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Title: The Reaper's Power

Chapter: Death, and Rebirth

It was sunny out, yet clouds on the distance told of a coming storm. The only sound was a waterfall, crashing down into a river below. Two large statues stood on either side, facing each other. This area was famously known as the Valley of the End. The normally peaceful site was stained with the fighting occurring on the surface of the river below. Two young boys, who were once comrades, were fighting each other using all their power. One, a blond haired boy with lightly tanned skin, was covered by a powerful, evil energy. An energy, that was commonly referred to in this land as Chakra.

They yelled out their attacks, and exchanged blows, ultimately leading them to spots on the two famous statues of Hashirama Senju, and Madara Uchiha. The blond haired boy landed upon the statue of Hashirama, and his friend, now turned enemy, Sasuke Uchina, stood atop the statue of Madara. They stared each other down, their glares filled with anger, and hatred. The area around them seemed to deaden, and become silent. The Uchina boy appeared to explode with power, as his body changed shape, growing large wings from his back, and his color changing from it's pale texture, to something monstrous.

Black light formed in the boy's hands, and the sound of birds flying away as they were driven off by the dark energy. Across from him, Naruto was forming a spinning ball of blue Chakra. It appeared in his hand, formed from the malicious, red energy that covered the boy like a cloak. They yelled out their attacks, and dived for one another. "Rasengan!" The blond called. "Chidori!" Yelled the Uchina. Their attacks met, and the two endured a brief power struggle, that resulted in a large, powerful explosion.

When the bright light had faded, the blond fell fast, blood flying out from a wound on his chest as he fell toward the side of the river. His limp frame hit the ground with a resounding crack, and rolled several feet before coming to a stop. The raven haired Uchina landed next to him, and let his form return to normal. He hesitated, and slowly inched over to where the boy lie. Trails of blood leaked from the chest wound, and stained the ground crimson. Sasuke stopped moving towards where his comrade lay, when he saw the blue eyes, that had once exploded with the spark of life, were a flat dull hue.

He knew he was dead. He didn't need to check his pulse to confirm that. Yet, the power he had expected to come, his Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan, had not come. Why did it not come? He asked himself. Why have I not yet been given my power? He gazed down at the corpse, and, for a brief moment, felt regret for what he had just done. However, he crushed that regret the moment it appeared, with all of his anger he felt for the blond boy. He suffocated that regret with how he felt when the boy had shown himself to be more powerful. He forgot about that regret, the moment he remembered how much he hated his former friend that lay at his feet.

Sasuke felt pride when he finally saw what he had done. He had done it! He had killed the demon boy! Naruto Uzamaki was finally out of his life. The raven haired boy kicked the corpse for good measure, and felt delight at seeing the blood as it splattered across the ground. He chuckled at first, but it soon evolved into all out madness. He kicked the body again, and again, showing no respect for his dead former friend. When Sasuke finally felt that he'd had his victory properly celebrated, he turned away and leapt off, toward the Land of Sound. Where his new life awaited, a life filled with power.

More then an hour passed, when a white haired man arrived on the scene. He fell on his knees at the sight before him. I have failed them, he thought to himself, I have failed you, Rin, Obito... The dog that arrived with him stayed silent. He had revealed the fact that he had smelled death almost five minutes before they had arrived. He knew what the man, Kakashi, was feeling right then. The dog didn't even bother to tell him that Sasuke's scent had disappeared with the rain that now fell.

Kakashi scooped up the bloody body of his dead pupil, and solemnly turned away from the waterfall. He only walked at first, but then turned to tree jumping his way back to Konoha. He knew that Sakura would be heart-broken. She had made their blond teammate promise to bring back Sasuke, at any cost. The dog had since unsummoned himself, and left his tall partner to grieve.

Days later, a small funeral had been held. Not many had attended, only the Rookie nine that remained mostly unharmed, and a few others. Kakashi was nowhere to be seen during that time. Later that night, when his body had been put to rest, a group of drunks had arrived into the cemetery, and at the foot of his grave. They had just been celebrating the boy's death. Even though, with all that Naruto had done to them and Konoha, they all still held tight on their hatred.

