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"I'm Alice by the way." She said gently as we sat down at the bar and ordered two cokes.

I looked over at her as I thought of a name I could tell her, I certainly couldn't say Bella. "I'm Izzy." I hated that name, Charlie used to call me it when I was a child, but if it worked for my cover, then I'd use it.

I sat with Alice at the bar, my hand on my coke and my eyes fixed on her as she told the story.

Jasper had been broken.

Broken so badly that neither his parents nor Alice could see a way out.

"He came here... He took one drink and never went back... It eased the pain, made him forget the memories... Losing both Bella and Edward broke him. He didn't see the point in trying to heal it, he only saw people trying to break his heart again. He didn't let anyone get close to him, he shut down, blocked them out..." She looked down at her coke and sighed.

I released my lip from under my teeth and frowned gently, "But you seem close to him?"

She looked up again and blinked back tears, "He...He was mean to everyone, really horrible and disrespectful... But I could see it," she glanced behind me towards Jasper who I could heard was downing another drink, "I could see it there in his eyes. The hurt and pain... So I tried to get close to him, heal whatever it was... But he wouldn't let me... So," she took a deep breath, "Instead I spend my time making sure he's safe and looking after him."

I frowned and looked down at my lap, feeling my eyes sting and the pressure increase behind them – The uncomfortable feeling vampires experienced when wanting to cry.

"I feel so bad..." I whispered.

"Bad?" her voice rose in pitch and my eyes snapped up to hers to see her confused expression, "You have nothing to feel bad about! It's hardly your fault."

I looked away and sighed gently, suddenly feeling like I should tell her, even though I'd only known her for an hour.

Everything was building up inside me. Losing Edward and finding Jasper. My life, which had seemed so perfect before, was now in ruins.

Alice's hand on my own made me look back up at her concerned face, "Is something wrong?"

I sighed and took a deep breath, not answering her.

"You seemed distracted when you came here...Hurt even... Do you want to tell me?"

I closed my eyes, feeling the tidal wave of emotions and the images of Edward running through my head. "I...I broke up with my hu-boyfriend..."

I could almost hear her frown and I opened my eyes to look at her, "I'm so sorry..." she whispered, "What happened?"

I wondered in the back of my head how much I could tell her without giving too much away about our life, but my mouth had a mind of its own.

"He...He told me he'd love me forever...And then...We got separated...I thought he was gone, but he knew I was still there, he knew how to find me... Instead he went..." I swallowed and took another breath, "To someone else..."

I heard her gasp and I looked at her, seeing her brows furrow and her eyes darken, "That's heartbreaking..."

I nodded, and looked back down again, "We found each other again...We got back together... Everything was perfect, we were so madly in love, nothing could hold us back... And then she came, and told me everything..."

"And what did you do?" Alice's voice was hard and disgusted.

I looked up at her and smiled slightly, "I came here."

She leaned forward suddenly and wrapped her arms around me, "I'm so sorry Izzy..."

I nodded against her shoulder and moved to wrap my arms around her when I heard her heartbeat stutter and her breathing stop, "Jasper?"

I pulled away from her and turned to look at where Jasper had been last. But he was no longer there, only numerous empty glasses.

Alice jumped off her stool and I followed her as she walked quickly out the doors of the bar. I let the door close behind me as Alice and I searched the street for Jasper.

My eyes locked on him in the same second that Jasper stepped shakily onto the road and a jeep rounded the corner, going way too fast for the University streets.

"JASPER!" Alice and I screamed at the same time as the jeep hit Jasper with a loud thud. He was flung into the air, his body limp from the impact as he travelled through the air and then hit the ground with a loud smack, making me flinch as distant memories of Edward's accident flooded through my mind.

Alice ran to him instantly, getting onto her knees as tears streamed her face, "JASPER!" She cried.

I watched, wide eyed and frozen as Jasper, little Jasper, lay on the ground, his body twisted and limp, his eyes laying open and staring into space... And, my nostrils flared, blood covering his body...

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