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Amu yawned and stretched as she sat up in bed. Swinging her legs over the side, she stood up to stretch out her back. She noticed a note on her desk and picked it up.

'Amu, I have a surprise for you.

Get dressed and meet me at the park.

-Love, Ikuto'

Amu smiled and went to pick out her clothes.

Amu wore a white overall dress that stopped under her right under her chest, and was followed by straps going up to her shoulders. Underneath was a black tank top to cover the rest of her chest. She wore a long heart-shaped necklace as an accessory. Her hair was tied up in a high, side pony-tail.

She slipped on some black flip flops and made her way to the park.

She walked into the park to see nothing. Confused, she walked around, searching for Ikuto.

Suddenly, she was embraced from behind.

''Got you.'' His voice whispered to her.

Amu smiled.

''Ikuto,'' She said as she turned in his arms. He smirked in return.

''So, what's this surprise?'' She asked.

''First,'' Ikuto said as he reached into his jacket.

He pulled out a single red rose.

''For you,'' He stated, putting the rose in her hands.

Amu's smile grew. ''Thanks.'' She said.

Ikuto grabbed her hand and lead her into the forest.

Confused once again, Amu said nothing and let herself be pulled along.

They soon reached a clearing.

Amu's eyes widened.

There, she saw a big table, covered in a long red table cloth, with different foods and sweets and drinks across the table. There were balloons too!

''Amu!'' Several different voices called.

Amu turned.

All her friends were here!

''Guys...what are you doing here?'' She asked.

''We organized a party, congratulating you and Ikuto getting together!'' Yaya yelled.

Her expression softened into a warm smile.

''Thanks guys...'' She said happily.

''Let's get started.'' Rima said as she pulled Amu to the table.

The rest took their seats at the table.

Laughter and joy could be seen and heard from everyone as they celebrated.

But, it had to end soon. They knew that. It was getting dark, and they decided it was time to say their goodbyes.

Soon, it was only Amu and Ikuto left once again, sitting on a bench, enjoying the night.

''Amu,'' Ikuto said, breaking the peaceful silence.

''Yeah?'' She asked, twirling the rose in her fingers.

''I have to go back to the orchestra, you know. It wouldn't be right to just leave after I joined.'' He explained.

Amu smiled sadly and looked down. ''I know.'' She replied.

Ikuto grabbed her chin and made her look at him.

''You realize though, that I'll come back to you right? Maybe not soon, but I will for sure,'' Ikuto stated.

Amu smiled genuinely. ''I know.'' She replied again.

Ikuto let her go, and leaned his back against the bench.

''Good,'' He sighed in relief.

He closed his eyes for a moment, resting.

He felt pressure on his lips.

His eyes snapped open at the contact.

Amu...was kissing him? On her own?

He soon relaxed, and closed his eyes as well.

'Her lips are...really warm...' He thought.

When Amu pulled away, she looked at him.

''I love you, Ikuto.'' She told him.

''I love you too, Amu.'' He replied before embracing her.

18-year old, Amu Hinamori woke up on September 24th, her birthday.

She yawned and stretched before grabbing a photo frame on her bedside table. She smiled at it before kissing it and setting it back down. She got up and dressed in her high school uniform. (pic on profile)

She styled her hair in a high pony-tail.

She skipped down the stairs and exited the house, making her way to school.

Amu arrived home, exhausted from her boring day at school.

She hopped up the stairs to her room. Opening the door, and throwing her bag onto her bed, she proceeded to take off her tie.

''Ow...'' She heard a husky voice say behind her.

Amu snapped around to see Ikuto holding a bag in one hand, and a picture frame in the other.

''Ikuto...?'' Amu said, unsure if it was him, or if it was a figment of her imagination.

He smirked.

''Hey Amu, I was just looking at this picture here...remember it?'' Ikuto asked, holding up the very picture frame she kissed this morning.

''Yeah...'' Amu mumbled, taking the picture frame in both her hands, gazing down at the picture.

Tadase had taken the picture on the day Ikuto left at the airport. Ikuto and Amu were having their goodbye, and he kissed her, for real this time, In front of everyone. At first, she was mad at him for taking it, but then, she decided she'd keep it.

Tears began to hit the glass on the frame, as Amu shook lightly.

''Amu?'' Ikuto asked, slightly worried.

''Ikuto...you're back now...for real, right?'' She asked uncertainly.

He smiled before bringing her into an embrace.

''Yeah...'' He whispered into her hair.

Amu was crying now, letting out sobs as she hugged him tight.

''G-Good, I missed you...'' She choked out.

''I missed you too...'' He said while pulling away.

They looked at each other for a second, before Ikuto pulled her into a kiss. Amu's tears were still streaming down her face, but she didn't care.

They pulled away, and Ikuto wiped her tears.

''Happy birthday Amu,'' Ikuto said with a smile.

Amu smiled warmly. ''Thanks.''

''I have a birthday present for you, Amu.'' Ikuto said.

''Really, What is it?'' She asked.

''Wait, hold on a second.'' Ikuto said before pulling a megaphone out of a bag.

''Ikuto, what's that for?'' Amu asked.

''Nothing, I just want to say something.'' He said before opening her balcony door and climbing onto her roof.

''I-Ikuto! Get down.'' Amu yelled.

''I just wanna say something.'' He repeated.

He turned on the megaphone.

''Everyone, can I get your attention?'' He asked into the megaphone, getting bystanders from the street to stop and look up at him.

''That girl right there, is the love of my life.'' He said, pointing at Amu. Amu blushed and waved at the people.

''It's her birthday and I wanted to give her something.'' He said before pulling out a small box.

''Amu, will you marry me?'' He asked, revealing the ring.

Amu stood there, shocked.

''I..u-um...don't know...'' She stuttered.

''Aw, c'mon, you'd look sexy as hell in a wedding dress.'' He urged.

Amu laughed.

''Okay...Yes, I'll marry you Ikuto.'' She answered

''WOOHOO!'' Ikuto cheered into the megaphone as he fist-pumped.

He made his way down to the balcony as people cheered. He pulled Amu into a kiss, and the cheering increased.

They smiled at each other.

''I love you.'' They said in unison before laughing and hugging one another.

One bystander however smiled as he took out his phone. Tadase Hotori smiled wider as he took the picture of the couple laughing and hugging.

The picture was taken and included: many bystanders cheering and clapping, as well as a couple standing on a balcony, hugging and laughing.

'Save name as? : '

Tadase typed on his keypad.

'Picture: Their True feelings was saved.'

He sent it to both Amu and Ikuto, caption saying: Congrats, you too.

He smiled before shutting his phone and walking off.

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