They came with shovels, and hammers. Needless to say, they had come to desecrate the grave of the so called, 'Demon boy'. They dug up the body, and smashed the tombstone. The next day, his body was seen on display, hanging from the Hokage monument. It was a horrid thing to behold, yet still people cheered at the sight of it. After the body had been cut down, the Hokage, Jiraya, had issued for it to be cremated, and for the ashes to be spread from the top of the Hokage monument.


The boy watched in absolute horror at what his friend was doing to his body. "Sasuke, stop this!" He yelled, yet it was not heard. He saw the delight upon Sasuke's blood-stained face. He knew that he held no regret for what he had done. Naruto was helpless. He was forced to stand and watch as his body was kicked, and the chain that had emerged from his chest rattle. He had ignored the chain for the most part, and was mainly trying to come out of the shock that this wasn't just a horrible nightmare.

Again, he tried to get him to stop. "Please, Sasuke, I beg you, stop that!" No answer. Only after the boy was panting, and a smile stained his lips, did he finally stop. He looked up to the dark, cloudy sky, and let the rain run clear, white streaks across his bloodied face. He began to laugh, overcome with the joy he felt from what he just did. Naruto only stood, his jaw slightly agape as his one-time friend let his sanity slip from his dirty, grimy, bloodstained fingers. He felt the need to throw up, to try and relieve how sick he felt. Nothing came out, of course.

He was left there, alone, and stared at his body. He didn't even notice the robed figure walk up behind him, and slapped a hand on his shoulder. Naruto stumbled backward, and tripped on the chain that kept him near his body. "Woa, take it easy, kid." The man said. He was clothed in robes of a black fabric, and held a sword, kept in it's sheath, at his waist. The man had long, flowing, red hair, tied tight against the back of his head. "I didn't mean to startle ya'. My names Renji." He held out his hand.

Naruto looked at it, confused, but grabbed it none the less. "As I'm pretty sure you can tell, you're dead, so, I'll skip that part." The small blond glared at him. While, in past times, he could've some up with some snide, witty remark, it felt wrong. "Umm... Look, I'm a bit new to this, so... hold still." He turned the boy around, and pulled out his sword. Naruto heard the sliding of metal, yet felt unsure of what to do. The best thing, he thought, would be to at least brace himself.

While he had expected pain, he only felt a rush of energy, as Renji simply, tapped the top of his head with the bottom of the handle. Naruto vanished into smoke, and a butterfly flew out of the cloud, and toward the sky. The Soul reaper sighed, and turned as he saw a man rush out of the bushes. His gaze turned to the large statues. He stood and marveled at the sight. Clearly, this was indeed a different version of the human world, he thought. He heard the man behind him start to break down, and he sighed. "I don't need to see this..." He then simply vanished.

Not long after the foreign shinigami disappeared, the one from the realm of ninja had appeared, in all of his glory. His white, tattered cloak whipped around upon a phantom wind, and his ghostly eyes fell upon the body of the deceased Naruto. The eyes became narrow slits, as he saw that the chain, and Naruto's spirit, have already gone. "This... does not go well..." He murmured, though the blade that was clenched between his teeth. He watched the silver haired man carefully pick up the boy's body, and leave.

The shinigami sensed something behind him, a flash of chakra. He turned his head to face the monstrous man that rose from the cliffside. The arms of his black, cloud covered cloak drifted upon the real wind, as he spoke softly to himself. His face was swathed in worry, as he said. "Leader-sama is not going to be happy about this... not happy at all. What do you think we should do?" Another voice spoke, presumably from the side of his face that was covered in darkness. "I... am not sure." The shinigami had to at least smile at that. "At least Madara's plans have been foiled... I saw too much death in the future..."

Elsewhere, in a place known only as the soul society, a small blond figure stumbled out of an alleyway. He didn't know what just happened, but he knew one thing for sure, he was hungry. Really hungry, actually. What he wouldn't give, for just one bowl of ramen. He clambered to his feet, but found himself unable to properly walk. He fell back down, against the wall of the alley. He heard silence. When he looked up, he saw that the moon was out. 'Night time." He thought.

His stomach still pestered him, yet he ignored it as best he could. He leaned his head out, and looked down the cold, silent, dead street. Not a single light was on. He sighed, and leaned his head back in. It was only then that he noticed that his clothes had changed. No longer did he wear that orange jumpsuit he had come to know and love. Now, he wore clothes akin to what the civilians usually wore. Only, these seemed a tad bit cleaner.

