Chapter 1

Enter Hisoka Kishi!


**Bleach OST # 19- Never Meant To Belong**

It is late summer in Tokyo, Japan.

But no wind blew, and no sounds of a single living soul could be heard...not even a tiny chirp of a sparrow or a squeak of a mouse. Littering the area of Lake Ashi scenes of a brutal battle could be seen. Craters patched the ground and the distinct stench of burning brush could be smelled as an ominous fog rolled into the banks. All along the way of this scene of a disaster broken and battered forms of young Mew Mews could be seen.

One was a lemur-girl with a caramel colored Mew outfit and still grasped in her left hand was the simplest of battle spears with a spiraling gold handle. She looked like she was no older then fourteen or fifteen years old. Her long nutmeg brown hair was ruffled and plastered with dirt and forest debre. Her brown tail flicked out of instinctive reaction to the painful jolts of her injuries she had suffered. Slowly her eyes opened, half-lidded to reveal soul piercing chestnut brown eyes with feline like pupils; pupils characteristic to an alien. She let out a frail groan as she reached out a hand to touch the smaller hand of the nine year old, silver haired fox-girl with a dusty grey Mew outfit.

Over closer to the brush a porpoise-girl with long bright green hair and vivid green eyes was helping a battered and gashed up man with a tall, slender built and dark eyes to his feet, carefully minding her own injuries as well. And not too far from them were two teens; one blonnet tamerian-girl and the other light brown haired boy with elfin ears were struggling to their feet. By the shoreline the battle scene only grew more heartbreaking as alien and human Mew Mews alike helped each other and tried to ease their sufferings. A young dark green haired man with pigtails limped over to the original mews and his two companions, a hotpink haired woman helping him along the way.

The desolation and devastation didn't stop here.

In the shelter of shroud of the foggy forest lay a rose-kissed teenage red wolf-girl with indigo eyes lay wounded and battered, barely even conscience as a otter-girl with neck length black hair with her hair down up in two "buns" stayed by her side. The otter-girl and wolf-girl looked like a total mess with blood and dirt coating their bodies and the chocolate brown and the red mew outfits they wore.

Further up the metalic clang of swords clashing could be heard and along with it the enraged battle cries of an alien/human hybrid teenager cracked the damp, heavy air as a battle to the death happened in the sky with violent blurred specks.

Too high to see who they were.

The cries belonged to a caracal-girl with sun-kissed, shoulder length hair and piercing gold eyes equal to that of the dark green haired alien below that was her father who was too hurt to aid his child. In each yellow gloved hand she held a single katana sword with a gold handle, rimmed with bronze and bore the symbol of a Bakeneko on each of the silver blades. She had a yellow Mew Mew outfit that mirrored that of the pink Mew Mew that was her mother, down below that watched in fright. Her pupils glowed dangerously as she glared at the tall eflin-eared diety cloaked in roped of blue and held a single long sword in his right hand. The two clashed once more, causing sparks to fly in a frickled frenzy as their blades grinded against each other with a screeching hiss. But the man gave the sliest and evilest of grins as a snicker escaped him and this brought a frightful gasp to escape her as her sword was smacked out of her left hand.

"Shit!"she hissed in a very feline manner, tan, black ringed and spotted tail lashing about causing the bell to jingle.

"What a pitiful little mongrel you are. Your traitor of a father battled better then this years ago."sneered the diety.

The Mew was hurt and tired from having to do these constant attacks but the man's words only caused her to bare her fangs with all the hostility she had with every breath she took. With a yowl she charged forward to attack as on the ground a purple haired teen aged alien boy watched in horror, helpless to aid his beloved neko. But that quickly changed when he saw her plummet through the sky, falling for the lake in bloody state after a clean slash right across her chest and stomach right to her left knee. The alien boy wasted no time, not caring if he was hurt badly himself and franticly teleported over, and flying after her with his hands out stretched in desperation as his dark blue shirt was ruffled by the wind pressure along with his black pants.


