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''Amu-chan!'' Nagihiko ran towards her with Rima and Tadase following behind.
''X-eggs!'' He yelled.

Amu nodded.
''I'm on it! Ran!'' She bellowed.

''Yay!'' Ran cheered as she was closed off into her pink egg. Amu and Ran character transformed into Amulet heart.
''Let's go!'' Amu yelled as she began to take off.
''Where to!?'' She shouted.

''The school yard!'' Tadase shouted to her. Amu rolled her eyes.
''Which one?'' She asked as she continued towards the school.

''The one with the soccer field!'' Tadase yelled as if it were obvious.
Amu nodded as she took a sharp right turn into the soccer field. She skidded in front of he x-egg, holding her ground.

''Useless...Useless...'' The x-egg chanted.
It hurled a purple form of sadness towards them.

''Heart rod!'' Amu called out. A pink rod with a heart on the top appeared in her hand. She blocked the purple sadness from herself and her friends.

''Rikka! What is it saying!?'' Amu yelled to the younger girl across from her.
Rikka nodded and looked towards the x-egg. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Her eyes snapped open a few moments after.

Amu struggled to keep the x-egg's sadness from hitting them. She couldn't hold out much longer. The heart rod disappeared from her hand. Amu was hurled to the floor by the purple form, making her go skidding across the dirt.

''Amu-senpai!'' Rikka yelled.
Amu struggled to stand up.

''I'm fine! What's wrong with it?'' Amu asked running towards Rikka.
Nagihiko and Rima were trying to control the x-egg.

''It's depressed because the person they love is moving across the country and she never got to confess!'' Rikka exclaimed with tears in her eyes.

Amu's eyes softened.

'Ikuto...' She thought sadly.

''Useless...USELESS!'' The x-egg hurled another attack at Amu.

''I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!'' Amu screamed as the attack was coming towards her. The x-egg's attack froze.

''Use..less?'' It asked.

Amu made her hand into a fist and put in over her heart.
''A person very close to me moved away to explore the world. During the time that he's been gone...I realized,'' Amu closed her eyes as her fist tightened.

Amu's eyes snapped open.
''I realized I loved him!'' She yelled.

''I never told him my feelings either...'' She trailed off.

''But, you can't just give up!'' She yelled.

''If you love him, you'll have to trust that he'll come back for you. You will meet again someday! I'm sure of it!'' Amu yelled encouragingly.

''Tight-rope jumper!'' Rima yelled. She caught the x-egg between her ropes.

''Now, Amu!'' Nagihiko yelled.
Amu nodded.

''Negative Heart! Lock on!'' She yelled.

Her fingers formed into a heart as she purified the x-egg turned into a white egg with a heart on it's front. Before leaving, the egg made it's way over to Amu.

''Thank you, Amu. I'm sure you'll meet your love again someday , too.'' It told her. Amu looked up at the egg, tears sliding down her cheeks.

''Yeah...'' She replied with a smile.
The egg flew away to find it's heart's owner. The others surrounded Amu.

''You okay?'' Nagihiko asked.
Amu nodded.

''Amu!'' Rima yelled before tackling Amu in a hug.
Amu laughed as she sat up with Rima still hugging her.

Tadase smiled from behind his phone. He clicked the 'done' button on his built-in camera on his phone. He then clicked 'send'.

~*Somewhere in France*~



''Ikuto-nya,'' Yoru called.
''You've got mail-nya.'' Yoru said while handing Ikuto the phone.

Ikuto was lying sprawled across his bed with one arm behind his head, acting as a cushion. He opened his phone, reading the title of the video message.

The title was 'Her true feelings'.The thumbnail picture was of Amu as Amulet heart. He looked at the sender.

'From Tadase...?' He thought questioningly.
He clicked the 'play' button on his phone. Amu was purifying an x-egg.

One part really got to him:

''A person very close to me moved away to explore the world. During the time that he's been gone...I realized,'' Ikuto was in suspense as she paused. Her eyes snapped open.

''I realized I loved him!'' She screamed. Ikuto's eyes widened.

''I never told him my feelings either...''

''But, you can't just give up!''

Ikuto was surprised at how encouraging she was.

''If you love him,you'll have to trust that he'll come back for you. You will meet him again someday! I'm sure of it!'' She yelled. Ikuto smiled as she purified the x-egg. At the end of the video, he noticed she was crying.

He snapped his phone shut. He rested the rim of his phone on his bottom lip and smiled.

''I will come back for you...Amu.'' He whispered aloud.

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