He wasn't sure how he had lost his old clothes, but he was sure it was due to the same reason he had ended up here. Besides the hunger, he also felt tired.

He let out a yawn, and felt his body fall limp against the cold, hard ground. It wasn't particurly comfy, yet the alley would do for tonight. As his eyes fell, his mind wandered. It tried it's hardest to figure out where he had gone. He knew he was dead, the body that looked like him confirmed that, and he knew that Sasuke hadn't seen him. But, that Renji fellow did. Hmm...

Perhaps, Renji was a reaper, of some sort? So, that would make this, the afterlife? He opened his eyes, and did another once over, and let the lids fall tight again. 'Pretty shitty one, if you ask me.' As the minutes passed, his thoughts began to slow, until his mind finally fell to sleep. It wasn't long though, however, that his eyes opened wide again, and he found himself awake, and in a waist deep filled sewer. 'What the...' He thought. He recognized this place, his mindscape, but never had he seen the water level so high.

He waded slowly down the corridors of his mind, to where he knew the Kyubi slept. Something... was off. The air felt... cold. Usually, when he had been here, it felt thick with malice, and power, but today... He made a turn on memory alone, and found himself face to face with a dark, empty cage. He felt shock, 'Had the Kyubi gotten out?!' he thought, as he tried his hardest to move to the cage. He looked up, and saw the seal tag still intact. He actually walked inside of the cage, to see where the beast had gone. He saw....nothing. He was puzzled. "Where had it gone?" He asked out loud.

He turned, and saw the flooded chambers. "Did it...die as well?" He knew that this was a question that he could not answer without help, so he tried to will himself awake. Soon, he felt light touch his skin, and the sounds of people moving though a street. In a moment, his image had vanished from the mindscape, and left the realm lifeless. He had missed one thing in his search, the rusted iron door that had formed in the very back of the cage. Light escaped, as a raspy voice called out, "Naruto."

The boy shot straight up, for he was sure he had just heard something or someone call out. No matter, for he felt that hunger again. It was much stronger then last night. He needed to eat. Something......anything! He lifted his nose up in the air. A faint smell reached his nostrils. It was... bread. Fresh bread. Somewhere, in this place, there was food! He looked outside the alley, and saw people walking mindlessly by, going about their lives. They all looked like he did.....poor, however they were much more filthy the he was. Their clothes told of many years spent living out on the dirty streets of this town.

They all paid him no mind, and simply kept their eyes locked forward. To them, Naruto was simply another new soul. Newly dead souls arrived here all the time, so this was no different. Naruto tried his feet, and used the wall for support as he stood, shakily. He stumbled further out of the alley, and into the busy street. He followed his nose to where the smell came from, to where food lie in wait for his consumption. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't keep his stomach from letting out the smallest of grumbles.

This noise had a large effect on these people, and they all stopped and turned their heads to where he had stopped walking. Whispers were soon spreading from their mouths, about how Naruto clearly showed hunger. For some reason, this was a big deal to all of them. He paid no attention to their whispers, and stares. He had received similar treatment before. The voices soon died down, and they all continued on their way.

Soon, Naruto could see the small stand where a large man sat. In front of him, were loaves of bread. He actually blanched when he saw their price written on the front of the stand. They were, basically, very expensive. While he didn't recognize the denomination they used, he managed to figure that much out. It would seem he would be needing to go back to his old tricks. He got low, and quickly scooted himself in front of where the bread lay, and out of the shopkeeper's eye. He searched the front of him, for anything that held a reflective surface.

He spotted a puddle not too far away, and it not only told him that it rained in this place, but whether or not the man was looking up, down or sideways. He carefully watched, and waited for his gaze to be drawn elsewhere, and quickly snatched up a piece of bread. He slowly scooted away, until he was confident the man wouldn't see him, and then burst out in a full-blown run. The other residents apparently also saw this as normal, and even moved out of the way for him, as he ran, hands tightly wrapped around his prize.

He ducked into another alley, and greedily chomped down upon the bread. Even after he had eaten every crumb, he still felt hungry. But, at least his hungry was somewhat satisfied, he thought. Naruto sat there and pondered this new world, and how his life would be from now on. "Some afterlife..." He mumbled, as his stomach let out another complaint. He sat for a few more minutes, but then he stood. It would seem he would be needing to find some more food...