My name is Hisoka Anna Kishi.

I am a Mew Mew and an alien/human hybrid.

My parents are Hisoka Kisshu and Hisoka Ichigo.

My mother was the original leader of the Mew Mews and my father was one of the first of his people to try and destroy the human race but he sure didn't count on falling in love with mother...same goes for Lettuce-san and Pai-san as well as Pudding-san and Taruto-san.

It's funny, really.

I didn't count on falling in love either and how could somebody love a "freak" like me, I don't know honestly.

But here I am, falling to my demise and for what?

Because I love the alien boy that is trying to save me and risked exile so many times?

I-I honestly don't know but they say those that "Those don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

I can't help but wonder if this is true for what is happening right now.

But I do know my life changed forever on that day a year ago...

Beep! Beep!

The annoying and loud ringing of a red and grey alarm clock could be heard declaring that it was the next day.

An annoyed mumur came from a queen sized bed with green sheets and blanket as a fair skinned, ghostly pale hand came out from the covers and started feeling around on the pink nightstand for the stupid switch on the blasted clock. It didn't take long at all for the damn thing to be silenced. Tiredly another hand moved the blanket from over her shoulders to reveal an albino fourteen year old girl with snow white hair of shoulder length and fair, pale skin. Her hot-pink eyes were still heavy from a restful night's sleep. She had a simple powder pink night gown on and around her neck was a silver heart shaped locket with odd designs not of this planet engraved in them.

"Kishi-chan, are you up!"

I let out a frustrated groan, hiding my head under my pillow. "Great, just great! Another day elf girl gets sent to the torture chamber!"I thought bitterly.

I hated Mondays.

In fact I hated weekdays entirely for they meant the bane of my existance: School.

Sense as long as I could remember I had been teased, picked on, and everything else in between. And all because I had pointed ears, cat-like pupils, and was even paler then my own father due to being an albino. Suddenly though I felt a strong grip on my arms and felt lighter then air. Before long I landed with a painful thud on the garden floor.

"Ouch!"I grumbled as she tenderly rubbed her head before looking up on high.

There, with that impish grin, was a man with pale skin-not as pale as my own of course-and his upper canines shows a little bit just like hers did. His hair was a dark shade of green and were done up in neat crimson bands to form two pig-tails. His golden irises danced with a mischievous deminor as he smirked down on her, lazily floating in the air in a playful fashion. He wore a green and brown top with a red rim for the collar and it only covered up to his chest, exposing his stomach and his shorts were dark green with dusty brown on some spots of the legs and simple green ribbons from the back danced in the simple spring breeze that blew that morning. His arms and legs were wrapped up in a rusty brown colored material and on his feet he wore simple brown boots, fastened in place by black string.

"Dad! Did you have to do that?"

Kisshu gave a chuckle as his daughter came flying up to him in a frazzled franzy, "Ah, come on Kishi, what's with that sour expression?"

I simply blink at my father, crossing my arms as my pupils narrowed and my elfin ears twitch in annoyance. "Mom put you up to this again, didn't she?"I asked.

By the laughter that is escaping my dad I could tell I hit the nail right on the head. "You caught me! You know I have a hard time saying no to my Koneko-chan, Kishi."Kishi heard him chuckle, gingerly cupping my face in his left hand.

In the end I can't help but laugh as well and pecked my father on the cheek with one of my favored butterfly kisses and teleported back into my room to get dressed. I did have to admit there are some upsides to this mixed blood line.

Teleporting and flying is one of them.

Dad always did have a weird way of showing he cared about me and mom, but that is just his style sense mom said he did all sorts of crazy things back when they were teenagers too. I quickly walked over to my closet once I'm back inside and opened up the white sliding doors to it. Inside were different arrays of clothing for teen girls like me along with sandles, shoes, and boots. And all of them were either from my father's birth planet that were her grandmother, Athena's old cloths and the rest were your modern day earth stuff that a tomboy would wear. I grabbed my school uniform. I go to the same school my mom went to when she was my age. But I really don't like it; it makes me look kinda like one of those funky sailors.

