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I feel his warm breathe on the back of my slim neck. "Oh, Tsuna-san," I moan slowly, "You are so bad…" I feel his warm embrace tightening around me.

"Haru-chan," he said kissing my neck, "I love-"

I wake up to see me in my room, alone. Damn it, and I was at the good part to! I think to myself wile stretching. I look around trying to remember what I am supposed to do, when it suddenly hits me. I have school! I run around my room getting dressed franticly. As soon as I decide that my new sailor fuku looks perfect I leave to go see him!

I see Tsuna with his delinquent friends; Gokudera Hayato: the teen smoker who blows things up. Sasagawa Ryohei: the person who just likes to punch things and gets into fights. Last, but not least, Yamamotto Takeshi: the baseball nut who likes to carry around a sword.

Such insignificant people shouldn't be aloud to hang around my Tsuna-san; they are lucky he chose them. "Tsuna-chan~!" I shout running over to embrace him. I am overwhelmed by the disgusting smell of cigarettes and gunpowder. "Eck, Gokudera-kun, what do you want with Haru?" I look at him suspiciously, why would he intervene with my morning embrace with my Tsuna-san? Then it dawned on me. "Gokudera-kun…" I said backing up, "You're planning to ravish poor and innocent Haru and take her innocence!"

"What the hell are talking about you crazy woman!" he scolds me very harshly, "I just don't want you to disturb the Tenth with your annoying hugs so early in the morning!" He takes out another one of his cancer-sticks and lights it. I hope he gets cancer… I think to myself, nose crinkling from the horrid smell.

"Gokudera," Tsuna says, trying to calm him down… My Tsuna… Sawasda Tsunayoshi, my future husband… I stop thinking about him when I realize that there is some drool on the corner of my mouth. Shit…

"Tsk," the rude man sad, turning around, "Let's go…" I heard him say something like "Damn meddlesome woman," under his breath. The three boys walk away, forgetting that I go to their high school now!

I walk inside. It feels so overwhelming. Not to mention all the guys are super hot! I only ever see Tsuna and his friends because I went to an all girl middle school. Now that I'm a 1st year I can do whatever I want! At least, that's what I thought.

"Hey there little cutie," a person behind me, I smell the familiar scent of cigarettes. I turn around expecting to see a Gokudera ready to admit his love for me, but instead I see a boy who is at least one year older than me. "So you new here?" he asks as he puts his arm around my shoulder, "I can show you around any time you like." He reaches in my shirt and grabs my breast. "Perfect," he says putting his hand into my bra, feeling around, "No pads or stuffing, but still big."

I try to get away but he is too strong, "Haru doesn't like this!" I yell, struggling to escape him. He just keeps feeling my chest. I start to cry. "Please…" I mumble, "Stop…"

"Stop crying you whore," he says holding a steel pocketknife. "Come with me," he says leading me behind the school. He takes me to a storage room in the field. It smells like sweat and rubber. I stand in the corner as the boy lies a mat down on the floor. "Get on the mat," he commanded, holding up the pocketknife.

I hear the bell ring; class is now in session. I feel my stomach and bra being exposed by a swift move of a pocketknife. I can't even get my sobs out now. I can't do anything. All of a sudden the door opens and I smell the familiar scent of cigarettes and gunpowder. I know it's him.

"What the fuck!" Gokudera yells, seeing the tears down my face, my shirt cut, and the boy on top of me holding a pocketknife. "Who the hell are you, and what the fuck are you doing with Haru?" He pulls me out from under him and holds me close. I start to cry uncontrollably. Gokudera saved me…

"Tsk," he smirked, "Now I'm just going to have to get rid of you," he said holding the pocketknife. "Can't have this getting around, now can we?" He gets up and starts at us.

Before I can even scream Gokudera had sent two mini-bombs at him, sending him back flying. "Fucking ass…" Gokudera said under his breath.

I just stand there embracing him, crying. It isn't long until the teachers from gym and other students show up, hearing the explosion. "Gokudera…" I say clinging closer, not wanting anybody else to see my bra, "can you give me a piggy back ride to the nurse?" I look down, blushing.

"Damn woman," he murmured, but he let me ride on his back. I smell his cologne; it smells like lemons and mint. To bad it's always masked by the smell of his stupid cigarettes.

A teacher tried to stop us and ask questions, but he just said that that man tried to rape me. After that he just walked away, ignoring any other questions. All I want to do is cry, then cry, and then cry some more. If Gokudera didn't come I could have been raped and killed.