The thirteen captains had been called together under the Captain-Commander's call. He had an announcement that needed to be told in person. The old Shinigami sat peacefully, and patiently as he waited for the chamber to fill. So far, only the captains of the second, forth, fifth, sixth, eighth, ninth, and tenth divisions had arrived. They all stood, silent, and patient, and waited for the other captains.

They had no idea why they were here, and were expecting their answers as soon as the rest of the captains entered the room. After more then twenty minutes, the chambers had been filled. Even Jushiro, who was starting to feel unwell, had shown. Yamamoto, the Captain-Commander, looked up to see the captains lined up evenly on two sides. "I know that you are all wondering why you have been called here." The other captains turned their faces slightly, to hear him better, as he continued on.

"Recently, we have obtained a soul from a parallel dimension to our own." That alone was enough to cause gasps and whispers from the Shinigami in the room. "Silence!" The noise in the room died quickly at his voice, and allowed the old man to continue. "We took this soul in for one reason, and one reason only. He contained within his body, a powerful source of Reiryoku. We have come under some suspicion that the times ahead are going to get worse. A possible invasion from the hollows grows more and more inevitable every year. We need him, because he is powerful."

A weapon? Their commander simply wanted a weapon? "The boy's name is Naruto, and has recently appeared in the forty eighth district. Already, we have received reports that the child has obtained the hunger. I need you to make sure this boy is driven to us, and soon. You are dismissed." He didn't want the other captains to question his intentions for the boy, so he left no room for their queries. The captains slowly filed out without a second glance. Some of them were wondering just what threat was looming on the horizon, to do such a dangerous act as pulling a human soul from it's respective dimension. Others, were trying to decipher just what their leader wanted them to do. Out of all of them, only Aizen was plotting to find a way to take the boy out.

~Years later~

He was dreaming... again. He had this one, every night since he first arrived here... Yet, something was different about the dream this time. Something seemed... strange about the whole thing. The water that always filled the halls, was still there, but felt of death. Death, plain and simple. He trudged though deep waters of his mind, to his usual route. He heard something call out to him. The ghostly sound of a being that now dwelled where the Kyubi had once been caged.

As the boy walked along, he started to notice things. Such, as the fact that the steel pipes that lined the halls have rusted open, and spilled murky water into the halls. The lighting had also dimmed, and the few windows that had lined the walls had spiderweb cracks along them, and when he took a peak, he saw a graveyard. The tombstones numbered in the millions, and stretched far from the horizon. The clouds above were dark and gloomy, and crackled with light and let forth their own sadness for the dead below, in the form of tears.

He could finally hear the loud booms from the clouds above, and the rain that pounded against the glass. The flashes of light played tricks on his eyes, and the shadows danced, and rose from the ground. He gasped and stepped back when he could've sworn that the shadows had jumped at him. The splash from him falling into the water echoed through the halls. "Naruto..." He jumped, and peered into the darkness further down the hall, where red light had once dominated.

Carefully, using the pipes for balance, he got up from the water. He still felt dry, despite having just been sitting up to his neck in the murky water. He gulped and started to walk forward. He ignored, and did not look at the windows, but the things on the other side of the windows did not ignore him, and peered though the cracked panes of glass. Their red eyes followed his steady movement, yet did not do anything more then watch.

He tried to ignore it, but he could feel their gazes upon his small frame, and suffered a ghostly chill down his spine. He shook a little, and his eyes slowly trailed to the barred glass. Nothing. He stopped, and looked more closely. He only saw the graveyard outside. Hesitantly, he turned and peered into the other windows. They too, heralded nothing but the graveyard outside. He shook his head, and trudged on.

After one last turn, he faced the large cage. His mouth hung agape at it's current state. The great iron gates that had at one point held back the massive nine-tailed beast, was now covered in rust. In some places, the bars have even broken and lay just below the water. The flimsy seal that had once acted as a lock, had partially dissolved from all of the moisture. Naruto could still make at the bits of ink that read 'seal'. "Naruto..."

His eyes shot toward the darkness beyond the cave, and he spotted something... a door. He carefully, climbed though the cage and to where the thick, rusted iron door lay ajar. He pushed it open more, and found that the water from the cage ran down a small stream, to what looked to be a rather large river. He gaped at the size of it, and at the graves that lined it's banks. He saw no writing upon the stones, but they still seemed to hold death beneath them in the ground.