I then grabbed some simple dark green runners and went back to my bed side, quickly changing into my school clothes. When that was done with I tenderly grabbed hold of my locket that rested around my neck that dad gave me for my birthday last year. With a simple motion it opened up with a soft snap to reveal my parents, Ichigo and Kisshu in a colored photo my mother had put in. My father said the locket was very old and that it was an ancient tradition to give it to the first born daughter of a house hold back where he was born.

This brought a smile to my face instantly.

"I wonder what my grandma's like..."I half whispered to myself, closing the locket back up.

With haste I rushed over to my simple white jewery box and took out two blue pearl earrings and placed one on each lobe. I then quickly brushed my hair with the pink brush that laid on her desk next to the full body mirror, then tied a green ribbon on each side of my head to form two ponytails. After that was done I slipped on my runners, not bothering to undue the laces and rushed down the sta-uh, make that fall down the stairs considering I missed a step, causing myself a very unpleasant collison with my strawberry blonde haired mother, causing mom's ears and tail to pop out in a frazzled frenzy in her failed attempt to avoid the incoming collision.

"You two alright?"Kisshu asked, lifted a brow at the girl pile on hallway floor.

"I'm fine, Kisshu-kun."sighed Ichigo as she got back up to her feet, smoothing out the wrinkles in her red skirt and white top.

"And you, Ki?"I gave a simple nod, hand head to my head.

I got back to my own two feet with a hand from mom as my father gave his head a simple semi-amused, concerned shake with his arms crossed. "Next time, I'm teleporting down here."I stated bitterly.

I then looked at the clock on the wall and my pupils instantly narrowed in that feline manner and I let out a panicked shriek, scurrying about to grab my lunch, my school bag, and snatched a slice of french toast off of dad's plate, leaving him pouting and the Irimote cat-girl laughing with an amused lashing of her tail. I quickly slammed the door behind me, running through the ground with haste. I take a sharp turn around the corner and pick up speed for the school gate as I did some flips over passing cars, causing the drivers to go into an angry uproar for a moment at my supposed recklessness.


"Excuse me!"

"Coming through!"

I called, pushing shoving till I finally reached my homeroom but as I'm about to rush into the class I crashed into somebody that was the least I wanted to see today. And that voice that follows proves it, "Well, well if it isn't the little pale sennyo."

I rubbed my head gingerly with a frustrated growl where I lay on the ground. There, towering over me is Aoyama Kieko. She was the most popular girl in the school and the dagger that constantly ripped me to shreds from the inside out. She had beautiful waist length black hair and rich brown eyes and a swimmer's figure and like all the other girls at school she had that same dusty grey and white uniform.

"Back off, Kieko-teme!"I growled.

Oh how I really wanted to kick her sorry ass sky high and put that intense training father and Pai put me through along side my best friend who was also my cousin. But my parents would ground me for all eternity if I even tried doing it if it wasn't a life threatening stitch.

"Make me, freak!"sneered Kieko, looking down at her victim.

I slowly rose to my feet, fists clenched as my blood began to boil and threatening to bring out the ravaging beast-like rage I had inherited from my father. It took all my patience and restraint not to explode with a punch to the popular girl's face. And that look on Kieko's face is enough to make me sick to my stomach. That taunting deminor that slashed at me like a blade. Before I could say something else I let out a yelp at being pinned to the wall by Kieko. My hotpink eyes glared venomously at the fifteen year old girl that was my tormenter. I hadn't even been at school for less then 15 minutes and I was already being picked on. It was like I was a magnet for mental and physical torture.

But praise whoever was watching me up on high for I soon spot somebody coming!

