These are 10 reasons why I think that you should go out with me.

1. You sooooo dig meh ears.

2. You really, really dig my hot bod ;D

3. You know that u r one hot babe and u sooooo know that I have been staring at you for like an hour.

4. You have sooooo been watching me to, ogling me, while I'm not lookin, it's ok tho babe. I kno im hot.

5. You always cheer me up when I'm not happy.

6. You have a crush on me? (I'm just thinking this one babe ;D)

7. You mean so much to me and I would be like really happy if you went out wit meh.

8. You need me to give you a hug.

9. I admire you in every way. You are perfect to me.

10. You are my entire world. I love you, lots.

~Gar :D

Love you Rae.