The boy walked more into the gigantic graveyard, and let the iron door stay open. The rain splashed against his face, and finally felt moisture upon him. The cold droplets slithered down his arms, and dripped to the ground. "Naruto." The voice was ghostly and distant, yet at the same time felt close by... He turned, and met an image of fear.

It was Death.

The man was covered in black, wet rags, that showed him to have a very bony frame, and the hood hid his face from view. His hands and arms were wrapped in a dark cloth, and further emphasized the fact that he was very bony. A set of black gloves, further covered his hands. In one, was a scythe composed of a twisted, dead wooden handle, with a large, rusted blade at it's top. Runes were burnt into the metal, and gave the thing a sense of power. Oh yeah, this was definitely Death.

The spectre reached out to Naruto with his other hand, and called out once more in his ghostly, distant voice, "Naruto." Suddenly, the image of the graveyard and of Death cracked, before the blond and tumbled away. His eyes shot upon wide, to reveal that it was still night time. He slowly sat up, and looked around him.

He was still in the alley he had slept in the night before. Empty barrels and crates lined the wall. He heard a noise, and it took him but a second to realize that it was his stomach. He was... more hungry then he usually was. Carefully, he rummaged though the cloth bag he had found last year, and searched for the rest of his food... empty.

As he let the crumbs fall out of the bag, he felt the hunger wash upon him. The bag fell from his hands, and he doubled over, clutching his stomach hard. "I need... food..." He heard steps enter the alley, and he looked up to see a tall man wearing a black uniform. A shinigami. He held something out to him, and took him a moment to understand what he was doing. The man.....he was offering him food.

Greedily, Naruto latched onto the rice-ball, and munched it down. "A bit hungry, are we now?" Naruto wiped the bits of food upon his face off with his hand, and then he turned to the man and nodded. The man smiled and kneeled down, offering a hand. The light gave a glimpse at his face, and revealed the same red-haired man that had taken him here all those years ago. Although, now he was sporting a tattoo on his forehead.

"Naruto, I'd like you to come with me somewhere, to the Shino Academy." Naruto's eyes widened. He had heard about that place, but he never thought to go there himself. He didn't think he'd fit in. But how could he turn down this man? A shinigami? He couldn't. The blond smiled, and took Renji's hand, and let himself be pulled up. Renji smiled, and led the boy though the streets to where the academy lay.

"I'll help you to get in, that exam can be tricky..." Apparently, the red-haired man's help meant threatening the man to let Naruto in. He agreed to let him in without the written test, but still demanded that Naruto at least show he could use reiryoku. Renji whispered something into Naruto's ear, some advice on how to pull it off. The proctor stood with his arms folded, and a scowl upon his face. "Well, come on then!"

Naruto took Renji's advice, and tried to let off his spirit energy. He stood there for more then a minute, but nothing happened. The proctor scoffed, "It's pretty obvious that he can't do shit. Get him, and your sword out of here, Renji." The red-head glared at the man, and growled out, "Just give him one more chance." The proctor returned the glare in kind, but broke off first. "Fine. One more chance. If nothing happens, I never want to see either of you again."

"Come on, Naruto, you can do this..." Naruto tried the method again, yet he was getting nowhere fast. The proctor smiled, and was about to fail Naruto, when the boy suddenly tried doing the same thing he did when he was first learning to use chakra. His hands fell into a symbol, and he began to search deep inside of him for a pool of energy. Finally, he found it. He grabbed hold of that power, and dragged it out. The two men stepped back at the sudden burst of Reiatsu. It came out as cold and dead, and was clearly seen as being black in color. The proctor gaped.

He had never seen so much power, from one so young. "Naruto!" Renji called. The sudden voice caused Naruto to lose concentration, and the energy dissipated into the air. Naruto breathed hard, and asked Renji between one of his gasps for breath. "Did good?" A smile appeared on Renji's face, and he said to Naruto, "You did very good...Right?" He looked at the proctor, as he said that last part, and held up his blade for emphasis. The proctor nodded very quickly. "Uhm yea, he's in..." It was Naruto's turn to smile. He was able to become a shinigami, and help others like Renji did. More importantly though, he'd finally get some food

Chapter one, end.


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