Hastily I've started to struggle harder from the tightened death grip on my neck from Kieko when I see it's in fact my teacher rushing out in a panic state with my best friend, Shuuha Anna-a girl with braided brown hair of knee length and hazel eyes and was easily taller then Kieko was thanks to her father, Pai being pretty tall himself-by his side. At this I can't help but give my signature impish smirk, revealing those long canines of mine completely.

"Busted, Kieko-teme."I rasped.

"Miss Aoyama! What is the meaning off this!"

Kieko franticly darted her gaze around before letting go of her captive and looked at their teacher as Anna helped me back to my feet as our teacher started giving the school bully the scolding of a life time.

"You alright, Kishi-san?"whispered Anna in her calm, chiming voice.

I was still coughing, rubbing my now bruised throat but some how I managed a weak nod. I then looked at my friend with a small grin. I couldn't see any emotion etched on her face but Anna's eyes gave everything away, those hazel pools always reflected what she felt in reality. "I'll be fine, Anna-san."I simply croaked.

Anna gave a relieved sigh at this but concern grew as she saw the pain-stricken expression as Kishi touch her neck tenderly with her hand. "Kieko must have been holding her pretty hard to have done this to poor Kishi-san. If Kisshu-san saw her like this he'd through a fit, if not, send both Kishi-san's parents into a frickled frenzy."thought Anna with concern. "D-do you w-wanna...?"

"Yeah...just make sure nobody's watching."I rasped.

Anna gave a nod and quickly declared, "Sensei, I'm taking Kishi-san to the nurse's office. Kieko-san really left her neck black and blue again."

"Alright, but hurry back Miss Shuuha."said the tall, crimson haired teacher, grabbing Kieko. As Anna and I watched the student and teacher head for the princible's office the two alien/human hybrids teleported away for the the hall not far from the nurse's office.


Here we go again, the part of my day where my mother looked like she would race over to her ex-boyfriend's house and give him an earful. I had just returned home with Anna acting as an escort. By the fire of mixed emotions in my mother's eyes and the hate in my father's, I felt like shrinking to the size of a mouse and fleeing to some dark hole in the ground.

"Do I have to repeat myself! She gripped my neck so hard I'd sware I would pass out from lack of air if it wasn't for Anna-san showing up."I grumbled, arms crossed as she sank into the blue sofa.

The Hisoka Family's house was in fact Ichigo's childhood home way back during her days going about protecting the planet. It was just my room and my parents' room that had changed along with the family portraits on the wall. I noticed that my father had that signature for-crying-out-loud expression again on his face, those gold irises of his dancing to a different tune. And mom just looked plain out concerned every time something like this happened to me. "Um, can I go now? Dad promised to teach me how some stuff on ariel fighting."I finally managed to get out. I saw the grim expression yet again on my mother's face, and my father smirking that wolfin smirk of his.

"I don't-"

"Oh come on, Koneko-chan~! I won't be doing anything to harm her. It's just a lil' fun between my mini kitty cat and her father. No biggy."


I give an overjoyed squeal and tackled my father to the ground, causing him to give a mocking sound of defeat, crying "I've been hit!" and this only caused the jovial mirth to rise between the family of three. But that soon ended as the hybrid alien/human girl and her father teleported away for the park where a cafe was.

Thankfully it was night and it proved useful to conceal them the best the shroud of the starlit darkness could.

Tonight would be interesting for sure.

"...Ok, lets see you try and summon my swords. Just simply picture them in your mind and where you left them. Then race your hands, like so."Kisshu intructed his daughter, racing his hands to the summoning position.

I watch carefully, my hotpink eyes gleaming with interest and as my father spoke I simplely gave a nod of understanding. But when my father showed me what to do and I let out the kind of excited gasp you would hear a 5 year old kid make at a giant candy store or toy store. And as quickly as those twin dagger-like swords appeared they vanished in a vivid white light.

"My turn!"I giggled, a sly grin on my creamy white, pale face.

"Then what are you waiting for, Ki? Lets see you do it."challenged Kisshu, crossing his arms.

