with. As for everyone else, what sounded like rockets taking off, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Kiba and Konohamaru were sent flying back by a massive nosebleed from thinking similar thoughts.

Even Hinata and Yugao were thinking about what they could do when they meet up with Temari and the others. Deciding that they would need to focus on the task at hand, "Naruto we better get going if we want to have a strong head start into our journey." Hinata said, trying to keep her focus off of the dirty thoughts going around in her head.

"Yeah, sure thing." Naruto said, before turning towards what's left of the crowd, "Later everyone."

After the trio parted, everybody went about their business, while certain women decided to give their men a proper reeducation on their actions.

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