Without a second thought I tried remembering where dad kept those Dragon Swords of his. "Lets see, he certianly doesn't leave them where they can be easily found. For good reason too. Hm...oh, I know! Pai-san said something about a dad keeping them somewhere where they'll be out of sight and out of mind. That means their in dad's old room on his, Pai-san, and Taruto-san's ship!"I thought, a mischievous spark prancing about in my eyes. My father had obvisously seen the impish expression on my face for his own was stunned for a matter of a second as I summoned the twin swords with no trouble at all.

"I did it! I did it~!"I cheered, practicly backfliping through the air

"That's a girl, Kishi."sneered Kisshu, "You catch on faster then I did."

I couldn't help but beam at the praise my father showered me in. It wasn't rare to get it from my father, Pai was another story entirely from what Anna had told me. Then without delay I gave the daggers back to my father and carefully pictured those two blue bladed katanas I had been given for Christmas by my grandfather-Mom's father. And in no time flat they appeared in my hands with that smirk that could rival the very green haired alien before me. With a sly chuckle I charged at my father, and he followed swiftly.

The training had started.

I would dodge, dad attacked.

Dad would teleport and strike, I would play a lil' game of copy cat to counter.

I would strike, dad would dodge.

This pattern kept up for hours but unbeknown to the parent and child tonight was different then others. For down on Cafe Mew Mew the winged, gold cat statue had been set to scan for compatible subjects for the new Mew Project by Ryou before he left; Project Aura Mew. The cat locked onto me as I spared with my father. And without delay a brilliant, blinding flash lit up the night and this didn't go unnoticed by my dad and I as we had stopped and were looking towards the cafe.

"D-dad? What's g-going on?"I stuttered , truly nervous and frightened.

Kisshu was about to answer when the ground below started to quake and shake, causing varying creatures of the night to scatter in fear. The green haired, amber-eyed man rarely ever felt fear but at seeing his daughter being engulfed by a blinding river of gold light he let out a frantic cry, his eyes glowing out of fright at hearing her let out a petrified scream.

Wh-where am I?

It feels so strange.

And why don't I have my clothes on and why am I bathed in this soothing yellow light?

I look myself over and find out there are varying crystal pillars surrounding me that act like a mirror in this foggy room.

But what shocks me more is that my eyes aren't hot-pink, their goldish amber and my hair isn't white, it's emerald green like father's.

My skin isn't albino either!

It's the same fair, pale shade as Anna's skin.


"Huh? Did I just hear a cat?"I said, ears twitching in confusion.

"Nya mewl!"

I turn around to find the source of the voice.

Stand a few inches away from me is a cheetah kitten with bold gold eyes, those cute black ears perked playfully as that black tipped tail swayed in impish pleasure.

"Hey there, kitty. Where's your mom?"I asked, kneeling down to be eye to eye with it.

The cat simply walks over to me and rubbs against me, getting up to kiss me affectionately on the cheek.

This causes me to laugh, truly feeling at peace.

Then my eyes turned wide, my pupils beginning to narrow into slits as the kitten leaped into me...and it didn't hurt at all!

It murged with my body.

How was that even possible, I'll never know!

As the tail went out of sight into me a soft, blinding light engulfs me as I closed my eyes reluctantly at having to leave this innocent bliss.

"...Kishi? Come on, snap out of it Ki!"Is what Kishi heard half-lucidly as she awoke.

"Huh? hm, Dad?"Kishi mumbled.

Kishi could see the relief on her father's face as he looked down at her, those long upper canines of his showing in a thankful grin as he thank whoever created this vast universe. She could feel that her father was olding her bridal style.

"Thank goodness! You scared me half to death when you started to plummet to the ground after that weird light hit you, Kishi."

Kishi simply blinked in confusion, really not feeling to good.

"Um, c-can we go home? I suddenly feel light-headed."

Kisshu gave a chuckle and nodded, teleporting them both back home.